Find urgently people who have been to AEON Hai Phong from April 29

Find urgently people who have been to AEON Hai Phong from April 29

Two patients infected with COVID-19 used to buy goods from the largest commercial center in Hai Phong. People who had come here from April 29 urgently go to the nearest medical office to report. On the afternoon of May 10, in response to VTC News, the leader of the Hai Phong Department of Health said that the health sector is coordinating with the police and authorities to focus on reviewing and tracing close contact cases. with 2 patients COVID-19 is DMT (1989, BN3051) and Ms. N.Th.T. (2000, BN 3094) used to go to Aeon Mall Hai Phong Le Chan on April 29, 2021 to buy goods.

Báo cáo nhanh

According to the quick report of the People’s Committee of Le Chan district (Hai Phong), 2 patients with COVID-19 are D.D.T. (SN 1989, BN3051) and Ms. N.Th.T. (SN 2000, BN 3094) used to visit Aeon Mall Hai Phong Le Chan on April 29, 2021.

Specifically, around 14h30 ‘on April 29, Mrs. T. and Mr. T. went to Aeon Mall in Kenh Duong Ward (Le Chan, Hai Phong) by means of a black taxi by Mr. Kh. – Phone number 0377975795.

The two people got off the bus and entered the door on the surrounding road opposite Nhat Thuy restaurant (from door 1 to 4), the entrance was not yet determined (Mrs. T. was wearing a yellow suit, wearing a blue mask; T. wears shorts, black short-sleeved shirt, green mask).

Two people go to buy sweets on the 1st floor and pay at the cashier (don’t remember the counter number). After buying, go to the 2nd floor to go to the baby clothes counter and contact the cashier (don’t remember which counter).

After buying, the two people left at about 4:00 pm on the same day by taxi Le Van Quoc in Vinh An commune (Vinh Bao, Hai Phong) to Blue Sca Hotel – 15 Trung Luc (Hai An, Hai Phong). While moving in the shopping mall, both are wearing masks.


Aeon Hải Phòng
Aeon Hải Phòng

Currently, Le Chan district authorities are extracting cameras to determine the route of movement and contact in Aeon Mall, and at the same time blockade the area of the counter for 2 patients on contact, trace, detection. F1 and spray disinfect the entire Aeon Mall area.

Hai Phong Department of Health recommends that those who come to Aeon Mall at 14:00 – 16:00 on April 29 to urgently report a medical report at the nearest medical facility for medical follow-up instructions and preventive measures. epidemic COVID-19.


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