Ba Vi Travel Guide: 1 day travel experience by motorbike

Ba Vi Travel Guide: 1 day travel experience by motorbike

Ba Vi Travel Guide: I went to Ba Vi many times, once went on a picnic with my university class, once went on a date with my lover, once went on a tour with the company. The last time I went to Ba Vi was in November, when the warm sun of winter was still there, it was also the time when wild sunflowers in Ba Vi bloomed in a whole sky.

Unable to miss the opportunity to see flowers, I and 3 friends decided to go on a motorbike trip to Ba Vi. In the following article, I would like to share with you the experiences of backpacking Ba Vi by motorbike, a 1-day itinerary from this memorable trip.

Prepare necessary items for Ba Vi trip

+ About means: You can go by motorbike, private car or bus. Note, if traveling by personal vehicle, you should bring the necessary documents, fill up the fuel tank, install a mirror and do not forget to bring car repair tools in case the car breaks down on the road.

+ Costume: With this trip, I recommend you to choose the most comfortable clothes, wear hiking shoes, wear a mask, eyeglasses and a thin jacket…

+ Lunch and some personal items: Food, drinking water and items such as wind oil, insect repellent, sunscreen…

Means to get to Ba Vi, how to go, by what means?

Ba Vi is a famous tourist destination, located about 60km from the center of Hanoi. So the way to Ba Vi is simple and very easy. There are 2 options to go to Ba Vi from Hanoi.

+ By motorbike: It takes only 2 hours to ride a motorbike from Hanoi to Ba Vi. There are two ways to follow Ba Vi road:

Follow Thang Long Boulevard, Lang Hoa Lac -> end of the road, turn right to Son Tay -> at the intersection, turn left to Xuan Khanh -> after 10km, there will be a signpost on the left. If you intend to travel Ba Vi within a day, this is the shortest way to Ba Vi.

Go straight along Xuan Thuy street, take road 32 -> pass Phung -> Son Tay town -> turn left to Xuan Khanh -> 10km there will be a signpost on the left. Take this road further about 10km. If you intend to travel to Ba Vi for 2 days and 1 night, you should follow this route. Because this road has many famous tourist attractions such as Ao Vua, Thien Son-Suoi ivory, Ao Xanh…

+ Ba Vi by bus and coach: There are 2 bus routes to Ba Vi. Bus route 214 departs from Yen Nghia bus station (Ha Dong, Hanoi) – Xuan Khanh. Bus route 71 or route 74 from My Dinh – Xuan Khanh. However, the end of the bus stops at Xuan Khanh, will not go to the tourist destination as you want. To get to Ba Vi National Park, you have to travel by renting a motorbike taxi or taking a taxi.

The best time to visit Ba Vi

What season is the best season to visit Ba Vi? You can travel to Ba Vi in any season of the year. Many people like to come to Ba Vi to relax in early April and late October. However, I personally like to go to Ba Vi in November, I like to see wild sunflowers blooming brightly in the sun, however wild flowers Kneeling here is not as beautiful as Da Lat. The best place to see wild sunflowers is at 600, Ba Vi National Park, everyone.

Where to go stay in Ba Vi?

Ba Vi backpacking tour usually you can go during the day or if you stay overnight and go in a large group, rent a campfire. However, for some of you who need to stay at a hotel or motel, it can still be met. If you want to rent a cheap room, you can rent a house on stilts.

You can choose Lam Ky hotel in Son Tay (Address: 119 Quang Trung, Trung Hung, Son Tay, Hanoi) – the minus point is that it is a bit far from the tourist destination, about 12km away.

If you want to be closer, you can stay at Bach Duong Hotel located on the way to Ba Vi National Park. If you want to stay by the hour or half a day, you can choose hotels right in the tourist area such as Ao Vua hotel, Dam Long hotel, Khoang Xanh hotel…

Eating and drinking when traveling to Ba Vi

You should bring snacks such as bread, dry food, fruit and especially drinking water. Besides the grilled food at the campfire, if you want to enjoy the quintessence of Ba Vi cuisine, you can choose a restaurant with the “La Co” sign at the foot of Ba Vi National Park, you can continue for about more. 200 meters to come. You can enjoy any of Ba Vi’s specialties.

In the evening, you can have fun singing and building campfires, grilling food … “dancing” all the way until morning. 😀

Ba Vi specialties, what to buy as gifts when coming to Ba Vi? Ba Vi is very close to Hanoi, so there are not many specialties like in Moc Chau or Ha Giang. Here are 2 Ba Vi specialties you should enjoy when coming here:

Fresh milk, caramelized yogurt, fresh cakes: Ba Vi is famous for cow’s milk, you will surely have heard of it. So, when coming to Ba Vi, not only enjoy these specialties, but also make them as gifts for everyone!

Hill chicken, food from wild boar: Because it is a mountainous area, Ba Vi has many dishes made from hill chicken and wild boar. My favorite dish is Roasted Salted Chicken and Braised Wild Boar with Five Flavors.

Important notes when coming to Ba Vi

Using a motorbike to go to Ba Vi, you should use a car or a clutch because the road here is very steep. And remember to fill up the gas tank.
Whether it is a short trip, a long day or a vacation, you should bring the necessary medical equipment: Mask, headache medicine, bandages, mosquito repellent, anti-squeeze in case of mosquito bites and squeezes. Please!
Experience backpacking Ba for safety, if you come to Ba Vi during hot summer days, you should bring a thin jacket because when you go to Thuong temple at an altitude of more than 1200 m, the temperature will gradually decrease.

Prices of some services at Ba Vi National Park

Hostel price: 700,000 VND/room
House on stilts for students: 1,500,000 – 2,000,000 VND/house.
Campfire: From 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 VND
Tent: 150,000 – 200,000 VND/tent of 4 people.
Speakers, lighting: From 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 VND
Hall: From 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 VND/day
Transfer car service: 70,000 VND / person / round trip.

Ba Vi 1 day tour itinerary

Morning: After arriving at Ba Vi National Park, you buy an entrance ticket, the ticket price for adults is 40,000 VND/ticket. If you are a student and student, remember to bring your card to get 50% off. You go straight by motorbike to Thuong Temple, you can go sightseeing and rest at the 400, 600 points.

At level 600, you can comfortably check in and watch wild sunflowers bloom in the golden sunshine. After that, you continue the journey to the foot of Thuong temple, you have to park your car at the foot of the temple, the price of parking a motorbike is 3,000 VND/point, because the way to Thuong temple and Uncle Ho temple has to climb.

You climb up to Uncle Ho temple first, then climb up to Thuong temple, Thuong temple is the place to worship Saint Tan Vien – Son Tinh, one of the four immortals in our country. Here, you can comfortably check in and live virtual, because of the beautiful scenery.

Noon: After visiting the 2 monuments, we drove down the mountain, at this time we felt hungry and tired. My group decided to go to the restaurant “Palm leaves” to eat and rest here. The space here is very spacious, clean, the setting is close to nature, the food here is also great and the price is reasonable.

Afternoon: After eating and having lunch at La Co restaurant. Around 2:00 pm, my group continued the journey to discover Ba Vi. My next destination is Thien Son Suoi Nga tourist area. There are many swimming pools and amusement parks, in addition, I am most impressed by the waterfall at the sun gate. Our journey ends at 5:30, and returns to Hanoi at 7:30.

In addition to Thien Son Nga Stream tourist area, there are many other beautiful places in Ba Vi such as King Pond, Khoang Xanh Suoi Tien, Thac Da, Dam Long….

Final thoughts: Ba Vi Travel Guide

Hai Phong Tours hopes with above Ba Vi Travel Guide, you may get some important experience. Enjoy your trip!

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