Explore Lan Ha bay all things to know

Explore Lan Ha Bay – All things to know

Explore Lan Ha Bay – Lan Ha Bay is located in the East of Cat Ba Island and is adjacent to Ha Long Bay. With an area of over 7 thousand hectares, Lan Ha Bay consists of nearly large and small 400 islands. Traveling to Lan Ha Bay, visitors will have the opportunity to explore many beautiful islands with rich and diverse vegetation. Not only that, you can also participate in many exciting recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, scuba diving to see coral… 

Ideal time to travel

Suitable time to travel to Lan Ha Bay is similar to Cat Ba (view Experiences to travel Cat Ba Island)

Ways to come to Lan Ha Bay

From Cat Ba island’s center you can visit Lan Ha Bay from Beo harbor. You can choose to go by ship or motorboat depend on the size of group.

From Hai Phong City center you can go to Got Harbor then go by ship directly to Lan Ha Bay.

Here are some suggestions for your trip to Lan Ha Bay more convenient and comfortable with Hai Phong Tours:

Highlight destinations to explore Lan Ha bay

Dark Cave and Light cave

These caves  are parts of Cat Ba National Park.  This is hot destination as most of the tours to visit or stay on Lan Ha bay must be here to do kayaking or bamboo boat ride. Currently, the Dark cave is blocked due to safety reason. The Light cave is aways available to travel to.

Dark cave on Lan Ha bay Halong
Dark cave on Lan Ha bay Halong
Light cave Lan Ha bay Halong
Light cave Lan Ha bay Halong

Cua Van fishing village

One of the most beloved destinations in Lan Ha Bay is the Cua Van fishing village. And is a small, peaceful fishing village which located about 12km from Ben Beo. In here, visitors will have the opportunity to explore many mysterious underground caves. Alternatively, you can join Kayak here.

Cua Van fishing village
Cua Van fishing village

Nam Cat island

Nam Cat Island attracts visitors by its pristine features, four natural surfaces with forests and sea.

From Ben Beo, it takes 15 minutes by boat to reach Nam Cat island. Because of the pristine scenery that visitors can enjoy the peaceful feeling here. Human intervention in the island is severely restricted to preserve its natural values. With 3 large wooden stilt houses and 6 bamboo houses, resting here will blend with the nature and atmosphere of the sea. In addition, the island also has a full range of services to serve tourists, from beaches, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing … to campfires, collective night activities.

Nam Cat island
Nam Cat island

Monkey Island (Pineapple Cat Island)

It takes about 10 minutes to go through Cai Beo fishing village and some small islands to Monkey Island. Previously, Monkey Island was called Cat Pineapple Island because there are many wild pineapple trees on the island that have very good looking fruit but cannot eat. Currently, the name of the island is often called Monkey Island. The reason is that on the island there are more than 20 monkeys raised by rangers of Cat Ba National Park here. They often go to the beach to play with tourists, eat foods received from visitors like bananas, apples, tangerines, candies … Funny monkeys impress those who have come here and gradually they used to call this island Monkey Island. In addition to watching the monkeys playing, this place is also an ideal place for swimming.

Monkey island Cat Ba
Monkey island Cat Ba

Van Boi Beach

This is a cool blue beach suitable for swimming and boating. Besides, around the beach there are many beautiful landscapes for visitors to visit and explore.

Van Boi beach
Van Boi beach

Tortoise Islet (Hon Rua)

Is a small island in the population of Lan Ha Bay shaped like a tortoise swimming on the water. Islet is close to Ben Beo route to Viet Hai village.

Bell Islet (Hon Chuong)

Hon Chuong has shape like a bell and it has a number of other names like Pen islet (hon But), Candle islet (Hon Nen), Hon Bap Chuoi. This Is a small island on the way from Cat Ba to Cua Van fishing village.

Hotels on Lan Ha Bay

The system of motels and hotels on Lan Ha Bay is quite small, so finding accommodation near the bay is very difficult. Therefore, we would like recommend you the most beautiful and beautiful view place in Lan Ha Bay for your reference:

1.Vu Binh Stilt house Cat Ba

– Address: Vu Binh Stilt house Cat Ba, 452 Ha Sen, Cat Ba, Việt Nam

– The lowest reference room price is about: US$4.55

Vu Binh Stilt house is one of the beautiful motels, cheap hotels in Lan Ha Bay that you should choose. Although just a stilt-looking house, the quality is not inferior to the high-class hotels. Besides, Vu Binh Stilt house with a convenient location, located near Lan Ha Bay, helps you to move smoothly.

Location on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/PeNfimfnncxtFKhS7

2. Little Cat Ba hotel

– Address: 350 Ha Sen Street, Lan Ha Bay.

– The lowest reference room price is about: US$11

Little Cat Ba is a hotel near Lan Ha bay. The hotel has good facilities, adequate equipment to meet the needs of customers. Moreover, the hotel is also equipped with a lot of convenient services such as: private beach, fishing, garden, water sports (non-motorized). So guests to relax and relax comfortably during the holiday.In addition, Lan Ha Bay is quite close to Cat Ba you can also search for beautiful motels, cheap hotels in Cat Ba.

Location on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/av7amDmRMFMNY2Ao6

The things to prepare and notice

1. Prepare costumes

In our experience, you should bring many swimsuits, costumes. Because come the island bay with many pristine sand beaches make you use a lot of your costumes.

2. Prepare personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment you should prepare carefully are sunscreen, long-sleeved swimwear, waterproof bag, phone, camera, insect spray (when in the forest) …

3. Notice to choose a suitable tour to explore Lan ha bay

The variety of destinations and activities can leave you wondering where to prioritize first. So a suitable tour program will save you time and money to visit many places for a limited time. On the other hand, the combined tour to visit Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay is also an option chosen by many tourists.

Above are some tips which Hai Phong Tours recommended to you about Explore Lan Ha Bay. Follow us to know more about other destination.

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