Tuyến đường xuyên đảo Cát Bà

Coastal unique road through Cat Ba island: Spectacular breakthrough, Northern tourism highlight 2022

Coastal unique road through Cat Ba island is gradually becoming a highlight of this lovely island. Northern Vietnam is emerging as a coastal tourist destination that makes nature lovers restless. Let’s explore with Hai Phong Tours to discover why is it so famous!

Location of Coastal unique road through Cat Ba island

The Coastal unique road through Cat Ba island has just been upgraded and expanded from the route 356 Cat Hai – Cat Ba. This route is surrounded by mountains on one side and the sea on the other, making those traveling on this route restless because of its wild and pure beauty.

This road runs along from Cai Vieng ferry to the center of Cat Ba town, Hai Phong.

What to see along Coastal unique road through Cat Ba island?

The route across Cat Ba Island is about 20 km long and is covered with glossy black asphalt. The maximum allowed speed for cars is sometimes up to 90km/h. But for motorbikes, the maximum speed is only 70km/h for some roads.

Turns, uphill, downhill are often limited to a speed of 50km/h to ensure safety. Therefore, even if you have a good car, you should be gentle on the throttle! There is almost no traffic police on the island. But for everyone’s safety, you should follow the rules.

The road surface across Cat Ba island is 12 meters wide. Sidewalks on each side are 3 meters wide. The two sides of the road are designed with a solid concrete barrier, very prominent red and white reflective paint. Furthermore, the rigid barriers are designed as flower pots and bougainvillea are planted right in them. The number of such flower pots is up to thousands of pots. Along the way, bougainvillea flowers bloom all year round. This is also the Cat Ba flower road project that has been cherished for many years to come true.

Rào chắn bê tông dọc đường xuyên đảo Cát Bà
Concrete barriers along the way through Cat Ba island

Along the route across the island, you will see 3 hills of hope (also known as gazebo). All 3 have extremely attractive “sea view”. Stopping the car here and sightseeing can not be more wonderful. Each gazebo has a width of more than 147 m2, a height of over 11 m, an octagonal design of ironwood.

Vọng Lâu Cát Bà
Sightseeing stop on Coastal unique road through Cat Ba island
Vọng lâu làm bằng gỗ Lim ở Cát Bà
Sightseeing stop made of ironwood on Coastal unique road through Cat Ba island

One thing that haiphongtours.com team is still wondering is that there is no parking area for cars and motorbikes if you want to stop at the gazebo to admire the scenery. Along the route across Cat Ba island, cars and motorbikes are not allowed to stop…

If you ride a motorbike, you can still drive straight there, stopping to admire the scenery. But imagine if there are a few dozen people stopping their motorbikes and enjoying the scenery there. 🙁 Hopefully, after the planning is completed, there will be a separate area for parking and the gazebo is only accessible to people. , there are no vehicles to stop!

How to get to Coastal unique road through Cat Ba island?

To get to the route across Cat Ba island, you will have 2 main ways to go:

  • Go by motorbike by yourself
  • Rent a car from Hai Phong to Cat Ba

If you go by motorbike. Please refer to Go to Cat Ba island by motorbike: Travel experience

If you rent a car from Hai Phong to Cat Ba, please add Whatsapp/Zalo +84975200357 to book a car from Hai Phong to Cat Ba.

Price of a private car from Hai Phong to Cat Ba:

  • 4 seats: 1,550,000VND one way including ferry ticket
  • 7 seats: 1,700,000VND one way including ferry ticket

Maybe this article will help you get more useful information: Top 5 Best ways to Transfer Haiphong to Cat Ba

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