Ha Giang Specialty

Ha Giang Specialty: Top 9 dishes tourist must try

Ha Giang Specialty? If you ask me what is my impression of the land of Ha Giang, I will answer that this is a mountainous province with majestic scenery, many customs and rich festivals. I only visited here for 2 days, but I really like this place. In which, it is impossible not to mention the culinary culture. Let’s find out Top 10 dishes tourist must try with Hai Phong Tours.

1. Egg rolls (Banh Cuon Trung)

What to eat when traveling to Ha Giang? As the northern mountainous province, Ha Giang is known as the cold stone region. If you come here in winter, you will feel how the cold cuts your skin. It is for that reason that the people here have come up with a very hot and spicy dish to dispel the cold, to warm the stomach and fight the gloomy air emanating from the mountain rocks. How about egg rolls?

Oh no, the egg rolls here are cold dishes, but they are served with a cup of hot and sweet bone broth.

Although I have eaten banh cuon in many places, eating egg rolls in Ha Giang gives me a very strange feeling. You just need to gently pick up a thin piece of wet dough, the peach yolk color of the egg is hidden inside, immerse everything in a cup of homemade water, and then feel the strange but delicious taste of the end land.

For me, this is a dish that cannot be missed when coming here. Finished dipping sauce,

Delicious egg rolls shop in Ha Giang:

Banh cuon Ba Lan – Address: 116A Ly Tu Trong Ha Giang City.
Dong Van roll cake shop – Address: Opposite the old Dong Van market.

Eating experience when traveling to Ha Giang, the banh cuon shops open quite early, from 6 am to 10 pm. You can visit at any time. But in my opinion, come here in the morning after waking up. Eating egg rolls will help you warm your stomach all day in the cold weather in Ha Giang.

2. Au Tau Porridge

A specialty dish in Ha Giang, just hearing the name has seen the uniqueness. And certainly, when enjoying, you will never forget. Porridge has a bitter taste, not the usual porridge you often eat. And that is an interesting culinary feature.

You will taste all kinds of flavors in a small bowl of porridge: the attractive aroma of glutinous rice with yellow flowers mixed with fragrant rice grown on the fields, cooked well, the fleshy taste of carefully simmered tubers and foot broth. greasy spring rolls, fragrant leaves, spice leaves. What makes the bowl of porridge attractive is the harmonious combination of rice, minced meat, bone broth, herbs…

And when you know the process of making this dish, you will be even more impressed. Cooking a bowl of real au tau porridge is not easy. The tubers, after thoroughly soaking in water, are washed with rice for one night and then stewed for 4 hours. Yellow flower sticky rice is mixed with fragrant glutinous rice cooked in a broth of pork leg bones and tuber powder. Add a little minced lean meat, a little extra seasoning. Porridge when eaten has a bitter taste, so many people call it bitter porridge.

This famous dish in Ha Giang is very suitable to eat in the cold winter. After wandering in Ha Giang town, I and a group of friends found a corner of the shop and ordered au Tau porridge, which was a very valuable experience.

Always the same, bitter medicine is expensive. Au Tau porridge is not only a simple dish, but also a tonic to relieve colds. You can enjoy this porridge in Ha Giang at any time of the year. However, porridge is only sold at night.

To enjoy this Ha Giang specialty, you can go to markets or small street stalls. Don’t miss the au tau porridge, especially in the cold winter. The feeling of sitting in a warm restaurant space with a pink kitchen and enjoying Ha Giang bitter porridge will bring you interesting experiences.

3. Thang Co

Thang co is a delicious, Ha Giang specialty originating from the Mong ethnic group. And for me, this is also a very difficult dish to eat. But you should try this dish once in your life, because maybe it will make you mesmerized.

Not only food, Thang Co is also a beautiful culture in this land. Me and a group of friends had a chance to eat thang co at the house of a local. The whole group enjoyed and heard about the customs surrounding this dish. The aroma of cardamom, doi seeds and lemongrass, combined with the greasy taste of meat, warms up the space in the cold weather.

Mong men who go to Dong Van market expect to eat a bowl of thang co and drink a few bowls of wine with their friends. It is believed that whoever has a lot of friends will be offered a lot of wine. A person who gets drunk when he returns to the market is a good person because he has many friends.

The market gate of Dong Van district has now been solidified, looks like a market below, but houses and roofs cannot replace the umbrellas of ethnic people. In the middle of the market, Thang Co stalls are placed behind the food stalls. Pork, beef in the market are skewered with half of the body hanging on big hooks. Wine shop right next to Thang Co selling point. The wine is stored in large plastic cans or crockery jars that the horses have painstakingly carried down the mountain early in the morning or the night before. A world of wine is rich, full of flavors of passionate leaven.

Mong people often bring men men, go to the market to buy more bowls of wine, and Thang Co can invite friends to have fun together. Eating Thang Co must squat, place food on a long wooden board and eat with a wooden spoon. Next to it is always a bowl of salt along with spicy pickled fresh chili. A ladle of hot thang co with a little salt and chili will be very rich. Eating and drinking must have friends to ask about family, wish each other good health and laugh at the market. Drinking wine to the point of ivory will sing and blow the trumpet. Both boys and girls can get drunk at the goal.
Indeed, coming to Ha Giang without enjoying Thang Co is a mistake.

4. Bac Me Lam Rice

Com lam is a feature in the cuisine of the northern mountainous provinces, delicious dishes and specialties of Ha Giang attract tourists. With this dish, you will enjoy the famous delicious sticky rice in Ha Giang. And Bac Me lam rice is gradually becoming a typical specialty of the Tay ethnic group here.

The technique of making lam rice is very simple. The raw material is glutinous rice that is thoroughly soaked, the cooking water is usually the innermost underground water vessels for bamboo tubes and then covered with banana leaves. .

People use young trees, tube stems, bamboo family, each bamboo pole cut off one end of the pipe, the other end of the pipe acts as the bottom of the pot. Glutinous rice is washed, sprinkled with a little salt, mixed well, put the rice in a bamboo tube, the amount of water poured is about the same as the rice surface. The mouth of the tube is sealed with fresh dong leaves or dried banana leaves and baked on the bamboo tube with the rice being heated over a fire or on a pile of embers, slowly rotating and heating to evenly distribute the heat around the tube shell. About an hour or so later (depending on how big or small the rice tube is), the smell of sticky rice is fragrant, which is a sign that the rice is cooked.

Before eating, people use a knife to cut off the outermost green shell of the bamboo tube (which is now burnt black), then strip the innermost white shell, the lam rice is shaped in the form of a solid tube, surrounded by a thin ivory-white silk shell of the bamboo tube (until now, lam rice still does not have the blue color as its name suggests). In the past, rice lam was the preferred food for pregnant women and women in general during breastfeeding.

5. Grilled moss

Ha Giang tourism should eat what? Another “very strange” dish for me. For a long time, rock moss was only considered a type of aquatic life with little effect. But for the Tay people in Xuan Giang commune, Quang Binh district, Ha Giang province, rock moss is considered a specialty in their cuisine.

Moss is processed into many dishes, both delicious and nutritious, and has a very unique flavor. Fresh moss brought home is crushed thoroughly to clean alluvial oil, then can be processed into many dishes.
The dishes made from moss are fried moss, dried moss, but the most unique is still the dish mixed with spices and then grilled.

Because moss is edible according to the season, in addition to processing fresh moss, people also dry the moss and store it in the kitchen upstairs to make a reserve dish. Only valued guests can treat dried moss on the kitchen floor.

6. Five coloured sticky rice

Surely you will be delighted to see the plate of sticky rice with many eye-catching colors. In Ha Giang, five-color sticky rice has traditional values ​​​​converging with the meaning of the concept of the universe, the philosophy of yin and yang, and the beautiful meaning of life.

The reason for the name, because five-color sticky rice is made up of five types of sticky rice with five different colors. It is red, yellow, blue, purple and white. You can easily find five-color sticky rice at markets in Ha Giang.

Ingredients for making five-color sticky rice include: Sticky rice is fragrant, the seeds are not mixed, mixed with forest leaves to dye. Red uses gac fruit, red rice leaves. Green uses ginger leaves, green rice leaves, or grapefruit peels, bitter bamboo shoots, burned and soaked in water with a little lime. Yellow use old turmeric to pound water. Purple uses black rice leaves, or the following leaves…

Before dyeing sticky rice, glutinous rice is washed and soaked in cold water for 6-8 hours so that the rice grains have a moderate bloom. Divide the rice into 5 parts, each part corresponding to a color. After dyeing, the final stage is sticky rice. This step requires a lot of ingenuity to get the desired sticky rice dish. Rice soaked in the color that is easiest to fade is put in the first pot, followed by the rest of the colors, white on top. Must have a separate box for each color. There are places to display five-petal flowers, one color for each petal, some places to display in the shape of terraced fields, one color for each step, some places to use wooden molds to make towers, many floors…

7. Thang Den

Ha Giang tourism should eat delicious food? Going to Dong Van, in the middle of the town, sucking in the winter wind, but sitting by the fire eating a bowl of bamboo shoots, there is nothing as warm and interesting as that. Thang Den looks like drifting cake in Hanoi, like Cong Phu cake in Lang Son, made from glutinous rice flour, can be made vegetarian or wrapped in bean paste. Each dough ball is molded a little bigger than the tip of a thumb, put in a pot of boiling broth, until it comes to the surface, the owner will use a ladle to pick it up.

Whether it is delicious or not is in the bowl of broth, which is made by a sweet mixture of sugar, the fat of coconut milk and the spicy taste of heated ginger. Can sprinkle more sesame or peanuts for the dish more fleshy. Diners often put one or two wontons in their mouths for a while, soaking up the sweet taste of sugar water, the astringent taste of fresh ginger, and the rich flavor of peanuts.

8. Bac Quang Orange

For a long time, oranges have become one of the famous specialties of Ha Giang, whenever people come from far and near, mention Bac Quang, the next thing is tea. That is because this land has climate and soil conditions unlike any other land to create oranges with a distinct, extremely sweet and attractive flavor of the mountainous and mountainous areas in the north. south of Ha Giang province.

You can buy this orange as a gift after visiting and exploring Ha Giang.

9. Sausages in the kitchen

To make sausage filling, people choose half-lean, half-fat meat. By lean much, sausage will be dry, dry; If you have a lot of fat, the sausage will be pasty and eat quickly, so the most suitable type of meat to make sausage is shoulder meat. The meat is sliced from the skin, cut into medium pieces, salted, sugar, monosodium glutamate. And indispensable a little white wine, a little ginger juice and a few chopped dried macadamia nuts marinated together. According to the experience of the people here, marinating the meat with white wine and ginger juice makes the sausages have a very specific aroma, which can be kept for a long time without being damaged.

When the sausage is dry, leave the whole piece and fry it until it is cooked, then slice it, when eaten with ginger sauce. Or cut the sausage into medium thick slices, wait for the fat in the pan to be very hot, then put the sausage in, stir it up, drizzle a little fish sauce, sprinkle some fresh onions. Sausage plate is fragrant, new looks already craving. So on New Year’s Day, no matter how many delicious dishes, sausage is still the dish that people touch the chopsticks the most.

Sausage has the smell of highland sunshine, the smell of kitchen smoke, the smell of ginger, the smell of wine, the smell of honey in a special way. The chewy taste of the heart, the sweetness of the lean meat, the fat of the fat blend together, it’s delicious to eat. Sip a little more wine, it’s even more enjoyable.

Some restaurants and eateries in Ha Giang

Ha Giang tourism where to eat delicious? If you still have not chosen for yourself the delicious and cheap places to eat in Ha Giang, please also refer to some of the favorite places of many backpackers below:

* Quan Ba ​​area:

Thuong Tu Restaurant
Thanh Binh Restaurant
Huong Do Restaurant – Phone: 0219 3846 289
Ha Son Quan – Phone: 0219 3846 371

* Yen Minh area:

Hai Yen restaurant at the market gate
Phuc Cai Restaurant
Thanh Hanh Restaurant – Phone: 0219 3852 113
Tuan Duc Restaurant – Phone 0219 36290 500
Phong Van Quan – Phone 0219 3852 555

* Dong Van area:

Lan Beo Restaurant – Phone: 0219 3856148
Nhi Tien restaurant – Phone: 0219 3856 217 opposite the old market gate
European – Vietnamese restaurant

* Meo Vac area:

Hai Thuy Restaurant – Phone: 0219 3871 355
Hai Tham Restaurant – Phone: 0219 3871 043
Long Hong Restaurant – Phone: 0219 3871 429
Afternoon Mo Restaurant – Phone: 0219 3871 102

Final thoughts: Ha Giang Specialty

Above is Top 9 dishes tourist must try. With these Ha Giang Specialty, I believe you will have the best moment in Ha Giang!

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