Haiphong Aeon Mall

Haiphong Aeon Mall: What to eat and play?

Haiphong Aeon Mall has just opened on December 14, 2020. The presence of Aeon Mall drives Haiphong young people crazy. Everyone wants to come here to see how it looks like. This is the largest commercial center in Haiphong invested by Japanese. The total area of ​​the site is 93 thousand square meters. Just going to the parking lot, you will know how large it is.

So what’s in Haiphong Aeon Mall? What to eat and play here? Today, haiphongtours.com introduces to you!

What best to eat at Haiphong Aeon Mall?

Food is always my top priority. So I put them first in this article.

Delica food court

Delica food court has a special location in Haiphong Aeon Mall. So what to eat the best at Haiphong Aeon Mall? You just come here and know right away! As long as you give the waiter a name, he will prepare it right in front of you … There are really many specialties of the world such as Sushi, Bento, Japanese cold noodles … If you want to enjoy other specialties of Haiphong, please leave Aeon =)).

Since Haiphong Aeon Mall is the commercial center of Japanese, there will definitely be Japanese delicacies here. There are dishes such as Onigiri, Takoyaki or Oden Hotpot … Although it is all delicious, it has a very “student” price. When coming to Aeon Mall, do not forget to enjoy these dishes.

Delica food court in Haiphong Aeon Mall
Delica food court in Haiphong Aeon Mall

Dairy Queen Ice Cream

Ice cream fans coming to Haiphong Aeon Mall will not be able to miss Dairy Queen. The aroma, the sweetness will make it difficult to refuse. Somehow, the cup ice cream at Dairy Queen can be turned upside down without falling … Can anyone help me explaining? Dairy Queen’s menu is very rich. You can spend the whole time eating all the ice cream here … However, the ice cream prices are a bit expensive. But in return, it is very delicious.

Dairy Queen Ice Cream in Haiphong Aeon Mall
Dairy Queen Ice Cream in Haiphong Aeon Mall

Saikung hotpot restaurant

For those who love hot pot, it is impossible to ignore Saikung Hotpot Restaurant. The hot pot here is divided into 4 separate compartments. Other places, I see only 2 compartments (spicy and not spicy). Anyone with experience can help me out why there are 4 compartments. Here comes the pickled radish with cheese beans. In addition, the shop also has jelly, cream, and fresh fruits.

Saikung hotpot restaurant in Haiphong Aeon Mall
Saikung hotpot restaurant in Haiphong Aeon Mall

What are the funniest things to play at Aeon Mall in Haiphong?

Fahasa Bookshop

Reading is both elegant and luxurious pleasure. It doesn’t matter how profound everyone’s education is, but I admire anyone who sits around with my book. Surely it must be an “bookworm”. To read books, many people go to book cafes, sip and think. But when you come to Haiphong Aeon Mall, you can also visit Fahasa bookstore to read. This bookstore has a modest area (only 1000 square meters!). There are over 100k books here. Most of the books for sale of this bookstore are all in the best seller.

Moreover, Fahasa also sells toys and souvenirs. You can freely choose!

Fahasa Bookshop in Haiphong Aeon Mall
Fahasa Bookshop in Haiphong Aeon Mall

Timezone amusement park

Just by hearing the name, you will know Timezone is place to play. That is the answer to the question What is the most fun to play in Aeon Mall in Haiphong? If you have had the opportunity to travel to many other countries with your family, Timezone’s name will certainly not be unfamiliar. This brand is famous in many countries and is now present at Haiphong Aeon Mall. Mentioned this is also the honor of the Port land.

If only a little bit, Timezone currently has about 300 branches in different countries. Including New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia or India … In terms of game technology of Timezone, there is no need to discuss. They possess the ultimate technology platform today. Bonus points for every game at Timezone in Haiphong Aeon Mall can be accumulated. You can then use the points to redeem them for another gift.

Come to Haiphong Aeon Mall to experience it!

Timezone amusement park in Haiphong Aeon Mall
Timezone amusement park in Haiphong Aeon Mall

Funzone children’s play area

If you come to Haiphong Aeon Mall with kids, don’t miss the Funzone Children’s Play Area. Here comes a huge super big ball house that almost all babies love. When children come here, they will be able to play high-feeling interactive games. They sell tickets for one time and the kids can play all the games in it.

Funzone children's play area in Haiphong Aeon Mall
Funzone children’s play area in Haiphong Aeon Mall

Dream Games

Dream Games play area brings a completely different level of game. The games here are very Japanese and of a caliber. All ages can come here to play games. If you asked, What is the funniest game to go to Haiphong Aeon Mall? I will answer playing game !!! At Dream Games, you will experience many modern game machines and attend many other entertainment events.

Dream Games in Haiphong Aeon Mall
Dream Games in Haiphong Aeon Mall

Watching movies at CGV

CGV is now present in Haiphong Aeon Mall. So you have a new fun spot. In Haiphong, everyone knows CGV 7th floor TD Plaza. But when you are at Haiphong Aeon Mall, this point will be easier to attract customers. Movie ticket prices here range from 100k. If you come here every Wednesday, you will get a discount of only 75k.

Notes when coming to Haiphong Aeon Mall

Haiphong Aeon Mall is very large. Especially right from the parking ring. After you find a parking space, remember to take a photo of the column number. This is very important when leaving. It took me half an hour wandering in the garage to search for this crime of forgetting to take pictures. Hope you guys are not like me … If you go with your kids, make sure they stay in sight.

Now you know what Haiphong Aeon Mall has to eat and play the most? Actually, there are many more places, but I have not gone yet. If you know anything that is delicious, nutritious, and cheap, please help me in the comment below. I will add it immediately. Thank you!

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