Best places to visit in Halong city

Best places to visit in Halong city. Halong is pretty famous not only for Vietnamese but also foreigners worldwise. Hai Phong Tours would like to introduce to you some of the best tourist attractions in this city.

1. Halong bay core

Halong bay is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This is the most popular tourist destination in Halong city, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. The name Halong means descending dragon. The Halong bay complex covers Bai Tu Long bay, Lan Ha bay and parts of Cat Ba island which features thousands of limestone karsts and islets.

To go to Halong bay, you can join in tour from Hai Phong, Hanoi or from Van Don airport. It takes you around 3.5 – 4 hours driving from Hanoi. But if you go from Hai Phong, it’s 50 minutes only. If you join in our tours, Hai Phong Tours will pick you up directly at Cat Bi airport on arrival. Or alternatively, please just give us your hotel address in city center, we will pick you up there. If you go from Van Don airport, it’s around 60 km away and you may need to catch taxi to harbor. We will pick up at harbor.

At the moment, there are 2 ways to visit the core of Halong bay. The first one is Tuan Chau harbor. The second one and the new one is Bai Chay harbor. It belongs to Sun group.  From Bai Chay harbor you can go to both core of Halong bay and Bai Tu Long bay area.

Best attractions on Halong bay core

The best attractions to see in this core are Thien Cung cave, Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Titop island, Fairy Cave, Drum Cave, Pearl Farm. There are total 3 ways to explore the bay. If you choose the shortest day tour to halong bay in 4 hours, you will visit Thien Cung cave, do kayaking or ride bamboo bat at Luon cave (other name: Ba Hang – Three caves). But if you choose the best day tour to Halong bay, you will visit Sung Sot cave, Titop beach for swimming or step up to Titop peak for stunning panoramic view of Halong bay center. When you are looking for leisure 2 days tour, you still visit Sung Sot and Titop island but time is more flexible than day tour. To visit the remain places, you need to find 3 days 2 nights tour to Halong.

2. Tuan Chau park

Tuan Chau park is close to Tuan Chau harbor. The park is new opening in this January 2019. The highlight of this park is sealion, dolphin, water seal show. This place is more suitable for Vietnamese or Asian.

Opening time: 08:00 – 22:00

Sealion, dolphin, water seal show: 10:00 – 15:00 – 20:30

3. Bai Tu Long bay

Bai Tu Long bay is a part of Halong bay complex. People consider this less touristy bay and actually it’s true. There’s no day tour available in this area. There are 2 harbors to get to this bay. The first one is Vinasin harbor (over Bai Chay bridge). And the new one, more convenient one is Bai Chay harbor. The owner is Sun group.

In my own opinion, this bay is more stunning and has nicer scenery with more dense islands and islets. But in fact, you can not swim here and caves to visit are not as nice as the ones on Halong bay core.

Best attractions on Bai Tu Long bay

The best attractions to see on Bai Tu Long bay are Vung Vieng fishing village, Thien Canh Son cave, Tra San, Vung Ha island.

To visit these places, just book 2 days or 3 days tour with Hai Phong Tours. You will have the best moment to relax.

4. Lan Ha bay

Lan Ha bay is also a part of Halong bay complex. This is close to Cat Ba island and belongs to Hai Phong city. Lan Ha bay is now developing. There are so many new metal cruise at high grade (4-5 star) launched such as Era cruise, Calyso cruise, Perla Dawn sails…Most of the bigger cruises will choose Got harbor in Hai Phong to anchor as it’s deep enough. The other smaller cruises may anchor at Beo harbor on Cat Ba island. But anyway, going to Got harbor is more convinient.

Travel to Lan Ha bay, you will be able to swim, do kayaking, ride bamboo boat. But there’s no cave to walk inside to visit. Then please consider your hobby before chooing which tour to book.

Best attractions on Lan Ha bay

The best things to see on Lan Ha bay are Dark and Light caves, Van Boi island, Ba Trai Dao beach.

5. Bai Tho mountain

Bai Tho mountain is closed by government due to safety reason. But in fact, if you really have to go there once in life. I still can arrange this (not recommended).

6. Sun World Ha Long Complex

Sun World Halong Complex –the limitless entertainment and recreation cluster with the coastal entertainment park, the entertainment park on Ba Deo Peak, the Dragon Park and the Typhoon Water Park. Having been to Sun World Halong Complex, tourists will experience the unique sea-crossing cable car system holding two world records, enjoy hundreds of rides.

Here are some reviews about it:

When we arrived in Ha Long we didn’t even know there was a Sun World until we looked out the window of the hotel. What a great surprise. As far as theme parks go it is very much the same as others, however the architecture is done extremely well and the lighting at night sublime.
We visited during the off-season so paid so vey little entry fee, less than $5.00, yes LESS than $5 entry, and entry fee that gives you access to all the rides, that are open. All the ‘water’ based rides are closed, regardless we had a ball.
Recommend Sun World – absolutely. (andyfromaus – Sydney, Australia)

Definitely worth a full day visit. A great mix of Culture Scenery and fun.
The Cable Car rides are fantastic with stunning views, all run like clock work.
There is so much beauty in the Be Na Hills. You will be surrounded by beautiful Gardens Arcitecture & views.

One thing to know, this is not very suitable for kid under 1,2 meters.

Thank you everyone for reading. These are best places to visit in Halong. And if you would like to discuss, feel free to comment here and I will get back to you soon!

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