Ha Lau village Tien Yen: The Dao minority village right in Quang Ninh Province nearby Halong

Ha Lau village Tien Yen
Ha Lau village Tien Yen is located in Khe Le, a village with 100% Dao ethnic people. The historic flood at the end of 2015 caused heavy damage to many households here. To help people stabilize their lives, the People’s Committee of the province and Tien Yen district built a resettlement area for people to move to a safe area, also in the village where the former acacia plantation area was, with an area of ​​8.7 ha. It is more than 1.5km from Ha Lau commune center. The village was built on a new land with flower routes, murals, organic vegetable gardens, concentrated breeding areas… Chairman of Tien Yen District People’s Committee requested the local government to coordinate with Tien Yen Forestry One Member Limited Liability Company to maintain the status quo of the existing primeval forests, strengthen management, and focus on planting new types of timber. big. Creating a green, clean and beautiful landscape and environment around Khe Le village area, homogenizing some crops, planting flowers, creating paths for tourists to visit and experience associated with Ha Lau market , restore the traditional cultural beauty of the Dao people (the ceremony of honor, the procession of the bride…), focus on propaganda to raise the people’s awareness and awareness in the construction and preservation of national security. environmental bio… Talking to reporters, Mr. Ly Van Dieng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Ha Lau commune, said: Located near the center of Ha Lau commune, where the weekly Ha Lau market is held, Khe Le still retains many special features. culture of the Dao. Currently, Ha Lau still retains a fairly rich natural forest system. The commune is bordered by Binh Lieu and Loc Binh districts (Lang Son province), both of which are developing tourism districts. Therefore, if Ha Lau is well invested in tourism, it will definitely be the choice of many tourists. Tourists coming to Ha Lau and want to stay overnight, Ban homestay Khe Le will be the right place. Since October 2018, Tien Yen district has restored Ha Lau Market – a market that dates back to 1965 and was once lost. Ha Lau market not only attracts the Dao people from the villages of Ha Lau and the communes of Tien Yen district, but also attracts people from all ethnic groups from Binh Lieu district and Dinh Lap and Loc Binh districts of Vietnam. Lang Son province to buy, sell and exchange goods. Goods in the markets are produced locally, such as: bamboo shoots, cinnamon, Tien Yen chicken, Chung hump cake, sugar cane, upland sticky rice, khau hum, red peanut candy, brocade clothes… In the middle of April 2018, Ha Lau discovered the Dragon cave at Khe Lu top, the border between Ban Danh village and Khe Tao village of the commune. In front of the cave is a large stone block bearing the shape of a giant turtle, in the cave there are many fossils with strange shapes like the backbone of a large snake-shaped reptile… At that time, many tourists came to the cave. Dragon, there are 200 visitors a day. On the way to Dragon Cave, visitors must pass through a natural forest with a small waterfall. Many kinds of flowers such as wild apricot flowers, myrtle flowers, roof flowers … bloom in season along the way very beautifully. In Na Hac village, Ha Lau commune, there is a primeval forest of about 300 hectares adjacent to the residential area, which has been protected for hundreds of years from the intervention of the villagers. Here, one can easily find the trunks of ancient trees with a diameter of several meters, the circumference of the arms of several people. This place also has Ca Jump waterfall with quite attractive scenery… Secretary of the Commune Party Committee Ly Van Dieng added: Ha Lau has a lot of potential for tourism development to move towards the construction of Khe Le homestay. However, the immediate job is to protect and promote the existing potentials and call for capable and enthusiastic investors to work together to build Ha Lau as a real destination for tourists.

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