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Coffee shop combined with cooking class in Hoi An… Why not?

There are dozens of the beautiful cafe cooking class in Hoi An, which not only win tourists’ attention as the must to do, but it also provides the great insight into the local culture and cuisine. Together with the delicious recipes, you can expect to taste the good food and sweet memories that last a lifetime. So if you’re questioning where to sign up, take the following list of places into consideration.

Coffee Shops with Cooking Class in Hoi An

Hai Cafe is a sister restaurant of Red Bridge Cooking School in Hoi An. While Red Bridge Cooking School has long been an established name, its sister restaurant as “Hai Cafe Courtyard BBQ & Restaurant” offers the night cooking class for the introductory level, right in the center of the Old Town. The coffee shop looks attractive in a heritage building featured with a pretty courtyard. Participants will pay around USD$20 for the evening cooking class. Then, they can enjoy their cooked food for dinner.

Oftentimes, the host in Hai Cafe Cooking Class receives many good comments about their friendly and professional ways in explaining about the food to cook. The highlights of this class are that you will learn how to make Hoi An iconic dishes namely the fried spring rolls, the fish grilled in banana leaves, beef salad, etc. Often, the class will last around 1 hour and 15 minutes, which is followed by dinner. The maximum class size includes 10 participants.

Here is how the evening cooking class time might get started. First of all, you will receive a recipe for what to cook. The chef will provide an introduction to the local ingredients, walk you through the preparation, and interpret some Hoi An cooking styles. After the chef’s demonstrations, it is your turn to process the ingredients and make them a delicious meal. Interestingly, two special desserts will be offered at the end of the mealtime: “White Rose” (shrimp and pork packed in steamed rice cake) and Fried Wanton (steamed wheat flour filled with shrimp and pork to be deep-fried in hot oil). In cases of vegetarians, they will be served with alternative ingredients.

Address: 111 Tran Phu Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An

Hai Cafe Cooking Class in Hoi AnHai Cafe Cooking Class in Hoi An

Famous Cooking Classes in Hoi An

Most of the cooking classes in Hoi An take place at the well-known restaurants, the herb villages, and even the local houses, but in just a few coffee shops. Often, foodies choose to combine the cooking class with the bike tours, the visit to the herb village, the market exploration, and even the boat trip. In that sense, get to know the names of Thuan Tinh Island Cooking Class, Hoi An Eco Cooking Class, Tra Que Herb Village, Morning Glory Cooking School, Red Bridge Restaurant & Cooking School, and Secret Garden Hoi An. Each of these famous cooking recommendations can ensure you with the pleasant culinary experience, so do a simple Google search for any of them, and then book your session.

Another good but less-known option is Green Bamboo Cooking School & Café with the cozy cooking atmosphere for you to learn how to cook the Hoi An dishes. The female chef is so friendly and easygoing that makes “students” homelike and energetic to practice. As usual, people will visit the nearby markets for a glimpse of the local ingredients and buy the fresh ones. Then, come back to the house for the hands-on practices. Tourists who are going with kids and couples also love the cooking time in this address. The reference class fee is around USD$45 per person. The standard menu includes pomelo salad with shrimp, green mango salad, banana blossom salad, fried spring roll, chicken salad, papaya salad, and more. Its address is 21 Truong Minh Hung Street, Cam An Ward, Hoi An.

It’s obvious that Hoi An Old Town is praiseworthy itself as the best tourist city in the world 2019, and the fantastic addresses serving cooking classes have become the unique identities of the town. What could be greater than learning how to cook a local food right in its cradle? In that sense, go ahead to the address that you feel interested in, practice cooking via the hands-on experiences, and evaluate the results. The important thing is that you know how to cook, and then be comfortable to re-create the food when you’re back home.

Green Bamboo Cooking Class in Hoi AnGreen Bamboo Cooking Class in Hoi An

Cooking Class – Tips before you book this must-have experience

Consider the following factors before you make an actual booking:

  • How many hours do you have for the class?
  • Do you prefer a full day/half day or just 1-2 hours?
  • Do you want the class in a natural, countryside setting or the town center?
  • What food do you want to cook? Check out the menu in advance by the direct contact with the class organizers, via email or any other channels. Knowing what to cook can benefit you, as, after cooking, you will enjoy the food.
  • Do you want to include a market visit, herb village, or a boat trip in the program?

You might want to summarize your expectations for the cooking tours in Hoi An in order to sort out those of the best options, and then finalize the choice. After the hands-on experiences, you might be surprised at the tasty efforts, take cool pictures, and smile. Especially, make sure you enjoy the fresh herbs in Hoi An. So, in the moments you sit to listen to the local chef’s demonstrations of how to cook, be confident to horn your fusion and gastronomy. Perhaps, you might even surprise your teacher at how beautiful the food is on completion, and how aromatic and delectable it is.

All in all, find your ways to Hai Cafe Courtyard BBQ & Restaurant and Green Bamboo Cooking School & Café if you just enjoy the coffee shop and local house atmospheres for cooking. Otherwise, if you like the school concept or the rural herb village, think of the recommendations of Thuan Tinh Island, Tra Que Herb Village, Morning Glory, or Red Bridge Cooking School. Be a cook in Hoi An!

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