8 most interesting experiences in Sapa

8 most interesting experiences in Sapa

Sapa is an attractive tourist destination in the Northern of Vietnam. Coming to Sapa, you may have opportunity to conquer Fansipan peak, admire the magnificent beauty of terraced fields, participate in ethnic markets… There are many interesting experiences waiting for you in town. If you are going to travel to Sapa and do not know what to do, check out 8 most interesting experiences in Sapa with Hai Phong Tours.

1. Conquer Fansipan Peak – experiences in Sapa

In the past, conquering Fansipan was the dream of many young people. Since the inauguration of the cable car, everything has become easier and it only takes a tens of minutes to sit in the cable car cabin then you are at the highest mountain of the three countries of Indochina. For those who like hiking, conquering challenges, winning on your own, you can still climb. In the past, if you climb to Tram Ton entrance, it took 2 days 1 night to complete.

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2. Admire the most magnificent terraced rice fields in the world

Sapa’s terraced rice fields have been honored as one of the most beautiful terraced fields in the world. In September, the green rice fields will be replaced with yellow color and this is a very attractive time to Sapa.

Terraced rice fields in Sapa
Terraced rice fields in Sapa

3. Admire Sapa town from Ham Rong peak

An experiences in Sapa that anyone coming to Sapa should try is watching the town from the 1,800m on Ham Rong peak. Besides, you can also watch colorful flower gardens and weave through small rocky ravines in the rock garden of Thach Lam.

Admire Sapa town
Admire Sapa town

4. Walking to explore ethnic minority villages

Walking tours in Sapa will bring you unforgettable experiences. Coming here, sometimes you have to walk tens of kilometers from morning to afternoon. You will go through towns or villages to observe and learn more about the life and culture of the indigenous people here. Cat Cat, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ta Phin or Sapa old town … are all attractive places for walking but perhaps the longest, most interesting walking route is from Cat Cat village to Lao Chai, Ta Van to sleep at homestay.

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explore ethnic minority villages in Sapa
Explore ethnic minority villages in Sapa

5. Join in Traditional markets

If coming to Sapa on weekends, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the community culture space of ethnic minorities in the Northwest. You will see the scene of the busy trade and goods exchange, thereby helping you feel the rhythm of life here. Currently, Can Cau Market and Bac Ha Market are held on Saturdays and Sundays which are very popular markets. In addition, you can also come to other markets such as Cao Son market, Muong Hum market or Coc Ly market …

Join in Traditional markets
Join in Traditional markets

6. Sleeping in homestay in Ta Van

Coming to Sapa, sleeping in a homestay in a ethnic minority’s house, eating typical ethnic foods and waking up in a village far from the center of the town are great experiences. Homestay services in Sapa are now well developed, so you can be assured of housing and food hygiene. The ideal place to sleep a homestay is still in Ta Van. Staying here, you will never forget the feeling of comfort.

Sleeping in homestay in Ta Van
Sleeping in homestay in Ta Van

7. Go to Love Waterfall, Golden stream

Love Waterfall and Golden Stream are located about 14km southwest of the center of the town, on the way to Lai Chau. Visiting this waterfall, you will not only feel refreshed when enjoying the cool steam, but also hear the legend of the love between the seventh fairy and the woodcutter O Quy Ho. They loved each other very much but were forbidden by the heaven so they couldn’t come together. Later, the fairy turned into a golden bird flying around the top of the mountain and kept crying for 3 hours. On the way through Love Waterfall, do not forget to visit the Silver Falls too.

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Go to Love Waterfall, Golden stream
Go to Love Waterfall, Golden stream

8. See the majestic scenery at the O Quy Ho peak

Along the way to Lai Chau, through Silver Falls and Love Waterfall, you will visit the top of O Quy Ho Pass – one of the four great passes of the northern mountains and is the longest pass in Vietnam with a length of nearly 70km. O Quy Ho Peak is also the most ideal place to see sunset in Sapa. Also, the time of 17:30 is the most suitable for you to watch the sunset, combined with visiting Silver Falls – Love Waterfall and O Quy Ho mountain pass in an afternoon. It will be an experiences in Sapa not to be missed.

See the majestic scenery at the O Quy Ho peak
See the majestic scenery at the O Quy Ho peak

Above is list of 8 most interesting experiences in Sapa. And please leave your comment when you have experienced!

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