Cai Chien island travel experiences

Cai Chien island travel experiences: Top 10+ Best tips you must know

Cai Chien Island travel converges the wild beauty of the forest and sea. As an island district in Quang Ninh province, this place is increasingly invested in developing tourism. If you are planning to go to the island, do not miss the Cai Chien island tour with full information below. Let check them out with Hai Phong Tours.

What is Cai Chien Island?

Cai Chien Island is the only island district in Hai Ha district, Quang Ninh. Located about 330km from Hanoi. This is a beautiful small island about 2500ha wide, including hills and beaches. Currently, the island is still pristine and is being invested in tourism development. According to Cai Chien travel experience, the facilities here are not as well developed as other tourist destinations.

However, with long white and smooth sand beaches, rustic countryside, Cai Chien Island is always an attractive destination for many people.

On Cai Chien Island, there are only 120 households with about 600 people. Residents focus on living around the harbor, building houses in lowland areas. The rest is pristine with the beach and green casuarina forests. Cai Chien tourism is suitable as a place to rest and relax after a stressful working week. In addition to those who love to go on a trip, this place is also suitable for families with small children.

The best time to visit Cai Chien island

According to Cai Chien island travel experiences, you should go in April and June every year. At this time, the weather on the island has warm sunshine, less rain, suitable for swimming. Cai Chien is influenced by the mountainous region of the Northeast. There are hot summers here and very cold winters (can be said to be the coldest compared to other seas).

From June to October, the climatic time for swimming in the North is the rainy season and storm season in Cai Chien. Therefore, you should actively update weather news before coming to the island. In particular, the most rainy month is in July, you should pay attention to limit going on this occasion.

The scenery on Cai Chien is beautiful and changes with the seasons, each season has its own beauty. Anyone who has ever set foot on the island can feel it. Looking at the white sand stretches in sight, the forest and mountains overlap with the surrounding seawater. Adding the image of white storks in the rice fields, we reminisce about our homeland and feel like we are at peace.

The best time to visit Cai Chien island
The best time to visit Cai Chien island

What to prepare for Cai Chien island trip?

  • To prepare for the trip to Cai Chien Island, the following things you need to note to bring:
  • Prepare enough clothes, shoes, swimwear for swimming. Should add in your luggage a wide-brimmed hat
  • Sunscreens, body lotions to protect your skin
  • Prepare some carry-on foods such as fruit, candy, …
  • Water, Note on the island there is rare fresh water. When using it, it should be economical
  • Some other items: phone, camera, camera stick, headset, …

Transportation to Cai Chien island

Hanoi to Cai Chien island

Cai Chien Island is 330km from Hanoi city. If you go from Hanoi to Cai Chien island, you have 2 ways to get around: motorbike or bus. If traveling by motorbike, you can look up Google Maps and follow the directions. Go to Ghềnh Võ port, send the bike to the ferry to reach the island. If you take a bus, buy tickets to Mong Cai, priced from 150,000 VND – 200,000 VND. Then, please get off at Ha Co Bank intersection (Ly Thuong Kiet street, Quang Ha).

From here, take a taxi or motorbike taxi to Ghenh Vo port, price from 80,000 – 100,000 VND. This is the ferry terminal for you to move to the island.

Haiphong to Cai Chien island

If you go from Haiphong to Cai Chien island, you can also do similar as above. You can go buy motorbike, bus. Or you can also book a private car transfer service for more convenient. To go by bus from Haiphong, go to Thuong Ly bus station or Vinh Niem bus station to grab the bus. Please find the one to Mong Cai and ask driver to drop you off at Ha Co Bank intersection and do as above.

Ferry from Ghenh Vo port to Cai Chien island

Ferry from Ghenh Vo port to Cai Chien island has 3 turns a day, departing at 7:00, 11:30 and 17:30. From Cai Chien island back to the Ghenh Vo port, it is 6am, 10:30 and 16:30. If going on Saturday, Sunday, the trip can be more depending on demand.

Ferry from Ghenh Vo to Cai Chien island
Ferry from Ghenh Vo to Cai Chien island

Ticket price for ferry:

  • Pedestrians: 20,000 VND / ticket / one way
  • Bicycle: 30,000 VND / vehicle / one way (excluding tickets for people)
  • Motorbikes: 50,000 VND / vehicle / way (excluding tickets for people)
  • Cars 4-16 seats: 320,000 VND / car / one way (excluding tickets for people)
  • Trucks from 1-3 tons: from 260,000 VND / vehicle / time (air travel) – 320,000 VND / vehicle / time ( with cargo)
  • 5-ton trucks: from VND 360,000 / vehicle / time (airline) – VND 520,000 / vehicle / time (with stock)

Another way to save time is to take a canoe to the island. This method only takes 10-15 minutes, but can not bring motorbike with. This method is suitable if your group is crowded or you have to wait for the number of people to join each trip.

Cai Chien ferry ticket price for motorbike
Cai Chien ferry ticket price for motorbike

Where to stay on Cai Chien island?

If you have ever known Co To or Quan Lan when it comes to Quang Ninh tourism, Cai Chien Island is also an attractive place. On holidays, the number of visitors coming here must be up to thousands. If you go on these occasions, you should book in advance to avoid the case of arrival, then you will run out of rooms. Here are 10 addresses of reputable homestays, hotels and motels in the area.

  1. Homestay Le Xuan Nguyen
    Address: Hamlet Dau Rong, Cai Chien, Hai Ha, Quang Ninh Province
    Hotline: 0977,039,499
  2. Chu Van Sanh Homestay
    Address: Dau Rong Hamlet, Cai Chien, Hai Ha, Quang Ninh Province
    Hotline: 0379,380 .605
  3. Tran Van To Homestay
    Address: Dau Rong Hamlet, Cai Chien, Hai Ha, Quang Ninh
    Hotline: 0984.019.624
  4. Phi Vung Homestay
    Address: Village Cai Chien, Cai Chien, Hai Ha, Quang Ninh Province
    Hotline: 0988.387.268
  5. Le Viet Ninh Homestay
    Address: Village Cai Chien, Cai Chien, Hai Ha, Quang Ninh Province
    Hotline: 0342.539.683
  6. Chu Thanh Minh Homestay
    Address: Village Cai Chien, Cai Chien, Hai Ha, Quang Ninh Province
    Hotline: 0388.867.672
  7. Le Thi Hoa Homestay
    Address: Cai Chien Village, Cai Chien, Hai Ha, Quang Ninh Province
    Hotline: 0387.988.948
  8. Bao Phong Guest House
    Address: Cai Chien 1 Beach, Cai Chien Village, Cai Chien, Hai Ha, Quang Ninh Province
    Hotline: 0389.608.447
  9. Hoang Thi Uoc Homestay
    Address: Van Ca Hamlet, Cai Chien, Hai Ha, Quang Ninh Province
    Hotline: 0349.506.433
  10. Homestay Doan Quy
    Address at: Van Ca Hamlet, Cai Chien, Hai Ha, Quang Ninh Province
    Hotline: 0378.295.976
Where to stay on Cai Chien island?
Where to stay on Cai Chien island?

What to do on Cai Chien island?


Cai Chien Island travel is famous for swimming activities. The beaches here are still pristine without much human influence. 4 main beaches have beautiful eco-system resorts: Dau Rong beach, Cai Chien beach, Van Ca beach, Phung Bau beach.

  1. Dau Rong Beach – The most beautiful bathing place
    Dau Rong Beach is the largest and most beautiful beach of Cai Chien Island. With the airy beauty of fine white sand stretches and straight row of casuarina, the beach here is always a attraction for many tourists to visit. There is a long path above the beach more than 1km long for visitors to walk. In addition, you can hang a hammock to relax in the casuarina forest.
  2. Cai Chien 1 & 2 Beach – The main beach on the island
    In addition to the largest Dau Rong beach, Cai Chien beach is the main beach available on the island. You can comfortably immerse yourself in the cool sea, have fun with friends and relatives. At the beach has a full range of necessary services such as accommodation, dining and entertainment for you.
  3. Van Ca Beach – Attractive wild beauty
    Located about 3km from Cai Chien 2 Island. This Van Ca beach is still unspoiled, especially beautiful gravel. There is no service here because few people bathe. If you go, you have to rent a car.
  4. Phung Bau Beach – The beach in the center of Cai Chien Island
    Located in Vung Bau hamlet, Dau Rong village, Phung Bau beach is also very beautiful 500m long. You can also visit and swim at this beach.

Khe Dau Lake – Freshwater Lake on Cai Chien Island

The Khe Dau Lake is the largest freshwater reservoir of Cai Chien with an overall area of 18 hectares. Here you will be delighted with the scenery that unfolds before your eyes. The pristine mountain forest under the blue sky is also the combination of the golden light reflecting water. Guests will relax in harmony with nature.

Thoi Xanh Island

This is another island in Cai Chien commune. Thoi Xanh Island has many white sand beaches located about 3km from Cai Chien Island. If you want to get to the island, tourists have to hire a boat to the island for about 500,000 VND / trip. This island is uninhabited. You can camp here but be careful with your preparations as there will really be nothing.

In addition, standing from here you can see Co To, Nui Sau (Van Don), Hon Tru and Hon Vinh Thuc. Besides, this is also an important place in the security and defense of islands.

The Container Houses

The Container Houses was formerly a motel area, then stopped working. Currently vacant and becomes a virtual living place for young people. With vibrant colors on the bare ground. This is an interesting place for anyone who likes to explore.

Squid fishing at night

According to Cai Chien tourism experience, squid fishing at night is a very interesting experience on the island. You can rent a boat for 500k the first hour to fish for squid. Simple tools include wire length 3-4m, fishing rod, beam hook and bait. Depending on your luck, you may be able to catch more or less.

Camp fire, tent sleep, BBQ grill

With friends traveling on Cai Chien Island, they really like this activity with their friends. Can bring tents to set up, camp. Firewood can be purchased from the local people at a price of 200,000 VND / bundle. Preparing the ingredients for a BBQ with pork, chicken, fruit and seafood can all be purchased on the island. In addition, renting a speaker to organize singing and activities in the night is nothing better.

Other activities on Cai Chien Island

On Cai Chien Island you can rent a bicycle or motorbike to go around. Immerse yourself in the natural scenery, watch sunset and sunrise on the island. Alternatively, you can try kayaking. The motel will have rental service with the first hour’s price of 140,000 VND, the second hour 70,000 VND. If you are camping on Thoi Xanh island, you should bring food with you. Because on the island there is nothing for you to buy.


Above is top 10+ Best tips you must know when traveling to Cai Chien island. do hope you would have the best trip and do not forget to share some nice pics with me at the comment area. Thanks for reading!

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