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Hai Phong Old Quarter: 2 Best streets right in city center

Hai Phong Old Quarter … Did I mistype it? At first I thought it was the wrong information. But after that, I decided to study carefully and indeed Hai Phong has a real old town. These are streets that everyone must pass once. It is very simple, simple and timeless. So where is Hai Phong Old Town? Let’s find out with!

Where is Hai Phong Old Quarter?

Where is Hai Phong Old Quarter? Right in the city center, guys. I really did not realize it before. Whenever it comes to the concept of the old town, people will immediately imagine images like Hanoi or Hoi An. It has bold imprints of old architectural works. And talking about architecture, French architecture is always the best even in any era. In Hai Phong, French colonialists had time to rule and you can see very “French” works here such as Hai Phong Opera House, Hai Phong Museum, Hai Phong Post Office. But the Hai Phong Old Town I’m talking about is not here.

Hai Phong Old Quarter are Tam Bac street, Ly Thuong Kiet nowadays.

Where is Hai Phong Old Quarter
Where is Hai Phong Old Quarter

What’s in the Hai Phong Old Quarter?

Hai Phong Old Quarter is not as busy and bustling as in Ha Noi. But it’s stands out here with very poetic old houses. The townhouses painted in yellow are now covered with green moss of time. Somewhere old wooden doors, houses with roof tiles …

Tam Bac street was officially opened from the French colonial period. At first, it included two streets, Marésanne Proc and Gaull de Luis. Then in 1953, the street was named Bạch Thái Bưởi in Vietnamese. And until 1954, when the revolution took over, it was renamed Tam Bac and used that name until today.

Old houses in Hai Phong Old Quarter
Old houses in Hai Phong Old Quarter

How is the Hai Phong Old Quarter today?

The Hai Phong Old Town is no longer the same as before. If as before, when passing Tam Bac street. You will see a series of small stalls along the street. On the left, on the riverbank, there are also areas where the water breaks and becomes inundated. What’s now? The city has just planned to change the face of the city. Therefore, the old buildings have been partly replaced. In particular, the appearance of Tam Bac pedestrian street with swans swimming around makes Hai Phong much different.

But if you go deep inside, into the areas near the market, you can still see the look of old Hai Phong. Yellow houses and stained, red moss-covered walls are still there.

How is the Hai Phong Old Quarter today
How is the Hai Phong Old Quarter today


The imprint of an old Hai Phong is not really bold in Hai Phong Old Town. But if you love history, love masterpieces of the time, Hai Phong Old Quarter is worth a visit. Are you ready for this experience? Let me know the results by leaving a comment below! Thank you!

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