3 Latest conditions to travel Halong bay overnight onboard 2021

3 Latest conditions to travel Halong bay overnight onboard 2021

The following conditions to travel Halong bay overnight onboard are definitely extremely important information for those who love to travel. The control of the Covid epidemic is still very strictly. Therefore, localities as well as Halong and Quang Ninh are doing very carefully the management of people coming in and out.

Halong has been a green zone and is open to foreign tourists since November 1, 2021. Let Hai Phong Tours share the 3 Latest conditions to travel Halong bay overnight onboard 2021.

Pursuant to Resolution 128/NQ-CP (click here for details of the original file)

conditions to travel Halong
conditions to travel Halong

1. General conditions

  • Tourists come from Green, Yellow Areas and haven’t been in Red, Orange areas since these zones started over the last 14 days.
  • Tourists are required to furnish health and move declaration within 14 days prior to traveling departure with Hai Phong Tours.

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2. Vaccination Covid 19

Have 2 or more vaccines

If the traveler has had 2 or more injections, the 2nd dose is 14 days or more and no more than 12 months from the departure date will NOT NEED TEST.

Have 1 vaccine

In case the tourist has had 1 injection, then Need a quick test to suffice Eligibility to travel to Halong overnight on a yacht. Validity time of test paper by rapid test method is 48 hours from the time of sampling.

Not vaccinated against Covid 19

If tourists have not been vaccinated against Covid 19, to be eligible to travel to Halong overnight on a cruise ship, you need to do a PCR test. Validity within 72 hours from the date of receipt of results.

3. Oversea tourist

Oversea tourists who have a valid Vietnam temporary residence card or Visa issued by Vietnam Immigration Department – Ministry or Publick Security, are required to have one of the following documents:

  • Certificate of temporary residence registration stamped by local police.
  • Proof of stay with the stamp of hotel where staying.
  • Certificate of residence and working unit stamped by the business where working.

Final thoughts: conditions to travel Halong bay

Hai Phong Tours recommends that you take the Test in the area where you live.

Although Halong has opened to allow foreign tourists to visit. However, the management of documents and procedures is still very strict. Currently, 5-star shipping lines have also opened their doors ready to receive guests. To experience outstanding service at an unbeatable price, contact Hai Phong Tours immediately to receive a preferential price. Zalo/Whatsapp: +84975200357 or email [email protected] | [email protected].

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