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Cat Ba to Halong bay: 2 Best ways to go without hassle for tourists

From Cat Ba to Halong bay, there are 2 main ways to go: Take ferry to Tuan Chau ferry station or transit in Haiphong. How it works? Let’s check out this post with Hai Phong Tours.

1. Cat Ba to Halong bay by ferry to Tuan Chau, Halong

From Cat Ba, you may need to go to Gia Luan ferry station (45 minutes by car). If you would need a car ride, please reach Hai Phong Tours via Whatsapp/Zalo +84975200357. And from Gia Luan, get on ferry to Tuan Chau ferry station. It takes about 1 hour.

Time table Cat Ba Tuan Chau ferry
Time table Cat Ba Tuan Chau ferry

If you do day tour to Halong, then from Tuan Chau ferry station, just go on foot to day boat terminal with apx 3 minutes walk.

Please consider this Halong bay day tour:

Halong bay day tour

2. Cat Ba to Halong bay by transit in Haiphong

From Cat Ba, there are 3 ways to to go Haiphong:

  1. Speedboat from Cat Ba speedboat station to Ben Binh
  2. Go to Cai Vieng ferry station for ferry to Got station
  3. Go to Phu Long cable car station to Cat Hai station

The speedboat station is located right in center of Cat Ba town.

To buy ticket, it’s easy to have hotel reception booked it with price of 250,000VND/person/way.

If you plan to go by ferry, go to Cai Vieng ferry station to buy ticket to Ben Got right at counter that costs 12,000VND/person/way.

If you prefer cable car, go to Phu Long cable car station and get to Cat Hai station.

To book car transfer to Cai Vieng or Phu Long, please reach Hai Phong Tours via Whatsapp +84975200357 or sales@haiphongtours.com.

On arrival in Ben Got or Cat Hai station, you will need a car ride to Hai Phong center. And please also reach Hai Phong Tours for transfer service!

Then from Hai Phong to Halong, please visit our home page to see all available tours to Halong bay. One booked, Hai Phong Tours will pick you up and drive directly to Halong.

Final thougts: Cat Ba to Halong bay

Cat Ba is perfect for those love nature. You should spend at least 1 night here. And Hai Phong Tours covers all transfer services from/to this island. Please contact us for any further information!

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