Cat Hai fish sauce village Hai Phong

Cat Hai fish sauce village Hai Phong

Cat Hai fish sauce village Hai Phong: Long ago, there was a saying passed down from generation to generation: “Dưa La, húng Láng, nem Báng, tương Bần, nước mắm Vạn Vân, cá rô Đầm Sét.” Among them, the famous “nước mắm Vạn Vân” throughout the former Indochina region is none other than today’s Cat Hai fish sauce.

The craft village of Cat Hai fish sauce has been around for centuries, renowned for its rich, salty taste of the sea. A special feature of this area is the well water, sweeter than rainwater, which can be drunk directly. Villagers use this water mixed with salt and fish to create fragrant and strong fish sauce. The fish are sorted, then mixed with preliminary salt, and fermented. The fermentation process takes about a year until the fish are fully “ripe.” When the fish start releasing the essence, the artisans must know how to separate it for cooking and processing. This is the secret and technique of the Cat Hai fish sauce artisans.

Cat Hai fish sauce is an indispensable ingredient in the daily meals of every household in the island district. At the same time, it is also a popular souvenir for many tourists when visiting Cat Ba.

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