Oven-roasted crabs with salt

3+ Best seafood to eat on Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam

If considering yourself a foodie, a gastronomy connoisseur, or a gourmand, then travel and know what to eat in Lan Ha Bay, Hai Phong Province, Vietnam. Neighboring the famous Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is known for its pristine beauty of Nature, interestingly-shaped islands and islets, spectacular beaches, and delicious seafood. The seafood here is fresher than any fresh seafood, flavored with a variety of delicate herbs. Make sure you do not miss out on any of the following Vietnamese seafood specialties.

#1: Grilled lobsters (Tom Hum Dut Lo Sot Trung)

Lobsters in Lan Ha Bay are great ingredients to cook with wine that result in the delectable seafood dishes. Besides, the locals have a special way to process lobsters, which is by grilling them with egg sauce. As long as you think that traveling is not only about setting food in a destination that you have not visited yet, but it is also about eating the local food and say how delicious it is, just try the local lobsters. The local ways of cooking and spicing might make your culinary experience differently special.

Grilled lobsters to tast in Lan Ha BayGrilled lobsters to tast in Lan Ha Bay

#2: Oven-roasted crabs with salt (Cua Rang Muoi)

This crab food is not only unique in Lan Ha Bay but also very juicy and savory that might make you miss the taste. In particular, the oven-roasted crabs with salt are the most favorite version that foodies enjoy both the crab pieces and the flavor. Seasoned with salt and mixed well, the taste of this seafood can please every palate, and you might want to ask more. The hot crabs, the golden-brown garlic, the salt, etc., contribute to the success of these specialties that can make foodies mouth-watering at first sight. So, make sure you eat crabs in Lan Ha Bay and see if you can tell any differences. How is it different from Ca Mau crabs? Only you can say. Oven-roasted crabs are served in luxury Lan Ha Bay cruise trips such as Heritage Cruise or Ylang Cruise.

Oven-roasted crabs with salt Oven-roasted crabs with salt

#3: The steamed geoducks (Tu Hai Hap)

Geoduck (its scientific name is Lutraria rhynchaena) is favorite seafood in the Bay, which is most preferred to be steamed to keep the juicy taste. Often, people steam it with citronella for the good fragrance and healthy effects. Other seasonings can be chili and pineapple that increase the smell and the taste. Especially during the winter, eating a hot pot of geoduck can warm your body and mind. For all good reasons, remember to order a pot of the steamed geoduck when you’re traveling Lan Ha Bay. The geoduck in this area is said to juicier than elsewhere; therefore, check it out and discover the real taste. Besides, the grilled geoduck is another version that first convinces guests of the aroma, and then the taste makes them fall in love.

The steamed geoducks (Tu Hai Hap)The steamed geoducks (Tu Hai Hap)

#4: Green mussel grilled with spring onions (Vem Nuong Mo Hanh)

“Vem”, the scientific name is Perna viridis, is a kind of green mussel that is ideal for being grilled together with spring onions and peanut. The fresh mussels once grilled can attract your senses even from afar. And, when you come closer to the eateries, the color completion can urge you to eat, and then the taste wins all.

Green mussel grilled with spring onions (Vem Nuong Mo Hanh)Green mussel grilled with spring onions (Vem Nuong Mo Hanh)

Top 4 dishes of seafood are what to eat in Lan Ha Bay, you can order these at restaurants in Cat Ba Island such as Thai Bao Restaurant, Vietnamese’s Soul Food, and Anh Nguyet Restaurant. And of course, there stands out other great seafood, from squid to fish, which is cooked and seasoned by the local cuisine. And if you choose to cruise there, the menus aboard are the great scores to compliment. Meanwhile, some Lan Ha Bay luxury cruises even offer cooking classes or cooking demonstrations that you can see how they cook, mix, and spice ingredients. All in all, the pristine Lan Ha has never disappointed guests on what it can offer and please their stomachs, eyes, or any other senses.

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