6 best restaurants for lunch in Hai Phong

6 best restaurants for lunch in Hai Phong

Meal for officer is a service with very high demand, grasping that trend, and many cafe store for officers have been launched to ensure the supply for customers. In Hai Phong throughout the roads, almost everywhere, there are cafe store for officers. But not all the restaurants for officers are delicious, good food quality, food hygiene … So let’s check out 6 best restaurants for lunch in Hai Phong.

1. Cơm Đất Cảng

Com Dat Cang is a place chosen by many officers around Hai Phong for lunch. The shop has been rated 5 star by many customers with good quality and dedicated service. Especially, the shop will take delivery to the company for customers on request.

Dat Cang Port operates with the following criteria:

  • Fresh ingredients. Extensive menu
  • Experienced chef team, unique, delicious processing
  • The staff is friendly and dedicated.
  • Impressive, cozy space.

The menu of the restaurant is very rich, from rice dishes, hot pots… You want to find a cozy and relaxing space to enjoy delicious meals from Vietnamese fragrant rice and folk dishes. Especially, the restaurant will often change the menu so that customers are spoiled for choice and do not get bored by an item. Let’s team up to Com Dat Cang to enjoy special things!

Contact information:

Address: 19 Phan Bội Châu, Hải Phòng
Phone: 077 8285 588
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comdatcang/

com dat cang
com dat cang

2. Com Loc Thanh

From 2003 up to now, Com Loc Thanh has become a familiar destination not only for business man at noon and evening for many families in Hai Phong but also a reliable address for every customer. In general, the restaurant still serves lunches quite popular, but the quality is quite good at the price.

The restaurant space is arranged overall throughout with the dominant purple color, giving diners the feeling of warmth, romance and elegance. The menu menu is rich and varied. The process of selecting ingredients is meticulous, to get good food for customers, chefs had to go to the market early to choose the freshest products.

Address: Số 6-8 Phan Bội Châu (86.23 km) Haiphong, Hải Phòng
Phone: 0225 3600 440 – 0225 3839 131 – 0225 3532 328
Reference price: 45,000 VND – 125,000 VND
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comlocthanhhp/

com loc thanh
com loc thanh

3. Com Tam Ngoc Phu

Com Tam Ngoc Phu is quite famous because it meets the criteria for delicious and cheap. The restaurant has 25.000VND and 57.000 portion for you to choose.

Reasons you should choose to have lunch at Com Tam Ngoc Phu:

  • Popular restaurant, cool space
  • Easy to find
  • Signature dishes: Mixed Com Tam Saigon with all kinds of Southern menu: Grilled pork belly, Fried egg ribs,
  • Egg rolls, Fresh sausage, egg rolls, Chicken thighs sauce, Chicken thighs.
  • Plump rice, grilled ribs, fragrant, sweet, soft
  • The menu has many different dishes besides rice

There are customers who commented that: “Coming to the restaurant on a cold rainy day, the shop is located on the main road so it is easy to find, the space is a bit small but very cozy, the price is too good and the food quality is excellent. The marinated ribs are tasty, rich, and delicious, the egg roll is also very good. ”

The menu of the restaurant is very rich, most combine grilled ribs, kebabs, sausages, sausages, omelettes. The Com Tam is a specialty of the South. However, in Hai Phong you can still enjoy a plate of authentic broken rice as in the South. Com Tam Ngoc Phu is one of the delicious rice restaurants in Hai Phong, suitable for lunch changing, firm for the afternoon. Coming to Com Tam Ngoc Phu restaurant ensures you will have a full lunch to the afternoon. The restaurant also accepts ship as well.

Contact information

Address: 23 Kỳ Đồng, Hồng Bàng District, Hải Phòng
Phone: 0932 297 779
Opening hours 10:00 – 21:30
Reference price: VND 25,000 – VND 75,000
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComTamNgocPhu23KyDong/

com tam ngoc phu
com tam ngoc phu

4. Happy Lunch Hai Phong

Another address for selling delicious and reputable lunch in Hai Phong is Happy Lunch . This is a restaurant that receives orders in advance from officer which is known by many people. If you want to have lunch but don’t want to go out, they are happy to take your order. In addition, if you have time or stay near by, you can come to eat directly at the restaurant.

The menu here is very diverse, not fixed and varies from day to day. Each serving will have enough delicious white rice, green vegetables, savory dishes, ensuring each person feels delicious and nutritious. All dishes are carefully selected and processed, matching the tastes of the eaters.

If you order to the shop, please note the time of the ship will be from 10:45 and 11:30.

Contact information

Address: 14/201 Lach Tray, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong
Phone: 0343 191 885
Reference price: 40,000 VND – 60,000 VND
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happylunchbuffet/

Happy Lunch Hai Phong
Happy Lunch Hai Phong

5. Com Sach restaurant

Com Sach restaurant is also a favorite place to sell lunch among young people in Hai Phong. From only 25.000VND, you can have yourself a full of nutritious rice, full and free ship if you make advance order before 10am and before 18h daily within a radius of 3 km.

The menu of the restaurant is varied for you to choose from! Com Sach restaurant delivers at place for companies, offices … with good prices. They commit to customers:

  • Use clean products, clear origin…
  • Do not use spices and additives of unknown origin.
  • Do not use unidentified packaged products
  • Because Com Sach brand and most importantly customers, the restaurant is committed to doing its best to ensure the interests of customers when sticking to the shop.

Contact information

Address: 5A Võ Thị Sáu, Hải Phòng
Hotline: 0948 380 359, 0782 129 868
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comsachvietnam/

Com Sach restaurant
Com Sach restaurant

6. Chicken House – Singapore Chicken Steamed Rice

If any meal you feel bored with the usual rice then come immediately to Chicken House to enjoy. Chicken House is one of the delicious restaurants in city.

Reasons you should choose Chicken House:

  • Space is not too large, but the layout of tables and chairs is neat and luxurious
  • Diverse menu of dishes, chicken dishes, beef com, rice, sticky rice, porridge, soup, .. including American beef dishes
  • There are combo meals
  • The food is delicious, especially chicken processed meat soaked, chewy
  • The food is extremely beautiful

However, because it is a luxurious restaurant, the price here will be a bit high, about 150.000 -200.000/person. The restaurant serves from lunch until evening. Staff cheerful and enthusiastic. In addition to the restaurant, you can call ship to the company or home.

Contact information

Address: 22F Minh Khai, Hong Bang, Hai Phong – 0225. 3515 228
116 Van Cao, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong – 0225. 8832 116
386 To Hieu, Le Chan, Hai Phong – 0225. 395 6386
Reference price: 150.000-200.000VND/pax
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comgasingapore.hp/
Website: http://comgasingapore.vn/

chicken house Hai Phong
chicken house Hai Phong

Above is list of the 6 best restaurants for lunch in Hai Phong. If you have ever experienced any of them, please leave your comment! Thank you!

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