Few hours to explore Hai Phong in the afternoon

Few hours to explore Hai Phong in the afternoon

Few hours to explore Hai Phong in the afternoon, how to spend free time after cruise trip? Those are common questions from tourists in Hai Phong. So, where is Hai Phong city? On Wikipedia, Hai Phong is a major industrial city, the second largest city in the northern part of Vietnam. Hai Phong is also the center of technology, economy, culture, medicine, education, science and trade in the northern coast of Vietnam. Then, does it worth it to travel to Hai Phong? I say Yes!

Hai Phong Museum corner
Hai Phong Museum corner

When you visit Hai Phong, there are some places to visit such as Elephant Mountain An Lao, Hai Phong Museum, Bao Dai King Villa…Especially, the Lan Ha bay is must go place. It’s a part of Halong bay complex. The cruises will leave from Got harbor at around 12h30 and back before noon. Some people will get back to Hanoi or Hai Phong city to relax. But the others want to do something to fill-up the afternoon time. In this case, they may choose Hai Phong mountain trekking tour in countryside. This is in countryside of Hai Phong. But if you don’t want to join in any tours, I believe you can spend the rest of time at the museum or go to walking street Tam Bac. Then late afternoon, go to Banh Da Cua Ba Cu to try speciality of Hai Phong. They are all good to make. Depends on your hobby.

I am writing this post because a lot of people asked me what to do in Hai Phong before. If you need any further help or want to customize your trip in Hai Phong, please feel free to contact me via Whatsapp +84975200357 or chat with me on website. This is not service! I am happy to give you free suggestion as long as it suits you.

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