Hai Phong to Halong bay and things to know

Hai Phong to Halong bay and things to know

Hai Phong to Halong bay is being the shortest way to travel. Also, travelers may get a lot of benefits on traveling from Hai Phong city.

What is Halong bay?

Halong bay is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This attraction is famous for limestones karts with thousands of islands with various shapes. Halong is ideal place for people who love nature, fresh air, water activities.

Halong bay covers a larger zone which includes Bai Tu Long bay, Lan Ha bay and Cat Ba island. There are so many cruises companies cruise to Halong bay every day. So when traveling there, please make sure of harbor of departure. The harbors can be Got in Hai Phong city, Halong International cruise port belongs to Sun group or Tuan Chau on Tuan Chau island. There is also a harbor named Vinashin over the Bai Chay bridge.

Each harbor has it own way to go to from Hai Phong.

Hai Phong to Halong bay
Hai Phong to Halong bay

Hai Phong to Got harbor for Halong bay cruise tour

Location of Got harbor

Got harbor is at the end of 356 road, Cat Hai town, Cat Hai distric, Hai Phong city, Vietnam. The harbor is deep enough so that bigger cruises can get in and anchor. Recently, there are more and more higher class of cruises launched from Got harbor. They are mostly from 4 to 5 star cruises.

Location on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/bP6H2dBtRDkPZEf7A

Got harbor Hai Phong
Got harbor Hai Phong

Means of transportation to get to Got harbor


If you have motobike, it’s easy to ride to Got harbor from Hai Phong city. For example, from Hai Phong Opera House, you just follow Hoang Van Thu street > Cau Dat > Lach Tray > Nguyen Binh Khiem and turn right to 365 road. Later, find the way to Tan Vu – Lach Huyen bridge and drive to the end of road, turn left to Got harbor.


It’s easy to grab taxi in Hai Phong. From Cat Bi International airport, you can find Cat Bi airport taxi (+84  225 3666 222) right in front of way out. Taxi fare is around 14.000VND/km x30km=420.000VND. They may charge you airport entrance fee: 10.000VND.

If you are out of airport, the Vu Gia taxi (+84 225 3778 778), Trung Kien taxi (+84 225 3586 586), Mai Linh taxi (+84 225 3833 833), Hai Phong Sun (+84 225 3558 558) are reliable to grab.

Private car

Private car is always recommended as the services is controlled more strictly. You will get instant support anytime from supplier. Hai Phong Tours also provide this transfer with higher class of car from 4 seaters, 7 seaters or 16 seaters van. Price is around 450.000VND/way depends on where to pick up. Please contact us for more information.

Shuttle bus

Hadeco is reliable bus company to book. This is contact to book ticket: +843646552255 or +84912810555

  • Time of departure: 7,8,10,13,14,15,16h every day.
  • Transfer time: 40 mins
  • Pick up: Office:  27 Bến Bính – Minh Khai – Hồng Bàng – Hải Phòng
  • Drop off: Got harbor – Cai Vieng – Cat Ba town.
  • Price: 100.000VND/person.

Hai Phong to Tuan Chau island in Halong city

Location of Tuan Chau harbor

Tuan Chau harbor is a separated island located in Halong city, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. It’s just  2 km from land and 8 km away from Halong city center.

Location on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/GeRwc5jT8vcbjfp87

Tuan Chau harbor Halong
Tuan Chau harbor Halong

Means of transportation to get to Tuan Chau harbor


Going by motobike from Hai Phong city, you can not drive on highway. So, just follow the 359 road, over the Binh bridge and keep going to 359C intersaction. Now heading on 10 road and reach 18 road. Then keep driving for 33 km more and you will be at Tuan Chau harbor. This drive may take you 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours.

Speed in town is 50km/h maximum; 60km/h is recommended to drive in suburb. Remember to wear helmet.


You can call taxi suppliers I mentioned above for booking.

  • Taxi fare is around 650.000VND/way.
  • Toll fee: 30.000VND/turn
  • Tuan Chau harbor entrance fee: 30.000VND/car

Private car

If you book private car from Hai Phong tours, price is 750.000VND/4 seater car all inclusive. We will pay toll fee, entrance gate fee for you. This is recommended to support us! Book now

Shuttle bus

There is no bus to go directly to Tuan Chau harbor. But it’s easy to find bus to go pass welcome gate of Tuan Chau island. Then from the gate, just grab taxi to meeting point on island.

You’d better to go to Lac Long bus station to find any bus to go to Móng Cái. Of course you will not going end up. Remember to ask them to drop you off at Tuan Chau welcome gate (cổng chào Tuần Châu). This transfer is around 100.000VND/person/turn.

Hai Phong to Halong International cruise port

Location of Halong International cruise port

Halong International cruise port is under management of Sun Group. It’s located close to Sun World Halong complex. This is new harbor launched in 2019.

Location on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/R2pMLth2aXwqsEAU7

Halong International cruise port
Halong International cruise port

Means of transportation to get to Halong International cruise port

Everything is the same way to go to Tuan Chau harbor. But it is just 10 km more to be at Halong International cruise port.

Hai Phong to Vinashin harbor in Hon Gai

Location of Vinashin harbor

This harbor is available for cruises leaving to Halong bay, Bai Tu Long area.

Location on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/Pq34ivGKvZ7yzujR7

Vinashin harbor in Hon Gai
Vinashin harbor in Hon Gai

Means of transportation to get to Vinashin harbor

It is also the same way to go to Tuan Chau harbor. But you need to go 14km more almost over the Bai Chay bridge then turn right to Dang Ba Hat road. Then keep going to 06 Le Thanh Tong street. You will be at Vinashin harbor.

Above are what I know about the way from Hai Phong to Halong bay. If you would like to discuss, feel free to comment here and I am happy to explain or learn more from you.

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