6 notes when drinking with Vietnamese people

6 notes when drinking with Vietnamese people

6 notes when drinking with Vietnamese people. A Canadian tourist who has had time to experience Vietnamese culture has shared on the personal experience of drinking with Vietnamese.

Drinking (nhậu) is a popular in Vietnam. Whether it is a sidewalk restaurant or a luxurious restaurant, the atmosphere when drinking is more important. A group of people, or even 2, can participate in a fun drinking party. Ryan, a Canadian tourist who has spent a long time in Vietnam and experienced culture in many localities, recorded the experience on the drinking table while in Vietnam. There are 6 things foreign tourists should note.

Draft beer (Bia Hơi) should be served cold with ice

The weather in Vietnam is quite hot, drinking beer with ice will help you stay longer on the drinking table. Canadian tourists also mentioned that ice does not lose the taste of beer, but you should drink all of the beer before the ice dissolves to avoid being pale. Service staff will use tongs to put ice into the cup for guests. Only one clip is used. Many foreigners feel that this type of stone grabbing is unhygienic, but travelers who want to drink Vietnamese style should get used to it.

Bia Hoi
Bia Hoi

Touch the cup before drinking

On the drinking table, before drinking beer, everyone has to raise the glass together. When you intend to hold the cup to drink, observe that everyone at the party has toast together or not. Many times I have to pretend to put my finger in the handle and peek to see if everyone on the table is about to touch the glass. Ryan shared the interesting thing about the beer drinking culture in Vietnam.

Cham coc
Cham coc

“One, two, three, Dô”

In some Western countries, when toasting people will say “cheers” together. In Vietnam, the drinking party will be unhappy without the “one, two, three, Dô” shout. A Vietnamese drinking buddy explained to Ryan, the shout “dô” means “drink”. However, there is no exact explanation for the origin of the chants on the Vietnamese drinking table.

Bottom up challenge

Ryan likens some of the drinking parties he’s been to in Vietnam like races. When you touch the glass and both say “Trăm phần trăm”, you have to finish the beer.

Indispensable snacking

Every meal must have a snacking. At the pubs in Vietnam, the target is very diverse. Ryan sipped chicken wings, frog legs, clams, shellfish, duck eggs when drinking beer with Vietnamese friends. “My drinking buddies are always happy to introduce strange dishes and ways to enjoy them for me,” the Canadian visitor recounted his memories of drinking in Vietnam.

Indispensable snacking
Indispensable snacking

Drink too much and drive after drinking

Ryan said that this is a bad habit when drinking. He said that he had been forced to drink by a friend even though he did not like it and could not drink more. “What’s worse is the habit of driving after drinking beer of my friends. I used to drink a dozen beers with a friend. At the end of the drink, I walked home but my friend insisted on riding a motorbike. going home, “Ryan expressed dissatisfaction about his bad habit after drinking beer. He said that after getting drunk, people should call a taxi to go home instead of controlling their own transport, to avoid unforeseen risks.

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