Ha Long Bay - The Precious Jewel of Vietnam filled with Beauty!

Ha Long Bay: The area with full of amazing things

Vietnam is one of those places that there is just so much to do in every part of the country, in every city that it can be overwhelming to really pick what you want to do. The country is filled with amazing natural wonders and scintillating beaches. The places in Vietnam are filled with heritage and culture that is reflected by the historical monuments and the delicious street food. One of the must-visit places in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. Read on to know more about this amazing attraction in the land of the ‘Ascending Dragon’.

Aerial view of the amazing Ha long Bay
Ha Long Bay: The area with full of amazing things 23

Ha Long bay is surely a magical place which you would have seen in so many movies and pictures, this is Vietnam’s one of the precious jewel of the north and UNESCO world heritage site

How to reach Halong Bay

The best way to get to Ha Long bay is by flying directly into Hanoi and then hiring a private transfer, however, if you’re looking to save some cash then the train will be  significantly less but keep in mind that taking the trains nearly doubles your travel time

Exploring Ha Long Bay

Cruise in Halong Bay
Ha Long Bay: The area with full of amazing things 24

The best way to explore the island is via cruise/boat tour, it almost takes 9 hours to explore, there are few different options in terms of cruise duration and many people opt for the overnight cruise, this bay is littered with over 15000 limestone islands topped with thick jungle vegetation, they rise from the ocean as large pillars and steep cliffs, a lot of these islands are hollow and so there are hundreds of caves here, you can surely explore one of the cave and this will surely be an amazing experience

Islands to Visit in Halong Bay

Ti Top island has one of the best viewpoints in Ha Long Bay, you have to hike up 400 steps to check that amazing viewpoint, Sung Sot cave is the largest one in Ha Long bay, among 1000s of limestone islets almost 59 caves that have been discovered.

One of the Island in Halong bay
Ha Long Bay: The area with full of amazing things 25

This place is surely for the nature lovers and honeymoon couples, also there is a place called poem mountain which is not known by most of the tourist, you can enjoy the best view of the Ha Long Bay from this mountain, unfortunately, the Vietnam govt has closed this place for various reason, however, there is a backdoor through which people are still visiting this place, we would still advise you to stick to the govt advisory.

View from the poem mountain
Ha Long Bay: The area with full of amazing things 26

Planning a trip to this beautiful place really need some background search, it takes time to search the best the hotels to stay and places to explore, however, you can reach out to our destination expert to get their advice in planning this trip with ease, do check our Pickyourtrail website for some testimonials from our customer who have already been to this place and various other destination. Don’t forget to check out the distinctive Vietnam tour packages that are available to make your trip to Vietnam come true. Start Planning and get ready to explore the beautiful country. Happy Travelling!

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