8 most famous bridges in Hai Phong

Hai Phong is the third largest seaport city in the country. Therefore, this place is indispensable for the appearance of bridges. The bridge here is not only for circulation but also very beautiful. Let’s see the beauty of the famous bridges in this seaport city with Hai Phong Tours.

Hoang Van Thu Bridge Hai Phong

Hoang Van Thu Bridge is a special traffic project of the Project on investment in the construction of Technical Infrastructure for the New Urban Area North of Cam River. The total investment of Hoang Van Thu bridge is 2,173 billion VND from the budget source of Hai Phong city.


Hoang Van Thu Bridge is a modern bridge with an impressive design, creating traffic connections, developing and expanding Hai Phong city to the north. The Hoang Van Thu bridge includes main bridge designed according to the standard of urban main road.

The main bridge of the Hoang Van Thu bridge is an arch with a main span of 200 m, the largest span in Vietnam today. For pedestrian convenience, in addition to the staircase, Hoang Van Thu Bridge also has 2 elevators at the two sides of the bridge in the downtown

Binh Bridge Hai Phong

Binh Bridge is a bridge that was inaugurated on May 13, 2008. This is the bridge that once entered the Top 10 of the most beautiful bridges in Vietnam. Binh Bridge is crossed over the Cam River, connecting Hai Phong city and Thuy Nguyen district and going to Quang Ninh. With a length of nearly 1.3 km, Binh bridge is said to be the most beautiful and modern crane-shaped cable-stayed bridge in Hai Phong city.

Binh Bridge Hai Phong
Binh Bridge Hai Phong

Tam Bac Bridge – Quay Bridge Hai Phong

Referring to the famous bridges in Hai Phong, it is impossible not to mention the Tam Bac Bridge – Quay Bridge – the bridge of historical witness. Tam Bac Bridge is also called Quay Bridge, which is a railway bridge and an outer part for cyclists and motorbikes built by the French for over 100 years. Originally mainly used for railway, Tam Bac bridge that day had a central pillar, two ends attached to the abutment of two bridge ends. Each time a ship passed through, from the winch, it was driven to rotate the bridge along the river, parallel to the direction of the ship. That is why Tam Bac Bridge also has one more name: Quay bridge.

Tam Bac Bridge - Quay Bridge Hai Phong
Tam Bac Bridge – Quay Bridge Hai Phong

Currently Tam Bac Bridge – Quay Bridge is no longer rotating. The bridge has been remodeled and gorgeously decorated with colorful lights. Quay Bridge is now very prominent at night when viewed from the side of Tam Bac pedestrian street.

Kien Bridge Hai Phong

Kien Bridge Hai Phong is Vietnam’s second largest cable-stayed bridge after the My Thuan Bridge. The bridge was inaugurated on September 28, 2003, is a bridge over the Cam River, located on Highway 10, connecting Thuy Nguyen district and An Duong district.

Kien Bridge
Kien Bridge Hai Phong

Rao 1 Bridge

Cau Rao was a bridge that together with the people of Hai Phong fought fiercely during the war bombs. Rao Bridge is crossed over Lach Tray river, connecting Lach Tray street with Pham Van Dong street. Previously, because of the location of the bridge in Rao village, it was called Rao bridge. This is a bridge with a single cable-stayed bridge over the Lach Tray River.

Currently, the bridge is being prepared for a rework.

New Rao 1 Bridge Hai Phong
New Rao 1 Bridge Hai Phong

Lac Long Bridge Hai Phong

Lac Long Bridge is located gracefully on Tam Bac river with small flower gardens, green all year round by ancient canopy. During the war against the US, the bridge was repeatedly bombed by American aircraft and completely damaged. Until 1991, the City People’s Committee decided to rebuild the bridge with a length of 150 meters and a width of 15 meters.

Lac Long Bridge
Lac Long Bridge Hai Phong

Kien An Bridge

Kien An Bridge is the work celebrating 75 years of Party establishment. The bridge is located on provincial road 351 spanning Lach Tray river, connecting Kien An district and An Duong district. This is the artery connecting two large potential economic and residential regions, and plays an important role in the city’s transportation network.

Kien An Bridge Hai Phong
Kien An Bridge Hai Phong

Khue Bridge

Khue Bridge in Hai Phong is a bridge over the Úc River, connecting the two districts of An Lao and Tien Lang of Hai Phong city. The bridge was inaugurated on October 6, 2010 with a main bridge length of 787 meters and a width of 11 meters. It can be said that Khue Bridge Hai Phong is the dream bridge of Tien Lang people. The bridge opens up new opportunities to help Tien Lang district develop.

Khue Bridge
Khue Bridge Hai Phong

It can be said that Hai Phong is a city of bridges. The Bridges in Hai Phong not only connect the river banks but also connect the past, present and future. Coming to Hai Phong, you will certainly be extremely impressed with the famous bridges that Hai Phong Tours introduced to you above.

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