Top 10 best fish Bun Cha vendors in Haiphong city

Top 10 best fish Bun Cha vendors in Haiphong city

Fish Bun Cha vendors attract many people by its simple and unique taste. A bowl of Bun Cha is full of noodle, slided fish and well fried. To be able to find the best places to enjoy this dish, you need to go to Haiphong city center. And in this article, Haiphong Tours would like to share with you the Top 10 best fish Bun Cha vendors in Haiphong city.

1. Phuong Mai fish Bun Cha vendors

Referring to fish Bun Cha vendors in Haiphong, people will immediately remember Phuong Mai Bun Cha, which is always the number one choice. Not only delicious, but the restaurant is also very beautiful and the design is airy, spacious and clean.

The fish Bun Cha here is always special and keeps its own outstanding advantages that make it unforgettable for diners who have eaten once, from hand-selected handmade fish cakes to green vegetables.

  • Address: 87 Cat Cut, An Bien, Le Chan, Haiphong
  • Phone: 0225 3510 091
Phuong Mai Bun Cha vendors
Phuong Mai Bun Cha vendors

2. Delicious Bun Cha

The most special thing about the restaurant is that the fish cake. It is very sweet, chewy and rich. The broth eaten with “bun” is very flavorful and the noodles are soft and chewy. There are many kinds of fish cake for you to choose from such as mackerel, tuna, sliced ​​fish… Eating with vegetables makes the bowl of Bun Cha very attractive.

  • Address: 11 Ngo Gia Tu, Dang Lam, Hai An, Haiphong
  • Phone: 090 940 29 99

3. Bun Cha Restaurant

The Cha Ca (fish cake) at this restaurant is made through a manual process from choosing the freshest fish, filtering the bones and grinding the meat along with some spices to enhance the smell without losing the fish taste. Especially, you can be more assured about food quality and safety. From the first glance, the space is extremely polite and clean.

  • Address: 209, Hai Xa Temple Street, Du Hang Kenh Ward, Le Chan District, Du Hang Kenh, Le Chan, Haiphong
  • Phone: 093 662 57 89

4. Tuyet Loan Bun Cha Nem with crab spring roll

This is one of the oldest fish noodle shops and is famous for its unforgettable quality and deliciousness. Serving a full range of rolls from many different types of fish liketuna, sliced, basa… When it comes to Haiphong, people often refer to the restaurant thanks to its traditional taste, harmonious variations, making a difference to suit many tastes of customers.

  • Address: 32 Hang Kenh, Trai Cau, Le Chan, Haiphong
  • Phone: 091 784 58 53

5. Quan Moi fish noodle

The grilled fish dish here creates a very prestigious bun cha and creates a firm belief in the hearts of diners. With affordable prices suitable for many customer segments but still ensuring quality. It is one of the most popular fish noodle shops in Haiphong. Besides the quality of the noodle bowl, the service attitude of the staff and the owner also brings perfect satisfaction to customers.

  • Address: 147 Nguyen Binh Street, Dong Quoc Binh, Ngo Quyen, Haiphong
  • Phone: 090 940 29 99

6. Haiphong spicy fish noodle soup

The first highlight of the restaurant is the extremely eye-catching decoration space, spacious and luxurious restaurant. The staff is very welcoming and warm, so it is very popular with customers. You can immediately feel the aroma from the kitchen counter, which is processed by hand, fried to a crispy golden color and chewy inside. The bowl of vermicelli is quite large, with many attractive vegetables and side ingredients.

  • Address: 47 Lach Tray, Ngo Quyen, Haiphong

7. Spicy Fish Noodles

The fish cake dish here is very famous for its many ingredients and colors, the added ingredients such as onions, fish cakes, papaya salad, vegetables of all kinds… Along with the elaborate preparation of the dish, it has created the most special feature of the restaurant and that is also what attracts the customers of the fish noodle shop. With a level of satisfaction not only in the quality but also in the enthusiasm and professionalism of the staff.

  • Address: 72 Le Lai, Lo Vien, Ngo Quyen, Haiphong

8. Bun Cha Thu Restaurant

The taste of bun cha at Bun Cha Thu restaurant is quite special. With a rich broth, the fish cakes are delicious, supple and freshly fried, so the skin is still a bit crispy, the outer layer is extremely delicious, naturally sweet.

You can eat it with fish sauce, onions and sweet and sour carrots, plus fresh vegetables. Especially, you have to add a little chili pepper to make it spicy, hot, and make sure you eat it and you will never forget the taste here.

  • Address: 48 Tran Quang Khai, Hoang Van Thu, Hong Bang, Haiphong
  • Phone: 0225 3822 299

9. 66 Le Loi Fish Bun Cha vendors

When it comes to spicy fish noodles, people will immediately think of hot bowls of vermicelli. Add spicy chili pepper, natural sweet broth. Delicious chewy fish cake not too boring Eating with raw vegetables squeezed a little lemon is delicious.

All are carefully prepared right from the smallest things, the stage of choosing fresh ingredients from many types of fish, especially the naturally fragrant, delicious and chewy sliced ​​fish. Guaranteed to help diners feel secure when enjoying a bowl of fish noodle soup at 66 Le Loi.

  • Address: 66 Le Loi, May To, Ngo Quyen, Haiphong
  • Phone: 091 910 57 97

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