How to connect Free Wifi at Cat Bi airport Haiphong

How to connect Free Wifi at Cat Bi airport Haiphong

Free Wifi at Cat Bi airport Haiphong provides many conveniences for passengers. When at the airport, having an internet connection will help passengers to do online check-in procedures, online medical declaration or take pictures to check in and post Facebook … But the wifi security system at Cat Bi airport is not similar to people’s house or an cafe. You must perform the correct operation to connect. Hai Phong Tours would like to tell you how to connect Free Wifi at Cat Bi airport Haiphong right now!

1. Conditions to connect Free Wifi at Cat Bi airport Haiphong

The condition to connect Free Wifi at Cat Bi airport Haiphong is … to be present at Cat Bi airport. You can’t get connected somewhere else. Wifi waves can only cover a maximum of about 50 meters only. Ideally, you should stay in the lobby or right exit gate A1, A2 or 2 outside fast food shops.

Next, your phone must be on Wifi. If in airplane mode or wifi off, turn it on. Ok. Now let’s get started!

2. Connect Free Wifi

Step 1: Go to the phone’s Settings, open Wifi and wait a few seconds. You will see that there are 2 available wifi networks: @CatBi Free Wifi and #MegaNet FreeWifi. You can choose one of them. But I see the signal and speed of #MegaNet FreeWifi is the strongest so I choose it.

Step 2: Now is the most important step. This is a security step. You need to click on the button “KẾT NỐI WIFI” below. Some places also ask to enter anti-spam Captcha code. But at Cat Bi airport, Hai Phong, they don’t need it. (Hai Phong is safe … a hi hi)

Step 3: Click the “check” button in the upper right-hand corner. It is done. You have successfully connected to free Wifi Cat Bi Hai Phong airport.


I’ve just instructed to connect Free Wifi at Cat Bi airport Haiphong. If you can’t do it, please leave a comment below and specify what error. I will provide immediate support.

Note: Do not use public wifi to pay online, enter credit card information. You will be at risk of your account information leaked.

P.S.: I have a car to transfer from/to Cat Bi airport elsewhere. If you do need, please Zalo or Whatsapp me: +84975200357! Thanks

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