Hai Phong English speaking driver

Hai Phong English speaking driver: Where and how to book

Hai Phong English speaking driver is easy to find, isn’t it? How to booking driver that speaks English in Hai Phong to Halong, Hai Phong to Ninh Binh or Hai Phong to Hanoi…? And what’re the benefits of booking English speaking driver for your transfer? In this article, Hai Phong Tours tells you all!

Benefits of booking Hai Phong English speaking driver

To foreigners, found a driver who speaks English in Hai Phong is amazing thing. Hai Phong is heavy industry city. Then there are not many people speak English. Unlike other big cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, they must learn English to communicate to foreigners.

Whenever you go out, if driver can speak English, you will got tons of benefits such as:

  1. Save communication time: From beginning to the end, all of your requests, demands will be done directly and quickly. Then you will save a lot of time in communication.
  2. Less boring during long drive: When you are in the car for long drive, it’s more fun if you have someone to chat with. The distance seems to be shorten and you won’t feel tired.
  3. Get free recommendations for trip: Sometime, when you book a private car transfer service to Hanoi or Ninh Binh and haven’t got exactly plan, driver can give  you some recommendations. Then you will be eaiser to decide where to go and how long for each stop.
  4. Easier for appointment, pick up in each stop: Everytime you stop, you will need to ask your driver wait for you or come back at specific time to pick you up. If you got an English speaking driver, your plan will run smoothly. If not, miscommunication may occur and wasting your time.

Where to book private car transfer with English speaking driver in Hai Phong?

With so many benefits listed above, English speaking driver turns out to be important part in your trip. Then where to book private car transfer with English speaking driver in Hai Phong? If you catch taxi, this may never happen to you. You may need to book with travel agency who focuses on foreigner customers for example Hai Phong Tours. We only concentrate on foreigner customers and certainly we do the best for foreigners.

You can book an English speaking driver via one of following ways:

What’s other solution if no English speaking driver available?

There are only few drivers in Hai Phong can speak English fluently. Then you won’t be able to hire them always. You should book in advance with clearly itinerary if possible. In case of no English speaking driver available, Hai Phong Tours still provide instant support. please just add Whatsapp mentioned above and give us any request. You will get reply rightaway.


I can say, when you are in a car with an English speaking driver, you will feel very comfortable. When you travel somewhere without tour guide, driver will take important role. Contact us now and enjoy the differences.

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