dawn on Lan Ha bay

The dawn on Lan Ha bay in February and March: #1 Best Ambiguous charm

What’s dawn on Lan Ha Bay in February and March? That’s when Lan Ha put on a vaguely beautiful shirt!!! Lan Ha Bay is still a mystery to many domestic and international tourists. Let’s learn about the beauty of the bay in February and March with Hai Phong Tours!

Introducing Lan Ha Bay

Before learning about the dawn on Lan Ha Bay in February and March, I would like to briefly introduce the bay for you to imagine. Lan Ha Bay is located in the south of Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh. The bay is located on the east side of Cat Ba island in Hai Phong city. The area of ​​Lan Ha Bay is more than 7000 ha, of which 5,400 ha are under the management of Cat Ba National Park.

Just the name “Lan Ha” evokes the beauty of the bay. That beauty makes visitors hard to resist and provokes curiosity…, wanting to conquer.

Giới thiệu vịnh Lan Hạ
Introducing Lan Ha Bay

What will Lan Ha Bay look like in February and March?

What makes “dreamers” most interesting is watching the sunrise over Lan Ha Bay in February and March? Lan Ha Bay at this time is covered with a layer of fog in the early morning. Visibility is limited. In front of your eyes right now is a white mist covered with mist, like layers of gentle clouds. Along with the cold of spring raindrops, visitors will be immersed in that vague beauty.

The more you move, the more the sight of limestone mountains and boats appear before your eyes, making you think you are lost in a fairyland. It is not natural that Ha Long Bay is on the list of 7 natural wonders of the world!!!

Bãi tắm hoang sơ vịnh Lan hạ
Unspoiled beach in Lan Ha Bay

What to see on Lan Ha?

When you come to Lan Ha Bay, you can swim at the pristine beach (Ba Trai Dao …), watching the limestone mountains undulating on the bay. Somewhere, looming bamboo boats, cruise ships reaching out to sea. You will be able to paddle your own kayak to explore every nook and cranny of the bay. With a kayak, you can wander around the ancient fishing village, discover the unspoiled beauty that is over 100 years old with the fishermen living on it.

Đến Lan Hạ chơi những gì?
What to see on Lan Ha?

Final thought

It can be said that the beauty of Lan Ha Bay is still a mystery to many domestic and international tourists. Above, haiphongtours.com introduced to you the article Dawn on Lan Ha Bay in February, March. If you find it interesting or want to share more comments, please leave a comment below!!!

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