Butterfly valley Cat Ba Vietnam

Butterfly valley Cat Ba Vietnam: Top 1 Rock climbing site on island

Butterfly valley Cat Ba (Lien Minh Valley) is an extremely attractive tourist destination, but not very popular to everyone. When you come here, you will admire thousands of butterflies with different types flying in the sky. The forest petals will also make you feel enchanted. In particular, this is an adventure rock climbing site that many international tourists come to experience. Let Hai Phong Tours to tell you more about this valley!

Where is Butterfly valley Cat Ba?

Butterfly valley Cat Ba, also known as Lien Minh Valley, is located in Lien Minh village, Tran Chau, Cat Hai, on Cat Ba island, Hai Phong city, Vietnam. Unlike other famous tourist spots on Cat Ba island, the butterfly valley is located in a village deep in the mountains. Therefore, the way to get here is very difficult. Because this valley is located in Lien Minh village, people often call it the Lien Minh valley.

Although the terrain is not favorable for bus to visit. But in return, if you ride a bicycle or ride a motorbike here, it is a great experience.

Map: See location on Google Map here

Where is Butterfly valley Cat Ba?
Where is Butterfly valley Cat Ba?

What to do in Cat Ba Butterfly Valley?

There are many things that make Cat Ba Butterfly Valley so attractive to tourists. At first glance, the valley looks like a heart shape. That makes the young people very excited and want to come to check in.

The most special thing in Cat Ba Butterfly Valley is that thousands of beautiful butterflies flying. This is probably guessed by anyone hearing its name. Here, there are many different butterflies with all kinds of colorful colors. If you are knowledgeable and collect butterflies, you cannot ignore this interesting tourist spot.

In addition to admiring the multitude of different butterflies, when coming to Lien Minh village, Cat Ba, you can also enjoy Sim flowers or enjoy the Sim fruits (Rhodomyrtus tomentosa berries). On reef season, the forests of flowers and grass will make you feel lost in the fairy tale.

Cat Ba Butterfly Valley in Reef season
Cat Ba Butterfly Valley in Reef season

In addition, when traveling to Cat Ba as well as any other tourist destination, cuisine is always what makes tourists interested and want to learn. The most attractive dish that the blogger of haiphongtours.com fascinated is the wild chicken sleeping in the tree.

Chickens in Lien Minh village are freely grazed and live in the forest. Every day, they roam in the forest to feed them self, climb mountains and sleep in the trees. Therefore, these “gymers” chickens are very healthy. Their meat is firm and fragrant. If you boiled and wrapped by banana leaves, you will have an indescribably delicious meal …

Chickens sleep in tree Butterfly valley Cat Ba
Chickens sleep in tree Butterfly valley Cat Ba

In Vietnam, the sport of rock climbing adventure has not been widely developed. But this is a subject that many foreigners love. Hai Phong Tours has taken a few mountaineering groups from Australia and Canada to Butterfly valley Cat Ba to experience. They brought with them climbing gear up to tens of kgs. In short, the best place to climb on Cat Ba is the butterfly valley.

Rock climbing site Butterfly valley Cat Ba
Rock climbing site Butterfly valley Cat Ba
Climbing the rock Butterfly valley Cat Ba
Climbing the rock Butterfly valley Cat Ba

Moreover, this is also a unique and strange place to take wedding photos or personal photos. On your way to the valley, you will pass through Liên Minh pine forest. This is an ideal spot to set up a tent, camp or take pictures. Invite the team and come here to enjoy!

The best time to visit Butterfly valley Cat Ba

On coming to Lien Minh valley Cat Ba, butterflies are not always present. So when is the best time to visit Butterfly valley Cat Ba? If you want to see butterflies flying, you should come here in early summer (around late March, early April).

If you come to Butterfly valley Cat Ba to see the forest of reed flowers, come here in December. At this time, reed flowers are in full bloom. In March, Lien Minh valley is covered with the purple color of Sim flower. It is a flower associated with the childhood of many people. In general, the valley is very unspoiled so it is always interesting to visit it!

How to get to Butterfly valley Cat Ba

In fact, the way to Butterfly valley Cat Ba is not really too difficult. If you take the bus, you will have difficulty. But hardly anyone chose that way to move here. The best way is to cycle or rent a motorbike from Cat Ba town. You can also rent a car to move around. Please contact 0975200357 to book a private car from Hai Phong city.

From town, just follow the road DT356. When you reach the intersection, turn left to continue on DT356. When you arrive at Tran Chau commune health station, go to the 2nd intersection, then turn right and continue in the direction of Thien Ung Pagoda. After that, you just go all the way to Butterfly Valley Cat Ba.

The distance from the center of Cat Ba town to Butterfly Valley Cat Ba is only 10 km. So you only take about 30 minutes drive to arrive.


Visiting Butterfly Valley Cat Ba is an unforgettable experience of Hai Phong Tours. The trip will help you get closer to nature than ever. If you find this article helpful, please help me share it! Thank you for reading!

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