Dai Lai one day travel experience

Dai Lai one day travel experience: 7 Important things tourist Must read

Dai Lai is located in Phuc Yen town, Vinh Phuc province, about 50km from Hanoi. This is also considered an interesting weekend resort destination. Visitors will be able to come to the central hills, immense green trees, enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere to dispel fatigue and stress in life.

And it can be seen that Hoa’s husband is quite psychological when he spends Sundays and weekends to give to his wife. He sacrificed a lot, suffered a lot in taking care of his children, taking care of the house. Gentlemen, March 8 is very close, why not give your other half a real vacation. Dai Lai is the right place for those who do not have much time and can only go during the day.

This article, Hai Phong Tours share with you Dai Lai one day travel experience: 7 Important things tourist Must read!

The best time to go to Dai Lai one day

When should I go to Dai Lai? The right time to stay in Dai Lai is from April to September. This is also the time when tourists choose Dai Lai to dispel the hot, muggy and cramped city. In the summer, Dai Lai Lake is like a “giant air conditioner”, the space here is always spacious, cool and fresh, very suitable for weekend relaxation, especially for families. family with small children.

So, if those who are worried that their children are too young, let them go out and play away from the hot sun for fear that their children will get sick and cry, they can take them with their parents.

Notes when traveling to Dai Lai

Dai Lai travel experience 2021, you need to know the following necessary notes to have the most fun, meaningful and complete trip.

  • Before deciding to eat or use any service at Dai Lai Lake, you need to ask the price first to avoid falling into the “dilemma”. The reason is that the service around Dai Lai lake is quite expensive.
  • Because the distance from Hanoi to Dai Lai is only 50km, many people choose to ride a motorbike. But you should remember to wear a helmet, equip a rearview mirror, carry all important documents and obey traffic laws on the way.
  • If riding ducks on the lake, always ensure safety rules. Please check the rescue tools such as buoys, life jackets … before getting on the boat.
  • Do not arbitrarily swim in the lake no matter how good you are.
  • Should go in large groups, everyone should keep an eye on each other a little; avoid unexpected situations.

Means of transportation when going to Dai Lai

There are two ways for you to move to Dai Lai, which are:

1. Personal vehicles (cars, motorbikes)

The road to Dai Lai is quite easy, so you can move in the direction of Thang Long – Noi Bai, go through Thang Long toll station, then turn left to Highway 2, go straight to Binh Xuyen Industrial Park (about 16km), then turn right Follow Provincial Road 310B to Ba Thien Industrial Park, then go straight to the end of the road, turn right into Dai Lai Lake.

Experience going to Dai Lai Lake, you should note: Because motorbikes are not allowed to cross Thang Long Bridge (from Pham Van Dong to Noi Bai), you have to turn right in the direction for motorbikes right in the

2. Public transport (bus, coach)

To get to Dai Lai, there is no direct bus or coach. So, you move through quite a few stages as follows:

From Hanoi, you take a bus from My Dinh bus station to Vinh Phuc, Viet Tri and then get off at Phuc Yen.

From Phuc Yen to Dai Lai Lake about 16-17km, you can take a taxi or take a hug to the lake. In addition, you can take bus VP08 (Vinh Tuong – Phuc Yen) to Dai Lai, the bus stop will be about 3km from Dai Lai Lake. From here, you can take a taxi or motorbike taxi to Dai Lai Lake.

In general, if you are traveling with your family, or in pairs, you should choose to rent a car or ride a motorbike to save time and be more active in moving.

Where to stay when traveling to Dai Lai / Hotels, motels in Dai Lai

Where to stay when traveling to Dai Lai? If you go out for the day, then you don’t need to go to accommodation services. However, if during the trip there are members who are tired and need to rest, especially children, it is not superfluous to know the list of motels in Dai Lai.

On the way to Dai Lai Lake, you will see that there are many motels, but you should not choose the motels outside, at the beginning of the road because the accommodation service of these motels is not good.

So let’s dig a little deeper. Starting from the 1-star Me Linh hotel, there are motels and hotels you can choose from, a few addresses such as the Government’s key guest house or the Writers’ Association guesthouse.

If you want to find a high-quality hotel to rest and relax, you can choose Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. This place is rated as a high-class hotel, with top service and food quality. However, you should know that the cost in this place is quite high. But in return, if you go with your family and small children, the resort is an ideal place for relaxation as well as a very interesting play space for children.

Or choose Paradise Dai Lai Resort – Dai Lai Lake, Ngoc Thanh Commune, Phuc Yen Town, Vinh Phuc Province. Prices range from $55.

Family Transit Hotel – Dien Xa Cultural House – Quang Tien, Noi Bai Airport. At around $14.

What to do when coming to Dai Lai / Sightseeing and having fun in Dai Lai

The first thing you have to enjoy in Dai Lai is to enjoy a real holiday in a place with beautiful space and charming scenery. The weather is cool and fresh. That alone is enough for you to have a relaxing weekend, dispel fatigue, stress and pressure from life.

Services at Dai Lai Lake:

  • Swimming pool: let you enjoy yourself in the cool water.
  • Pedaling ducks: together glide gently on the calm water, admire the charming scenery of the sky and clouds.
  • Hire the boat to visit the islands around Dai Lai Lake.
  • Cycling around the lake, looking at the scenery, taking pictures.
  • Visit the composer Dai Lai, which is an attractive place for artists to come here to attend the creative camp.

What to eat in Dai Lai / Enjoy delicious food in Dai Lai

What to eat when traveling to Dai Lai? During a vacation trip, there is no shortage of food. Food in Dai Lai is considered to be not too expensive. However, to save money and ensure food safety, you can bring food at home.

The dishes that are suitable for picnics and day trips are rice rolls, grilled meat, cakes, dry foods…

The delicacies in Dai Lai are: Dishes made from buffalo meat. If you want to buy dried buffalo meat, you can buy it at the Xuan mixed buffalo meat store.

If you stay in Dai Lai overnight, you can choose some hill chicken shops on the lakeside, but the price in Dai Lai is quite expensive. If you don’t mind going far, you can go back to Xuan Hoa town to enjoy the famous buffalo meat (about 3-4km from Dai Lai). Some delicious buffalo meat shops: Gio Dong, Dam Phuong, Phi Xuyen (in which Phi Xuyen buffalo meat is commented by many people as delicious, nutritious and cheap).

Dai Lai one day travel schedule

There are 3 options for you about self-sufficient Dai Lai tour. That is:

– If you like eco-tourism and want to find a calm and peaceful place, you can choose Dai Lai – Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery.

– If you love to explore nature, you can choose the Dai Lai – Tam Dao route.

If you have a hobby of traveling and exploring, the intact ecosystem of Dai Lai Lake area with extremely rich flora and fauna will be an interesting choice.

Above is all the information you need to know to have a weekend getaway in Dai Lai. Your family should plan to have an outing in a place with fresh, cool air. Certainly, a week of studying, working hard, and jostling in the city has made family members suffocated.

Final thoughts: Dai Lai one day travel experience

Prepare and plan today, and don’t forget to save Dai Lai one day travel experience: 7 Important things tourist Must read during the day to keep good memories with family and friends. Couples with young children sometimes take a moment to warm up. There will be nothing more wonderful than having a day with the person you love, returning to the time of romantic dating. No housework, no children, just the two of us. 😉

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