Banh Da Cua Hai Phong noodle

Banh Da Cua Ba Cu

Banh Da Cua Ba Cu – Crab Noodle Soup is one of the dishes that make up the name of Hai Phong cuisine. Today, Hai Phong Tours would like to introduce to you this famous specialty and enjoy location. You will surely be satisfied with the wonderful taste of this dish. It’s also included in the Hai Phong city tour: classic itinerary

• Address: No.179 Cau Dat Street, Ngo Quyen district, Haiphong city
• Opening time: Daily 7:00-22:00
• Price: VND.40,000~50.000

Story of name “Banh Da Cua Ba Cu”

This name is derived from an old story. It is said that about 30 years ago, there was a very old lady who is the owner of a small stall selling Crab Noodle Soup right on the pavement of Cau Dat street. The stall is famous for being complimented by gourmet Hai Phong people. Later, when the old lady had returned to her ancestors, her children took turns taking over the family job.
Up to now, Banh Da Cua Ba Cu brand has spent 4 generations. In addition, “Bánh Đa Cua Bà Cụ” is now a spacious restaurant located near the center of the city. It has become an attraction not only for people in Hai Phong, but also for tourists when they visit the Port city.

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Characteristics of Hai Phong cuisine

When mentioning Hai Phong, people think of the port area, with a bustling and developing trading economy but still retaining their own characteristics in culinary culture. It can be said that cuisine in Hai Phong is a combination of Vietnamese cuisine, Chinese cuisine and French cuisine.

Favored by nature for a sea of delicious seafood, cuisine here attracts diners by the freshness of raw materials used for processing but not from spices. The dish stands out with its sweetness and moderate salinity, not too spicy, delicious and easy to eat with everyone. Hai Phong cuisine is impressed by the simplicity, not complicated in terms of spice or processing, highlighting the naturally delicious taste of the ingredients.
The dishes in Hai Phong are extremely diverse and famous such as Banh Da Cua, Nem Cua Be, Sui Din, Banh My Cay, Lau Cua Dong … And one of the most famous dishes is Banh Da Cua with strong seafood taste.

Another extremely important ingredient in cuisine in Hai Phong is the rice noodle. The Rice noodle here are different from the cakes in other regions, having a unique taste that creates a unique flavor for dishes that no other place has.

Haiphong’s Crab Noodle Soup

In the right style of Haiphong, a bowl of delicious and attractive noodles musts enough to converge in five colors: pink brown of crab, brown noodles, green color of vegetable, green onion, lemon; fresh red color of chili and yellow color of dry onion. The very eye-catching colors combined with greasy tasty has been attracted even once enjoyed.

Equally important factor is the type of chili sauce that Hai Phong people used to call it “chí trương” which is often made in the traditional way instead of using processed ones. You can eat in the morning or evening, summer or winter also feel delicious.

Many people compared the popularity of Banh Da Cua to Hai Phong people as well as Pho with Hanoi people, Bun Bo Hue with Hue people and Hu Tieu with Saigon people. When given the opportunity to Haiphong, you should try a bowl of ” Banh da cua” has to be able to share “emotional honesty” of this unique cuisine.

Enjoy the taste in Banh Da Cua Ba Cu Restaurant

There are 2 choices for guests to eat: Mixed Crab Noodle and Crab Noodle Soup. With Crab Noodle Soup – Brown noodles are blanched in hot water, put into a large bowl with vegetables and seafood fillings, spring rolls … then add the broth. Particularly with Mixed Crab Noodle, you will still have a small bowl of soup to eat on the outside.

Attractive flavor of Banh Da Cua

Noodles have special brown color, tough. The special thing here is that noodle do not get absorbed quickly. So if you eat a little slow, it is still delicious and not crushed. For this, at first, the noodle has to be carefully picked and processed. The noodle makers in Haiphong specialize in rice selection, grinding, powdering and cooking. Rice to make noodle must be high-quality and put in water one hour (in summer) and ten hours (in winter). After cooking, brown noodles are soft and tough and the broth must be clear in harmony with colors of ingredients.

The broth of the restaurant is delicious, sweet, crab-flavored, fragrant with the smell of fried onion.

The “topping” part of Banh Da Cua is very diverse and more than elsewhere. In addition to seasonal vegetables, there are also mantis shrimp (con bề bề), shrimp, crab meat, pork wrapped in guise leaves (chả lá lốt), fried meatballs (chả thịt)…
The small minus point for Banh Da Cua here is a bowl that is not very full. Therefore for those who eat well, they need to eat more to not be hungry. And the best option is to order additional crab spring rolls (nem cua bể) to eat.

Nem Cua Be also very delicious

Crab rolls with fillings are sprouts, vermicelli and lots of seafood. Nem is square in shape, crunchy, it will be very delicious if enjoyed with the sauce made by traditional secrets.
Compared to other restaurants, the price of Banh Da Cua here is a bit more expensive. But maybe because of good reputation with a variety of seafood fillings, the restaurant still attracts a lot of customers.
Customers coming here are not only people in Hai Phong, but also guests from all over the country, including foreign visitors.
The above is our suggestion of a very famous dish of Hai Phong. You can also have this experience in Hai Phong city day tour and explore more about Hai Phong’s culture and history.

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