Da Chong Mountain

Da Chong Mountain, a unique natural wonder in Quang Ninh

Located in Bang Ca commune, Hoanh Bo district, Da Chong Mountain has a unique shape with dozens of stacked rock slabs that cling to each other at a height of hundreds of meters. Some contact points between two rock slabs are only about one square meter wide.

Da Chong Mountain is associated with many legends and place names such as Khe Mung, Khe Lieu, Phuong Hoang Mountain, and it is also a sacred mountain of the Dao Thanh Y people. In ancient times, a celestial general led his army through this region but could not find any drinking water after traveling a very long distance. It was not until he arrived in the area of Da Chong Mountain that he discovered a clear water stream.

The general was overjoyed and ordered the troops to stop, but the water source was too small and too far away from the army. He used his hands to dig a wider stream bed for his soldiers to have enough water to drink. While he was working, the water rose and soaked his clothes. He took off his armor and found a place to dry it. He used a pole to hang it over the two peaks of Dai and Da Chong rocks.

Da Chong Quang Ninh
Da Chong Quang Ninh

However, since the peak of Da Chong rock was lower than the peak of Dai rock, he picked up some rocks to place on the top of the mountain to balance it out before hanging his armor. The water stream was then named Khe Mung, and the mountain where he hung his armor was called Da Chong Mountain.

To admire the panoramic view of Da Chong Mountain, visitors can travel to Bang Ca commune and take a boat across the lake, then stop at Khe Mung and hike to the mountain peak. For those who enjoy adventure and conquering heights, they can overcome the Lion rock range to reach the summit of Chong Mountain.

This place is also known for its sea of clouds that often appear along the mountain range, embracing the entire forest canopy that covers Yen Lap Lake. Located at an altitude of over 400m above sea level, the unique beauty of Da Chong Mountain has become an attractive destination.

To explore Da Chong Mountain, visitors should bring full life jackets and rafts, prepare food and drinks, and especially have a local guide to show the way. It is absolutely not recommended to climb on the top of any rocky outcrop, as it is very dangerous for any visitor.

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