Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong

Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong: Brandnew 5 star hotel

If you intend to travel to Halong but do not know which hotel to choose, book Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong right away. This is a new hotel, nice view, good service and central location in the Marine Halong area. Let’s check out more details with Hai Phong Tours.

Ideal location of Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong

Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong is located in an extremely ideal location on Halong Marine Avenue, near the intersection of major streets. This area is always busy and always brings a vibrant atmosphere day and night.
Moreover, with this prime location, the hotel also helps visitors to freely admire the beauty of the city at night with countless stars, blending with the lights of busy people.

From the hotel, you can easily find eateries or drop by Halong Marine Plaza – a large shopping mall nearby. If you want to explore the night market in Halong, choosing Phat Linh hotel is even more correct, because you only take a little time to move. In addition, when choosing to rent this hotel, you can easily catch a taxi, limousine to move when needed.

From the hotel, visitors can also take advantage of the time to visit many other interesting and attractive tourist attractions such as Sun World Ha Long Beach, Bai Chay, …

Room types in Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong

Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong is a 5-star hotel with 326 room with luxurious, classy rooms, worthy of quality. A total of 326 rooms here are divided into many different types of rooms such as Superior, Deluxe, Grand Deluxe Ocean View, …

Superior rooms

The Superior room has an area of 36m2. When resting here, visitors will be able to use the air-conditioning, free wifi, watch LCD TV … In addition, each Superior room also has its own tea-making kit to serve customers with preferences. tea or coffee.

Superior room Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong
Superior room Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong

Deluxe Room

Deluxe room brings luxury and elegance beauty. Each room has an area of 33m2, designed with an elegant color bed. Guests staying in a Deluxe room will be able to breathe comfortable air from modern air conditioning, use free wifi and also have a safety deposit box.

Deluxe room Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong
Deluxe room Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong

Deluxe Ocean Room

As the name suggests, this room has a beautiful sea view. If you have the opportunity to go for business in Ha Long, you can also book a Deluxe Ocean room, both for rest and work. The room is 39m2 wide with full amenities such as free wifi, personal care products, safe, wardrobe, …

Deluxe Ocean Room Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong
Deluxe Ocean Room Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong

Grand Deluxe Ocean View

With a design similar to Deluxe Ocean View room, this room has a larger area up to 56m2 and many modern equipment. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the city without having to move far away. Grand Deluxe Ocean View will be a great and ideal resort.

Grand Deluxe Ocean View  Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong
Grand Deluxe Ocean View Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong

Junior Suite Ocean View

To bring the best experience, Phat Linh Ha Long hotel also offers the extremely elegant Junior Suite Ocean View. This room is 67m2 wide with modern and classy furniture. Room is designed with 1 double bed with air conditioning, LCD TV, smart IDD phone and countless other devices.

Junior Suite Ocean View
Junior Suite Ocean View

Ocean Suite

This room class is stylish and extremely classy. The interior colors are all bright colors, creating a spacious feeling for the space and creating a feeling of cleanliness and comfort. Ocean Suite 65me wide, with sea view, 1 double bed and many other convenient services.

Ocean Suite
Ocean Suite

Terrace Suite Room

This type of room is 74m2 wide, is the number 1 resort room at Phat Linh hotel. This place is located on the top floor of the hotel, with panoramic views to help you experience the beauty of the entire city of Ha Long. This is definitely the most impressive room for you.

Terrace Suite Room
Terrace Suite Room

Conference room

Besides the hotel room, there is also a Sapphire conference room with a capacity of 20 people. The seats are arranged around a long, wide table and full and professional equipment will help the whole team work completely flexibly. In addition, the hotel also has a large meeting room, the Grand Ballroom, with a larger capacity when guests need.

This can also be the place to hold a wedding party with Crystal wedding center which is large, airy and has impressive beauty, decorated, suitable for events such as weddings, weddings.

Conference room Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong
Conference room Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong

Gym & Swimming Pool

Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong also offers a large gym, beautiful view with lots of glass doors. Room with wooden floor and a myriad of sports machines and equipment to help guests relax and relieve stress and build muscle. swim. This is also one of the impressive highlights at this famous hotel. Immersed in the large, stretching swimming pool, the cool blue water and taking advantage of the heaven and earth, is it wonderful, isn’t it?

Gym & Swimming Pool
Gym & Swimming Pool

Glass House restaurant

With 5-star level, Phat Linh hotel also has an impressive restaurant, overwhelmingly large with a very attractive food menu. Experience 1 day at Glass House, you can enjoy delicious dishes from Europe and Asia from experienced chefs.

Glass House restaurant
Glass House restaurant

Splash Bar

This is Phat Linh Ha Long’s private bar, where you can enjoy delicious wine glasses and impressive cocktails. This area is adjacent to the Four Seasons Swimming Pool and is an attractive destination for many tourists.

Splash Bar Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong
Splash Bar Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong

Services at Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong

Along with room rental service, Eastin Phat Linh Hotel Halong also provides a variety of services for tourists. As follows:

  • Spa services, massage: has a spa room, private massage with professional staff
  • Conference room rental service as introduced above
  • Swimming pool four seasons view super nice
  • Karaoke room
  • Sports service with a gym for those who love to exercise
  • Laundry service for clothes
  • Mail and postal shipping services
  • Office secretarial service
  • Ticket service to visit tourist attractions
  • Food Service
  • Free parking
  • It can be said that Phat Linh hotel has provided many details, a variety of services to satisfy customers. The services here all demonstrate the level of a 5-star hotel that is hard to match.


Breakfast at the hotel is organized in buffet style, with a variety of dishes serving Asian and European guests.

Every afternoon of arrival, at Splash Bar, visitors will enjoy afternoon tea in Western style. Britain’s breath is as far away as it melts on his lips every time he sips a cup of warm tea.

Romantic dinner with a varied menu, it is not difficult for you to give yourself some attractive dishes, maybe a steak with a glass of wine to increase the romance.
The hotel’s chefs are constantly working hard to create delicious dishes. The interesting point here is that the menu is very rich with both traditional flavors and modern features of the current lifestyle.

Attractions nearby

Around Phat Linh Ha Long Hotel has countless interesting and attractive tourist spots that you can visit.

Ha Long Night Market (1.3km): a famous 5000m2 market with more than 300 diverse stalls. The market is held late at night and sells seafood, souvenirs, … There are also many delicious restaurants that visitors can enjoy.

Sun World Ha Long Beach (2.1km): endless beautiful beach with delicious food and countless exciting games at Dragon Park…

Tuan Chau Island (8.3 km): 400ha wide island with the most attractive in Ha Long. This place has clear blue water, unique dishes such as peanut worms, sea, … many other attractive things.


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