Đồng Châu Tiên Yên: Đình cổ cùng Hồ đẹp chụp ảnh sen đẹp số 1 huyện

Dong Chau Tien Yen: #1 Best Ancient communal house, beautiful lake

Dong Chau Tien Yen is considered the place with the number 1 beautiful lotus lake in the district and a long-standing ancient communal house. The lake is located in Dong Chau village (Tien Lang commune, Tien Yen district) with Dong Chau communal house located in a densely populated area. Let’s explore this lake with Hai Phong Tours!

Dong Chau Tien Yen Ancient Communal House

According to the book “Tien Yen Cultural Heritage” of the People’s Committee of Tien Yen district, published by Hanoi Ethnic Culture Publishing House in 2018, Dong Chau communal house was built in the 18th century. In the early days, the communal house was located on the bank of Tien Yen river, but due to floods and landslides, fear of damaging the works, people in the commune decided to move to the present location about 100m away from the old communal house.

Next to the communal house there is an old banyan tree, estimated to be hundreds of years old, with its foliage covering a large area of ​​land. The communal house was embellished around the 20th century, but it was also damaged. Up to now, there is only a temporary space called the harem with just enough space to burn incense.

Also according to the book “Tien Yen Cultural Heritage”, the village citadel was a general of the Mac dynasty, when the Mac was defeated by the Le, this general had to leave the Thang Long citadel and wander to Tien Yen, then stay and establish to Tien Lang commune today. Every year, on the occasion before and after the Lunar New Year, local people come here to burn incense to commemorate the general who publicly established this place.

Coming to Dong Chau in the spring from February to April, we can enjoy many dishes from the sea, at many restaurants in Tien Lang commune. Dong Chau has 200ha of mangrove forest, under the spreading forest canopy is a rich source of seafood in any season. From February to March is the season of squirrels and earthworms, April is the season for worms, followed by black tiger from August to April next year, and can be exploited almost all year round.

At present, Dong Chau daily has more than 200 people fishing in the intertidal zone, only the people in the village can exploit tens of tons/year.

From Decision 1902/QD-TTg dated October 15, 2010 of the Prime Minister approving the project on building a model of militia and self-defense force, Tien Yen district established a Steering Committee for the construction of a marine militia platoon. Tien Lang commune in 2011 and took the youth force in their commune as the core force, because they are familiar with all sea lanes.

The marine militia platoon is enthusiastically supported by the people, all working together to detect and prevent deforestation, or use electric circus to exploit in mangroves, helping to stabilize the fishing grounds here.

Đình cổ Đồng Châu Tiên Yên
Dong Chau Tien Yen Ancient Communal House

Dong Chau Tien Yen Lake

In the summer, if you come to Dong Chau, you can experience lotus in Dong Chau Lake. The lake has a width of about 25ha, about 10ha is covered with lotus. From June to August, lotus blooms on the lake’s surface, then the lake’s surface spreads a green color of lotus leaves, adorning with impressive lotus flowers.

On summer afternoons, groups of young people come to the lotus lake to experience. There, you can borrow or rent a boat from the locals to swim out in the middle of the lotus lake, enjoy the lotus scent and take pictures of yourself.

Hồ Đồng Châu Tiên Yên
Dong Chau Tien Yen Lake

The area near Dong Chau lake has many vestiges of the ancient Mac citadel. Previously, people also found a cellar to store bowls, plates, ceramic pots… Perhaps this was the logistics warehouse of the army at that time, so experts predicted that Dong Chau lake might be the base. navy of the Mac Dynasty at the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century. On the surface of the lake, there is a small island that grows many natural trees. If tourism is invested, this place is built with a water house, the landscape becomes more and more poetic.

Dong Chau is located in the center of Tien Lang commune, bordering Tien Yen town, although it has not been invested in tourism, many people still come to experience daily fresh seafood of mangroves and lotus ponds. summer afternoons.

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