Where to eat buffet in Sapa

Where to eat buffet in Sapa? Top 4 best restaurants for tourist to choose

To eat buffet in Sapa, tourist will not take to much time to find. But they must be in center of Sapa town. And to save tourist’s time of finding around, Hai Phong Tours would like to introduce Top 4 best restaurants for tourist to choose from.

Kham Pha Viet Restaurant (Thang Co A Quynh)

  • Address: 15 Thach Son Street, Sapa
  • Service hours: 9am – 22h30
  • Phone: 0984353577

Buffet price at Discover Viet Sapa restaurant: 200k – 220k/person, however, the buffet only applies to groups of 35 people or more and you must book in advance.

This is a delicious buffet restaurant in Sapa with cheap price, specializing in serving mountain specialties such as horse skin mannequin + forest banana flower, Thang Co Muong Khuong, grilled beef roll with cat cabbage, grilled Bac Ha horse, chicken. Grilled honey version, grilled stream fish wrapped in banana leaves, whole grilled pork, grilled black chicken with salt and pepper, grilled smoked venison, grilled salmon…

It’s called buffet but there are only 13 dishes, however the dishes These Sapa specialties are all made from local foods with traditional flavors, so if you go with a large group, you can order.

Hai Yen Restaurant Sapa

  • Address: 12 Thach Son Street, Sapa
  • Service hours: 11am – 2pm and 6pm – 10pm
  • Phone: 02143.873.555

Buffet price at Hai Yen Sapa restaurant: grilled buffet with 13 grilled dishes priced at 179k/person and buffet with 18 dishes priced at 229k/person, in addition, there are many other dessert fruits besides the main dishes.

This is a famous and delicious buffet restaurant in Sapa and serves everyone every day. Buffet of 13 grilled dishes including dishes such as beef rolls with cabbage and cat, Sapa salmon salad, spicy egg squid, skewered pork with five colors, pork belly with five flavors, black tiger shrimp, marinated chicken with sauce Northwest, Ngu Vi village pig pho, frogs with satay sauce, beef rolls with needle mushrooms, boneless chicken feet with satay sauce and three American beef jerky.

Grilled hot pot buffet menu with 18 dishes at Hai Yen restaurant: includes 13 dishes above and adds cheese sausage, bucket of Australian beef flowers, American beef ribs, ribs with bbq sauce, octopus with spicy sauce and buffet hot pot.

In addition to serving hot pot buffet, Hai Yen restaurant also has a karaoke room, children’s play area and hotel room service, so the number of guests coming here is always crowded.

Sakura Sapa Grilled Street

  • Address: 24 Ngu Chi Son, Sa Pa town (opposite the shore of Sa Pa lake)
  • Service Hours: 9:30am – 10:00pm
  • Phone: 0986 952 118

Buffet price at Sakura Sapa barbecue street: buffet 199k including 45 dishes, buffet 289k including 75 dishes; children 1m – 1m3 discount 50%

The next delicious buffet restaurant in Sapa that you can’t ignore is Sakura Grilled Street Restaurant. The buffet at this restaurant is much more diverse than the restaurants above with at least 45 different dishes for you to choose from. For the 45-course buffet, it is mainly grilled, fried, sushi and fruit desserts.

For the 289k buffet menu consisting of 75 dishes with grilled dishes with hot pot, grilled dishes with seafood, Japanese – Korean dishes and hot pot, there are three choices: Thai hot pot, Kim Chi hot pot and Nui Vola hot pot.

In addition to serving buffet, the restaurant also serves paradise mushroom hot pot for about 849k / small pot and 1050k / large pot, including many different types of mushrooms for you to enjoy.

Red Lantern Restaurant Sapa

  • Address: 24 Muong Hoa, Sapa
  • Service hours: Evenings from 18:00 to 22:00 every day
  • Phone: 096 268 38 58

Buffet price at Red Lantern Restaurant Sapa: meat hotpot buffet price 99k/person, grilled hot pot buffet price 139k/person including 30 dishes and grilled hot pot buffet 169k/person including 36 dishes

Red Lantern Restaurant is a delicious and cheap buffet restaurant in Sapa that you can choose from. The restaurant has different types of buffet for you to choose from, in addition to the main dishes grilled hot pot, you can still enjoy common dishes such as sausages, shrimp cakes, fish cakes, dessert fruits, noodles, dumplings, corn. corn, mushrooms, sapa forest vegetables…

Final thoughts: Where to eat buffet in Sapa

So now you know Where to eat buffet in Sapa right? With top 4 best restaurants for tourist to choose, Hai Phong Tours do hope you will have more choice for the best meal. Thank you and enjoy your meal!

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