Caves in Halong bay

Caves in Halong bay: 15 best cave tourist must see (Including Lan Ha + Bai Tu Long)

The caves in Halong Bay come in various sizes and offer a diverse range of limestone formations. Which is the most beautiful cave in Halong Bay? What are some of the beautiful caves in Halong Bay? Let’s read this article by Hai Phong Tours.

Caves in Halong bay

  1. Sung Sot Cave (Surprise Cave): This is the largest and most famous cave in Halong Bay. It features three chambers with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The cave’s name “Surprise” comes from the surprising shapes that the rock formations take on, creating an otherworldly experience. This is one of the best caves in Halong bay.
  2. Thien Cung Cave (Heavenly Palace Cave): Situated on Dau Go Island, Thien Cung Cave is renowned for its colorful stalactites and unique shapes. The cave is divided into multiple chambers, each with its own natural wonders. Illuminated with artificial lights, the cave creates a magical ambiance. This is the second best of caves in Halong bay.
  3. Dau Go Cave (Wooden Stakes Cave): Located on Dau Go Island, Dau Go Cave is famous for its historical significance and impressive stalactites. Legend has it that during the 13th century, General Tran Hung Dao stored wooden stakes here to prepare for a battle against Mongol invaders. This is the third best of caves in Halong bay.
  4. Hang Luon Cave: Located on the border of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, this cave is famous for its serene beauty. Visitors can paddle through the cave’s peaceful waters surrounded by lush greenery and towering cliffs.
  5. Hang Trong Cave (Drum Cave): Known for its distinctive shape resembling a drum, Hang Trong Cave is a smaller cave but still offers a remarkable experience. Its unique formations and tranquil atmosphere make it worth exploring.
  6. Hang Hanh Cave (Dry Cave): As the name suggests, Hang Hanh Cave is a dry cave and doesn’t have any water flowing through it. It’s famous for its ancient stalactites and stalagmites, which have formed fascinating patterns over time.
  7. Hang Ca Cave: This cave is known for its stunning stalactites and stalagmites, which create a mesmerizing underground landscape. It’s a popular spot for cave exploration and photography.
  8. Dark and Bright Cave (Hang Sang Toi): Located on a remote island, this cave offers a unique experience. Visitors can explore the cave by kayak or boat, passing through a narrow entrance and entering a world of emerald waters and striking rock formations.
  9. Hang Ba Ham Cave: Situated in the middle of Lan Ha Bay, this cave complex consists of three interconnected chambers. The caves are known for their rich biodiversity and ancient stalactites, providing a fascinating experience for nature enthusiasts.
  10. Hang Doi Cave: Nestled amidst karst cliffs, Hang Doi Cave is characterized by its high ceiling and impressive rock formations. The cave is accessible by kayak or boat and offers an opportunity to witness the geological wonders of the bay.
  11. Thien Canh Son Cave: Situated on Cong Do Island, Thien Canh Son Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Bai Tu Long Bay. The cave is adorned with stalactites and stalagmites in various shapes, creating a captivating and otherworldly atmosphere.
  12. Ba Mun Island Caves: Ba Mun Island is part of Bai Tu Long National Park and is home to several caves waiting to be explored. These caves offer a sense of adventure as visitors can venture through narrow passages and discover hidden chambers filled with stunning rock formations.
  13. Tien Ong Cave: Tien Ong Cave is a fascinating cave located on Quan Lan Island in Bai Tu Long Bay. It is known for its impressive stalactites and stalagmites, which have formed unique shapes resembling human figures and animals.
  14. Van Don Island Caves: Van Don Island, known for its rich history and natural beauty, is home to several caves worth exploring. These caves often feature intricate rock formations and offer a glimpse into the geological wonders of the area.
  15. Cong Tay Cave: Located on Cong Tay Island, Cong Tay Cave is a hidden gem in Bai Tu Long Bay. It offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere for visitors to admire the beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites within.

How to get to those caves in Halong bay

How to reach the above caves in Halong bay? 

Sung sot cave in Halong
Sung sot cave in Halong

To get to #1 Sung Sot cave + #4 Hang Luon, you may join in:

Halong bay day tour

or over night cruise tours such as:

Oriental Sails 2 day 1 night

Starlight Cruise 2 day 1 night

This is the best cave. But Hai Phong Tours recommends  you to go in weekdays if possible to avoid the crowds.

To get to #2 Thien Cung + #3 Dao Go cave, Hai Phong Tours will arrange private short tour. Because it’s only around 30 mins cruise from the Tuan Chau port. This’s more suitable for tourists that have short time of travel.

Thien Cung cave in Halong
Thien Cung cave in Halong

To get to #8 Dark and Bright Cave, please look for overnight cruise tour to Lan Ha such as:

Calypso Cruise 2 day 1 night

Rest all, they are not common caves in Halong bay so just few cruises go there.

To get to #11 Thien Canh Son Cave, please look for overnight cruise tour to Bai Tu Long such as:

Renea Cruise 2 day to Bai Tu Long

Rest all of other caves in Halong, they are not common!

Final thoughts of caves in Halong bay

Above are the 15 best caves in Halong bay that include Lan Ha and Bai Tu Long bay areas. If you prefer the best, the larges cave, please visit Sung Sot cave, then Thien Cung, then Dau Go. All others are smaller one. Happy travel and if you need any further support, please reach Phuong – Hai Phong Tours via Whatsapp +84975200357.

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