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Bao Dai King Villa

Bao Dai King Villa Hai Phong is one of the seven palaces of King Bao Dai. This is the last King of the feudal regime in Vietnam. When you travel all over our country, it will be effortless to find many extravagant villas of the King. However, there is the only one in the North of Vietnam and this article will show you why it is. This is one of the main tourist attraction to visit in the Hai Phong city tour organized by Hai Phong Tours.

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Location of Bao Dai King villa Hai Phong

Early known as a seaport province established the French colonialists, Hai Phong has been nowadays attracting foreign travelers by its beautiful coastline, the world’s biosphere reserves – Cat Ba Archipelago and Lan Ha Bay including a rich system of limestone karsts, coral reefs and white-sand beaches. Those are ideal features that the last king of Vietnam realized since the previous century. That might be the reason for a grand building – Bai Dai Villa. Geographically, the villa is specifically located on Vung hill, Do Son district, Hai Phong city. Not only is it a unique architectural work, but it also has historical value associated with the last king of the feudal dynasty in Vietnam, whose famous saying is “I would rather live as an ordinary citizen of an independent country than be Emperor of a nation of slaves”.

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History of Bao Dai King Villa Hai Phong

History of Bao Dai King Villa – The building is at the height of 36m above sea level. They built it in 1928 under the direction of Pasquier – the Governor General of Indochina at that time. In 1949, the King had a visit to Hai Phong and stunned by the mind-blowing beauty of the villa. Pasquier gave the villa to the King as a way to show his respect, after that. From that day on, they renamed this villa Bao Dai Villa or Bao Dai Palace.

During his vacation and business trips to the North, he always stayed at this mansion. In 1955, the North Vietnam was freed from French domination, Bao Dai villa were taken over to the Ministry of Defense. In 1984, it was put into tourism managed Do Son Hotel and Tourism Joint Stock Company. Due to the ravages of war, the palace was in a terrible state of repair. Granted the State, the company successfully restored it in 1999. At this time, it becomes an attraction site of Hai Phong tourism for both Vietnamese and foreign travelers.

The beauty

Those thoughts of a formal and solemn place that used to be a palace of the dynasty era will be faded away at the first moment you visit there. The villa is too beautiful and dreamlike at a sea city that plays a key factor on the tourism development of Do Son nowadays.

Check in at Bao Dai King villa

When being asked, you will have enthusiastic guidance of how to get to Bao Dai Villa from local people there, who are always proud of the historical, cultural and tourist value of the villa for this coastal area. The villa is on Vung hill surrounding by beautiful natural landscape, mountains and the sea giving visitors a total relaxation. Your visit will be imperfect unless you visit the villa. A unique architecture and ideal altitude will allow you to have a bird’s-eye view of Do Son tourist zone.

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Exploring villa’s luxury


Built in an octagonal shape with French architecture, its campus is about 3,700m2. And the villa area is more than 900m2 with sea view surrounded by gardens. Together with a year-round nice climate, the place creates a whole escape for those who seek for peace and tranquility. An ideal location that offer a panoramic view of Do Son is the best for a truly vacation.
Though it was built in the last century, the villa includes a spacious basement and two floors, in which, the basement has a kitchen, a storage and maid room. The first floor has a living room, a dining room that often used to entertain guests, bedroom of the King Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong. The second floor is the bedroom for the princesses and the princes. The ambiance and objects in the dining room have been restored to the origin to keep its ancient beauty. There is also another dining room, where King Bao Dai used it for family meals. They designed The King Bao Dai’s bedroom with top care in order to show up the King’s power.

Second storey

Following to corridor on the 2nd floor, you will take to 5 bedrooms of the princesses and the princes. They designed this with windows facing the sea for the purpose of being cozy and safe. Especially, those rooms are nowadays are using for tourism as accommodation. Those offer the whole beautiful scenery of Do Son beach from on high.

In addition, there are many interesting activities on the ground floor, such as trying on royal costumes, learning about the life of the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty with interpreter as well as tasting special royal refined dishes of Hue. Hai Phong Tours also provide those services before you visit to the attraction. You can select a package tour for your upcoming holiday and experience those royal accommodations.

It goes beyond the purpose of a beach holiday when you travel to Do Son, Hai Phong City. You will have chances to explore a mini collection of cultural and historical works closely attached with the last feudal dynasty of Vietnam, an opportunity to admire a scaled-down scenery of Do Son and nearby international tourist areas. The villa is also an exciting stop before melting into the world’s natural heritage – Halong Bay nearby.

Entrance fee: 20.000VND/person (US$1/person)


The Bao Dai King villa Hai Phong opens for tourists to experience. All room types are available for rent. The occupied room will be locked and other customers can not enter to visit. Here is there tariff

room tariff at bai dai villa haiphong
room tariff at bai dai villa haiphong

You can book directly with them as walk-in customers or book via Hai Phong Tours. If you find it’s too expensive and over your budget, please consider Budget hotels in Hai Phong city for foreigners

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