10 tips to visit Sapa you should know

6 tips to visit Sapa you should know

Tips to visit Sapa: You are planning to go to Sapa but do not know what to prepare, where to go, what to do…Check out the 6 tips to visit Sapa you should know by Hai Phong Tours. If you find it helpful, do not forget to share it!

1. Tips to visit Sapa at the most suitable time

The climate in Sapa is cool all year and more specifically, just in one day, you will experience 4 seasons of the year: the morning is spring, noon is summer, the afternoon is foggy like autumn and cold at night like winter.

However, the most popular time to visit Sapa include:

  • Spring: This is the season of plum blossoms and peach blossoms. People here also become more cheerful with colorful dresses in the atmosphere of Tet holiday. Therefore, many people have chosen the spring (from February to early May) as a time to visit Sapa to admire the beauty of nature and people.
  • Rice season: There is only one harvest in Sapa. So if you want to see Sapa in the green rice season, the best time is around July to September and immersed in the scenery when Sapa wears a golden coat of rice is around October to December.
  • Winter: Winter in Sapa is very cold. It is covered with snow. This is probably the reason why many people want to come here. You can watch the snow covered in white on all roads, houses and forests.

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fog in Sapa - Sapa tip
fog in Sapa – Sapa tip

2. What to prepare to visit Sapa – tips to visit Sapa

To have a full, comfortable and convenient Sapa tour, you need to be well prepared before the trip taken place. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Identification: When traveling in Vietnam, most of hotels in Sapa require customers to show ID to check in the room. However, if you lose your ID card, you can replace it with a passport or driving license. Snd if you intend to rent a motorbike to visit here, you should bring a driving license.
  • Travel map: Sapa travel map is an effective tool to help you understand the schedule, save time and especially avoid getting lost. Google map sounds better solution if you bring your smart phone. But you should download map to use offline because signal may be weak or lost.
  • Clothing: The weather in Sapa varies day by day, each season. So you need to prepare clothes suitable for the climate here. However, you should bring lightweight but warm clothing and add a few accessories such as gloves, towels, wool hats…
  • Shoes and sandals: In Sapa, you need to prepare shoes or sandals suitable for walking to explore the beauty and should avoid wearing high heels to avoid foot pain.
  • Camera/camcorder/phone with photo and video functions: These are items that help you capture beautiful moments and scenes, so don’t forget them at home. Especially you should prepare extra charger, battery charger.
  • Snacks: Don’t forget to bring some snacks as the tour takes you a lot of energy on walking a lot.
  • Personal items: You should bring a few personal items during your trip to Sapa such as: tissues, handkerchiefs, medicine, bandages, toothpaste, brushes (if you do not want to use them in hotel)…
  • Cash: You need to prepare cash to cover expenses as well as expenses incurred and do not forget to bring your ATM card instead of carrying too much cash.

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Some items to bring to visit Sapa
Some items to bring to visit Sapa

3. Means of transportation to visit Sapa

Sapa has long been an attractive tourist destination of the North. So the traffic here is very convenient and there are many transportation options to choose. If you are from Central or Southern Vietnam, the most convenient way is by plane or train to Hanoi, then from Hanoi to Sapa. The following are the most popular vehicles from Hanoi in the list of tips to visit Sapa:

  • Train: This vehicle is safer than cars, motorcycles and especially the service of buying and delivering tickets to your hotel. Besides, you should choose the sleeping bed of the night train for more comfortable. The train only takes you to Lao Cai station so you have to catch the car to Sapa by yourself.
  • Tourist bus: The Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway has been opened. So traveling from Hanoi to Sapa is faster than by train. However, you should book in advance to ask for prices and tickets.
  • Private car: You can use a private car to go to Sapa. However, the continuous driving within 6 hours and with unfamiliar terrain, makes you quite stressful and tired. So if you use this vehicle, you need to go with someone who can drive to take turns.
  • Motorbike: This is a suitable vehicle for those who are adventurous. But if the weather is not nice enough, it will cause many difficulties and dangers along the way.

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Train to visit Sapa
Train to visit Sapa

4. Accommodation in Sapa

Coming to Sapa, of course, you will spend the whole day to visit, eat and explore the culture here. So you will only stay at night. Therefore, the choice of accommodation is also easier. There are three options for you to choose when visiting Sapa:

  • Homestay: Come to Lao Chai – Ta Van and stay in the houses of the people here is the best thing to help you experience the life of the local people.
  • Guesthouse: The average price ranges from 250,000 to 350,000 VND/night depending on the travel time.
  • Hotel: If you want a luxurious space, you can choose hotels that are highly rated by foreign tourists such as Violet, Victoria… and of course the room price will be higher.
Accommodation in Sapa - sapa tips
Accommodation in Sapa – sapa tips

5. Tourist attractions in Sapa

You should not miss the following destinations when traveling as tips to visit Sapa:

  • Sapa town – a town in the appearance of a European city
  • Sapa stone church – symbol of Sapa Town
  • Ham Rong Mountain with unique Ham Rong flower garden built according to the natural terrain of the mountain
  • Lao Chai – Ta Van, Cat Cat, Ta Phin villages, Ancient Monastery, Silver Waterfall, Love Waterfall, Heaven Gate, O Quy Ho Pass, Rose Valley, Indochina Roof Top – Fansipan Peak, Sapa Market… are attractive destinations that you should not miss.
Tourist attractions in Sapa - tips to visit Sapa
Tourist attractions in Sapa

6. Festival in Sapa

Sapa is also famous for many special festivals, imbued with national identity. So come here, experience the following festivals to help you better understand the culture of the peoples in Sapa. (tips to visit Sapa)

  • Cống Càng Festival: A temple was erected at the beginning of the bridge to go to Ta Van village where this festival is held. The festival takes place on June of the lunar calendar every year. Mong, Dao and Day people in Muong Hoa will gather to the temple and each family will send a representative to perform the ritual, pray for the health, havest.
  • Dance Festival: This festival is very important for each family of the Dao people in Ta Van. The dance Tet is celebrated on the 1st or 2nd of the Lunar New Year and is similar to the 5th Lunar New Year of the Kinh people.

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In addition, there are many famous festivals to mention: Nhun Song festival, Come Song festival of Red Dao people; Root Poem festival of the Day people; the Cao Tao festival of the Mong people…

Festival in Sapa - visit Sapa
Festival in Sapa

Above is list of 6 tips to visit Sapa you should know. Hope this would help you a lot during your travel time in Vietnam.

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