6 Best tricks to avoid ferry congestion when traveling to Cat Ba island

How to travel to Cat Ba without ferry congestion? Surely those who have experienced the “tragic scene” of waiting for the ferry at Got harbor will hardly forget that moment! Imagine you are in the same line of people and traffic jams waiting for your turn to board the ferry in the 35-40 degree Celsius sun. There are people who have got to experience this scene from 11am to 3pm.. Would you like to try…

In this article, let’s join Hai Phong Tours to find out the best way to travel to Cat Ba without the latest ferry congestion in 2022!

6 Tuyệt chiêu du lịch Cát Bà không bị tắc phà mới nhất 2022
6 Best tricks to avoid ferry congestion when traveling to Cat Ba island

Means of transportation to Cat Ba island

To go to Cat Ba island, there are 3 main means:

  • High speed boat
  • Phu Long Cable Car
  • Ferry

The fastest and most optimal means of transport are high-speed trains. However, currently, due to the epidemic situation, the Ben Binh – Cat Ba high-speed train has not yet resumed operation. Previously, it only took 60 minutes for tourists to easily board a speedboat from Binh wharf and go directly to Cat Ba town center (to Cat Ba pier). Ticket prices range from 180,000 VND to 220,000 VND.

Tàu Cao Tốc Cát Bà
High speed boat Cat Ba

When it is not possible to take a speedboat, how will tourists go from Hai Phong to Cat Ba? Please refer to Top 5 Best ways to Transfer Haiphong to Cat Ba 2022

Tourists will usually book a tour bus to pick up from Cat Bi airport to Cat Ba. The route is Cat Bi Airport > Got Ferry Terminal > Cai Vieng Wharf > Cat Ba Town Center (drop to hotel). Travel time from Cat Bi airport to Got wharf is about 50 minutes; from Got wharf to Cai Vieng wharf is 15 minutes; From Cai Vieng wharf to Cat Ba town center is another 40 minutes. Thus, the total travel time is about 2 hours (of course this is the case without ferry congestion).

Phà từ bến Gót đi Cái Viềng Cát Bà
Ferry from Got to Cai Vieng Cat Ba

Another option, if you don’t want to take the ferry or have to wait for the ferry, you can take the Cable Car from Cat Hai station to Phu Long station of Sun group. This is the cable car route with the highest cable pole in the world recognized by UNESCO right after it was inaugurated.

Cáp Treo Cát Bà
Cat Ba cable car

How to travel to Cat Ba without ferry congestion?

Here are 6 ways to travel to Cat Ba without getting stuck on the ferry that Hai Phong Tours has drawn. The experience is also drawn from the brothers driving Hai Phong passed down! I would like to share with you the following:

1. Do not go to Cat Ba during peak season

From April to the end of October, this is also the ideal time for beach tourism and so is Cat Ba. The peak is from May to July.

During this time, the number of tourists flocking to Cat Ba is very large, especially Vietnamese tourists. If you intend to travel to Cat Ba at this time, it will be crowded on the island. And that means the risk of getting stuck on the Got ferry will increase.

If you are expecting an “island” style trip, do not go to Cat Ba in high season to avoid congestion and not to be crowded.

2. Travel by Speedboat

Traveling by speedboat from Binh wharf to the center of Cat Ba town is the best way to travel to Cat Ba without being congested with ferries. But at present, the time when high-speed trains will resume operation has not been confirmed.

3. Go to Cat Ba Island by Cable Car

One solution for tourists to travel to Cat Ba without being congested by ferry is to go by cable car. You can both move to Cat Ba Island and enjoy the panoramic view of the island and Lan Ha Bay from above.

4. Book a car from Hai Phong to Cat Ba

Using a car is the solution being applied by Hai Phong Tours and proved to be very effective to travel to Cat Ba without being congested by ferry. Hai Phong Tours will pick you up from Cat Bi airport or anywhere. Then, the car will take you near Got wharf. From here, you will buy a person ticket of 12k/way and then board the ferry yourself (the car will not pay to the wharf but you need to walk about 700m from the main road).

After the ferry arrives at Cai Vieng wharf, Hai Phong Tours’ car will be waiting there and take you back to your hotel on Cat Ba island. Thus, you will not spend too much time waiting for the bus to get on the ferry… (this is the key issue that makes tourists have to wait a long time).

Moreover, booking a transfer car from Hai Phong to Cat Ba will be much cheaper than using a direct bus.

To order a car, please add Zalo/Whatsaopp +84975200357

5. Go early

If possible, you need to be at Got Wharf by 10 o’clock. Because after 10 o’clock, the convoys from other cities will be at Got Wharf and the battle for ferry jams begins here. Of course, going early still has the possibility of congestion but will not be as severe as after 10 o’clock.

6. Avoid weekends

On Saturday morning, Got Wharf always receives a large number of tourists moving. Therefore, in order to travel to Cat Ba without being congested by ferry, you should avoid it. Of course, if there is no other solution, then … we have to accept and wait!

Final thought

Above are 6 great tips for traveling to Cat Ba without the latest ferry congestion in 2022 of haiphongtours.com. Hope this article will be your luggage before setting foot on this wonderful island. I firmly believe that, although moving to Cat Ba Island may be difficult, once you get on the island, you will never be disappointed!

Have a great time and don’t forget to leave a comment below!

PS: If you need to rent a private car from Hai Phong to Cat Ba, please add Zalo/Whatsaopp +84975200357 to support me!!!

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