Few hours to explore Hai Phong in the afternoon

Afternoon in Haiphong: What to do with luggage?

Afternoon in Hai Phong, what to do with luggage? Here’s a question I just read somewhere. I think it is a very good question as I know a lot of tourists in Hai Phong have the same question. Most of these people have just traveled to Ha Long 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights. All cruises on Ha Long Bay arrive at harbor before 12 o’clock. And if they plan to stay in Hai Phong to wait for their late flight, they’ll need something to do. And in this article, I will give you suggestions!

Go to Elephant Mountain in the afternoon

Elephant Mountain An Lao is a mountain located 20km from Hai Phong city center. Late afternoon in Hai Phong, standing on the top of this mountain, you will see the beautiful sunset with the sparkling river, immense rice fields. Before that, you can visit 2 famous caves in the mountain which are Elephant Throat cave and Gia Vi cave. In the caves, there are many shimmering and beautiful stalactites. Including transfer time, you can spend 3 hours here.

What about your luggage? If you move here yourself, there’s no solution to store it. And you may need to carry with you. I do not think it’s good to make. When you book Hai Phong car transfer service provided by Hai Phong Tours, you can leave it in car safely. Certainly, you should bring valuable things with you such as money, camera …

If you would like to go on a tour, please check the Hai Phong city tour – option 2.

Hire a private car to go around Hai Phong center

In Hai Phong city, the tourist spots are located quite close to each other. So the solution of hiring a private car to go around Hai Phong center is good to make. You can leave your luggage in the car, then tell the driver to drive to destinations in the city such as Hai Phong Museum, Du Hang Pagoda, Sat Market, Hai Phong Opera House. Those are the basics you can find out for yourself. Also, there are many more places to visit in Hai Phong suburb. Please read Things to do in Hai Phong to find the once you like. Late afternoon in Hai Phong center, just go to restaurant for dinner then head to airport for flight out.

Find a cafe in Hai Phong and read book

I know that reading is a luxury hobby for Westerners. I really like that. And I think, for the best reading performance, you also need a quiet place to sit, with a nice space. Please refer to Top 10 best view coffee shop in Hai Phong. I believe  you will find the good once there to go. And certainly, there’s no difficult in leaving your luggage beside.

Other solution in the afternoon

If you do not find any of above solutions suitable to you, you may consider going to Spa for Massage. Some of our customers went directly to the airport and wait for their flight right there. During the waiting time, they read book and eat dinner right at fastfood restaurant there. Also, hourly hotel room rental is also a good solution if you want to rest. I would like to recommend the F&F hotel or Cozy Star Hai Phong. Those are the hotels closest to the airport with cheap prices. The rent for the first 2 hours is just under 5USD. If you want more options, read this article: Budget hotels in Hai Phong.


Above is some solutions that I would like to introduce to you to spend in the afternoon in Haiphong. There are serveral ways to store luggage. And I believe you know what to do next now! Have nice trip in Vietnam! Thank you for reading.

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