Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong

Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong: No. #1 Indian Cuisine

Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong is one of the few restaurants in the city that serve Indian cuisines. As you all know, Indian cuisine always requires fussy and meticulous little by little from the selection of ingredients to processing. The chef must be someone who really has profound knowledge to give the diners the soul of Indian cuisine. In Hai Phong nowadays, there are many Indians staying and the demand for traditional Indian dishes will also increase. In this article, would like to introduce more specifically about Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong: No. #1 Indian cuisine.

Where is Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong?

Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong is located in the heart of a busy tourist street in the city. It is located at 130 Van Cao, Dang Giang, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong. Currently, this street has many restaurants, hotels, bars as well as grocery stores. And mentioning Van Cao street, it is impossible not to mention Sunflower International Village. There are many apartments for rent with mini golf. There are many foreigners coming here for long-term stay such as Koreans, Japanese, Indians …

Ganesh Hai Phong is very smart to choose this street as the location for their restaurant.


The Origin of Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong

Ganesh Indian Restaurant is a famous restaurant chain in Vietnam. They have branches spread across major cities in our country such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phu Quoc, Hoi An … Hai Phong is the third largest city in Vietnam.  And there’s no reason why Ganesh isn’t here!

Worship of the god Ganesh
Worship of the god Ganesh

The name Ganesh is name of a Hindu God. The people of India respect this god. Ganesh carries a human body but has a very special Elephant head. It is named Ganesh Indian restaurant is to show his respect to the god. Moreover, they also want to tell customers that their restaurant is the place where Indian cuisine is revered and respected.

What makes Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong special?

Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong is owned by Indian. He always mentally brings the culinary soul of his homeland to diners in Hai Phong. And no one can do it better than the Indians themselves. That is the reason when coming to Ganesh Hai Phong, the chefs are mostly Indians, even the service staffs. This makes customers feel a “very Indian” space.

All staffs at the restaurant can speak fluently English. If you are Vietnamese, you will be ordered by Vietnamese staff so do not worry about communication!

In addition, Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong also does not forget the essential needs of young people! The sparkling checkin corners in the restaurant have been arranged. Just come and shoot and get a beautiful Indian-style photo!

Food at Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong
Food at Ganesh Indian Restaurant Hai Phong

Some of the restaurant’s favorite and famous dishes such as:

  • 126 Lamb biryani: Lamb cooked with spices and herbs, served with rice.
  • 75 Lamb korma: Lamb cubes cooked together with mild cream, saffron and cashew gravy.
  • 20 Tandoori chicken (Half / Full): An extremely famous Indian chicken dish. Using a variety of rare spices and yogurts during processing. Then baked in tandoori to enhance the flavor of the dish.


What sets India’s Culinary culture apart from other countries is the way of eating. They wash their hands and pick up the food with their own hands. The way of eating Indian food is very different from Western countries or in Vietnam. They believe that rice is the bestowed gem. And to be grateful, respectful, they use their own hands to cherish and enjoy. When entering Hai Phong Ganesh Indian Restaurant, you will experience this interesting thing! Also, the get the best experience, you should book a table in advance before coming.

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