Cao Linh pagoda

Cao Linh Pagoda Hai Phong

Cao Linh Pagoda Hai Phong – A temple with a mixed architecture between Eastern traditions and Western modernity. This architecture has made Cao Linh pagoda both majestic and different from other temples. This is also a spiritual destination that attracts the most tourists in Hai Phong.

Address: Bac Ha village, Bac Son commune, An Duong district, Hai Phong

Transportation: Located 12km from city center so the best way to come to Cao Linh Pagoda is taking a taxi.
Entrance fee: free

History of Cao Linh Pagoda

Cao Linh Pagoda with an area of over 49,000m2 was built in an unknown year. But the stone stele of the pagoda records the date of restoration in Hau Le period, about more than 300 years ago.

During the turbulent wars, the pagoda became increasingly degraded.

Until 2001, the local government rebuilt the pagoda, turned from West direction to South with the current architecture.


With unique and modern architecture according to Eastern traditional culture, Cao Linh Pagoda has a beautiful and majestic beauty which is different from those of pagodas in Hai Phong City.

Inside Architecture

The main hall’s design is the traditional architectural style of Vietnamese Buddhism. It has shape like Dinh (Chinese character -丁), including 3 front halls and 1 harem. Curved roof, dragon head and stylized lotus are main decoration.

Inside the main hall is decorated with Parallel sentences and traditional Vietnamese door. The harem of the temple worships the Buddha Shakyamuni. The two sides worship Su Loi Bodhisattva and Pho Hien Bodhisattva.

Discover Cao Linh pagoda campus

Cao Linh Pagoda Gate has a height of more than 14m, with 5 gates representing the five 5 basic virtues for goodness of Buddha’s disciples are Faith, Diligence, Mindfulness, Meditation and Wisdom.

The foot of the gate houses stone statues of 6 mascots that means to protect the temple.

From the gate is Binh Phong – a standing picture has 6 articles (written in ancient scripts), which is the direction, the way of practice and propagation of Cao Linh Pagoda. In the first thing reminded, the pagoda was built up for all Buddhists, not for anyone. Binh Phong is in front of the statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, to remind visitors from the cross to the temple to open compassion and charity.

The two sides are two small Binh Phong paintings. One side deals the poem of Huê Lang talking about wisdom. On the other side, the verse of Than Tu talks about the means of saving sentient beings.

The two sides of the temple yard in front of the main hall erected two rows of Amitabha Buddha statues, cast by concrete and reinforced steel. Each side 7 statues, is the symbol for 7 elements of enlightenment of Buddhism (Seven Bodhisattva Buddha).

Outside the main hall, on top of the highest roof is the image of the wheel of dharma symbolizing reincarnation.

In addition, the temple also has stupas placed the remains of the abbot of Cao Linh pagoda, a bronze bell of 3.2 tons.

However, what makes Buddhists feel the calm and gentle in their mind is the garden where Shakyamuni Buddha preached to his disciples. The center is a fountain, next to the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha who teaches the dharma and his disciples listens with the solemn. This is a scene of revered admiration that helps to forget anxiety and sadness.

Two rows of waiting houses, resting place of tourists before coming to worship Buddha, designing and constructing imitate Hue Imperial architecture with stylized dragon pattern.

On the side of the temple wall are rows of stone towers and Buddha statues, which are arranged solemnly. This is where some typical Buddhist families send their spiritual offerings to the Buddha.

Activities of Cao Linh Pagoda?

Cao Linh Pagoda is famously sacred, visitors can choose the 1st or 15th day of the lunar calendar to go to the pagoda. You can burn incense sticks and pray for peace, health, wellbeing for yourself and your family.

Some people often go to Cao Linh Pagoda on Vu Lan holiday with the desire to wish their parents health. This is also a filial heart to repay the nurture of the parents – a good tradition of Vietnamese.

In particular, this place is also famous for lucky prayer festival of the Tet Holiday. During this time, many tourists come to visit and look forward to a smooth sailing year.

Cao Linh pagoda is also venue for cultural festivals for the masses and Buddhist retreats. The retreats held at Cao Linh pagoda last for one day (on weekends) or several days (on summer holidays). It targets young people. Coming to the training course, in addition to the rules of conduct, knowledge of Buddhism, Buddhists also participate in folk games, group activities and practice life skills. The retreat is completely free.

Besides, there are countless meaningful activities such as trips to Vietnam’s central provinces which has natural disasters. As well as giving Tet gifts to disadvantaged children, praying for soldiers who died in the wars.

What to wear when visit the pagoda?

Another point to note when coming to the pagoda is the costume. When visiting other attractions, visitors can freely choose their favorite costumes. However, the pagoda is a sacred place, so it is necessary to choose appropriate costumes. Here are some examples:

  • Choose courteous colors
  • Wear a collared shirt
  • Do not wear short or short skirts
  • Do not wear net socks

Cao Linh Pagoda is a place worth visiting because it is not only a beautiful sight-seeing but also a sacred place, bringing a peaceful feeling to everyone

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