10 things to do in Phu Quoc Island for a perfect seaside getaway

10 Best things to make your Phu Quoc Island trip perfect

Southeast Asia can be adored for its beach holidays. From the beaches of Thailand, Indonesia, to Malaysia, beautiful beaches can be witnessed at this holiday spot. One such discovered beautiful beach destination in South East Asia is Phu Quoc Island. Vietnam is normally not known for its beaches, but if you’re looking for a seaside getaway, Phu Quoc Island is one of the top picks. Laying around for hours on stunning beaches, a massage, and a few cocktails as the sun goes down and a delicious dinner on the beach will surely make you fall in love with the place. All of this makes it the ideal location to come and totally relax and chill out.

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10 amazing things to do in Phu Quoc Island

1. Explore Phu Quoc’s stunning beaches

Phu Quoc Island is home to some of the most scenic beaches in the world. You will be surprised to know that an island in Vietnam has so many different stunning beaches. Certain beaches have white sand and are fringed by coconut trees, while some beaches are crystal clear. Others have soft waves, and some beaches are isolated. One of the most favourite beaches are Long Beach and Ong Lang Beach, with both being quite similar. The most famous beach on Phu Quoc Island is Bai Sao known for its variety of swings. You can also check out the marine life around the islands by going on a snorkeling trip.

2. Wander around Phu Quoc Prison

During the Vietnam War, the Northern Vietnamese soldiers were imprisoned in the Phu Quoc Prison. The prison is now a museum portraying the tourists, Vietnam’s history which is a reminder of the brutalities of war. You can witness torture instruments, photographs of former prisoners, and various mannequins depicting scenes of what life in prison looked like. The prison is open between 7.30 am to 11 am and 1.30 pm to 5 pm daily and entry costs around 3000 Vietnamese Dong per person. Guided tours are available in a variety of languages.

3. Dinh Cau Night Markets

This is not really where you come to buy a bunch of dodgy souvenirs, unlike most Southeast Asian markets, this is mainly a place for fresh seafood and local Vietnamese food. If you’re keen to try the local delicacies, you can pay a visit to this market. You can visit the Dinh Cau Night Markets between 5 to 10 pm.

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4. Visit the Dinh Cau Rock (Cau Temple)

The Dinh Cau temple – also known as “Dinh Cau Shrine”, or “Dinh Cau Castle” or “Dinh Cau Lighthouse” or “Dinh Cau Rock” or the “Dragon King Shrine”) is one of the most popular sight-seeing attractions at Phu Quoc Island. Just by the Duong Dong Fishing Harbor, Cau Temple is located. The local fisherman prays to an oddly shaped rock formation,  before heading off to fish. The temple has a lighthouse and a Buddhist shrine. You can walk to the top of the temple for spectacular views of Dinh Cau Beach. Dinh Cau Rock is a fantastic spot to witness the magnificent sunset. The temple is open between 7 am to 6 pm. Take a walk at dusk to see the lighthouse. It is a very picturesque place and captures the opportunity to take some photos of the various natural and man-made backdrops.

5. Chill out on the beach

One of the favorite things to do in Phu Quoc Island is to spend hours not doing much and just relax your feet on the beach. Long Beach is the mainstream tourist beach on Phu Quoc Island. You can also head to massage parlours if you feel like pampering yourself a bit.

6. Watch the sunset on the beach with a few cocktails

After a fun-filled day of exploring the beach on the island, head to a classy beach bar, order yourself a cocktail, and watch the spectacular sunset. One of the favorite spots is Rory’s beach bar. The bar has colorful lanterns and the set up is right on the beach.

7. Explore the island on a motorbike

You can hire a motorbike and explore the island on your own, or you can go explore some of those beaches and visit the local villages, like Gahn Dau. Other places you may like to visit are Pepper Plantations and Fish Sauce Factory. The traffic on Phu Quoc Island is nothing like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and is reasonably safe to ride around. If not a motorbike, you can just hire yourself a driver or taxis, or alternatively, there are plenty of tours that can take you around all the main sites on the island.

8. Explore the local life at Ham Ninh Village

Ham Ninh Village is a fishing village and a great spot to get a glimpse into the everyday life of the local fishermen. For those who love fresh fish, the village is a great spot to experience the best seafood as well as try some unusual dishes.

Amazing beach on Phu Quoc island VietnamImage Credits: Wikimedia Commons

9. Explore the An Thoi Islands

There are 15 tiny islands that make up the An Thoi Islands at the Southern end of Phu Quoc Island. The various islands are perfect for spending the day snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and boat trips.

10. Visit Suoi Tranh Waterfall

If you’ve had enough of the sea and the sun, you can visit Suoi Tranh Waterfall, a 4-metre high waterfall. The waterfall is located in a lovely spot surrounded by lush rain forests, caves, and rock pools. It’s an easy 10 to 15-minute walk to reach the waterfalls from the main entrance. For those who love to hike, you can walk a bit, and within 15 kilometers, you will reach Hang Doi. Hang Doi is a cave formation only 200 meters in height with stalactites. The entry to the waterfall is 5000 Vietnamese Dong.

Phu Quoc Island Image Credits: Pixabay

While Vietnam is not mainstream known for its sunny beaches, but if you’re looking for a beachy vacation, then Phu Quoc Island is definitely a great pick. Planning a trip to Vietnam? These were our top recommendations on things to do in Phu Quoc. Start planning your seaside getaway to Vietnam with Pickyourtrail.

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