Haiphong Our City

Haiphong Our City: #1 Chinese urban area

Haiphong Our City was the first establishment in Vietnam licensed to be established in 2005 with 100% foreign capital. This “City” has a very convenient location, right next to the main street Pham Van Dong. This road is very long, running straight to Do Son tourist area. Our city is the intersection of the transport systems and public works of Hai Phong city.

According to the master plan, the planned area of the project is 43 ha. Total construction area is 680 871 m2. Green coverage rate 48.22%. The project is planned into 6 zones, including: 5 sub-zones with main products as single villas, townhouses and 1 large commercial complex.

Master plan of Haiphong Our City
Master plan of Haiphong Our City

The green architecture of Haiphong Our City is considered the highlight of the project with clear blue lakes distributed throughout the urban area and green parks, green grass mixed.

The focus of the project is the square designed in a selective architecture. It is synthesized from typical and famous projects of Asia and Europe. Located among the trees along the lake are Our City villas, which also carry the sound of classical architectural style.

The project also includes a commercial street with adjacent houses, promising to be a large shopping mall. The apartment section is designed in accordance with the type of hotel and modern apartment, ensuring quiet and private.

Haiphong Our City at night
Haiphong Our City at night

In addition, the project will also include a commercial center, spa center, gym, golf course, tennis, swimming pool, restaurant, kindergarten, educational institution and health care destination …

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