Overview of Elephant mountain

Elephant Mountain An Lao

Elephant mountain An Lao or Núi Voi is a complex of rocky mountains, undulating and meandering with geographic location l06 ° 34’7 ” Kinh Dong 20 ° 50’30” Northern Latitude It is around 20 km far from Hai Phong city center. People call this Elephant mountain as it looks like elephant lying. Elephant mountain An Lao is located in Truong Thanh , An Tien communes of An Lao district, Hai Phong city, Vietnam. This is one of Hai Phong national historical and scenic sites which were ranked by the state early on April 28, 1962.

Archaeological remains

In 1930 , French archaeologists discovered and asserted that the Elephant mountain An Lao was an archaeological relic, the cradle of prehistoric and early history, at the end of the early Bronze Age and early Bronze Age. iron, over 2,500 years ago, belonged to the period of development between Dong Son culture and Ha Long culture. This is one of the major archaeological sites in the Northeast coastal area in the middle of the East-West corridor.

Historical vestiges of Elephant mountain An Lao

Under Hai Ba Trung’s reign, female general Le Chan chose Elephant mountain An Lao to build bases, recruit army soldiers, and accumulate food to fight the enemy.
By the sixteenth century, the Mac dynasty chose the Elephant Mountain to set up troops, set up and built a large outpost base to protect the gateway of Duong Kinh (in Ngu Doan commune, Kien Thuy district today). During this period, many buildings such as palaces, citadels were built, pagodas were renovated in the Elephant Mountain area. However, so far these works are no longer available, only traces through some vestiges of some places such as Chan cave (kitchen), Army battle, Mac dynasty canal, palace princess.

When the French colonialists invaded Vietnam, Elephant Mountain was the base of anti-French uprising of Lanh Tu and Cu Binh . During the anti-French resistance war, Elephant mountain An Lao was an important air defense ground protecting the northwestern gateway of Hai Phong.

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Ancient buildings and structures of Elephant mountain An Lao

The area of Voi mountain relics and landscapes is famous for ancient cultural architectural works. Long Hoa pagoda was built in the Ly dynasty (11th century) due to the destruction of the war , even though the pagoda is no longer present, but the name and the beauty of the ancient and still beauty are still deposited and transmitted from this life another life. The current Chi Lai communal house is an ancient wooden structure with an unknown year of construction. The temple worships Cao Son Dai Vuong , a conscientious general of the 18th Hung King . Chi Lai Pagoda (Linh Son Temple) has a high palace with wooden frame architecture made in the 19th century; part of the new temple road was restored.

Elephant mountain has been one of the bustling Buddhist centers from the 11th to 12th centuries.

Sights and Festivals

Elephant Mountain is quite unique with charming, charming paint, surrounded by Lach Tray and Da Do riverside. On the mountain, there are many interesting caves ( Mong Voi cave, Nam Tao cave , Bac Dau), hills and mountains, lush forests stretching over the hillside , the valley expands on an area of nearly 300 hectares.
Traditional Elephant Mountain Festival on January 15, 16, 17.

To visit Elephant mountain An Lao, you may go yourself or book with Hai Phong Tours.

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