Haiphong weather in 12 months information for tourists

Haiphong weather resume in 12 months for tourists

Haiphong weather is very important information for tourists. Weather conditions will greatly determine tourist experiences as well as outdoor activities. With the specific weather in Vietnam, each season, each month has a different weather condition. And in this article, haiphongtours.com would like to summarize Haiphong weather resume in 12 months for tourists. Let’s check out.

Haiphong weather in January

Haiphong weather in January usually fluctuates from 9 C degrees to 20 degrees.  At this time, Hai Phong is still in cold winter. At night, the temperature will be 9 to 11 degrees. During the day time, the temperature will be 13 to 20 degrees. In January, it will not rain. Therefore, the air humidity is low and drier.

With such a January weather, foreign visitors are very interested in traveling. They like this cool air. There is hardly any rain or storm this season. So it is difficult to be cancelled for any tour. Therefore, January is one of the peak months for foreign tourists in Hai Phong.

The climate of Hai Phong in January attracts foreign tourists. However, this time is not the favorite travel time of Vietnamese people. Most of Vietnamese tourists prefer sea and island. They prefer to go to tourist spots for swimming more than to learn the history or admire the scenery.

Haiphong weather in January
Haiphong weather in January

Haiphong weather in February

Haiphong weather in February has a slight change in temperature. However, in general, it is no different from January. You will still feel chilly at night and early in the morning. Spring rain and fog can also be encountered from time to time. Rainfall is similar to January. Some years, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, there will be drizzling rain.

Although it is only slightly higher than January in terms of temperature, February is a month of entertainment. With such February weather conditions, the opening festivals are very dense. Among them are the An Lao Elephant Mountain festival, Ba De temple festival in Do Son, Tran Quoc Bao temple festival in Thuy Nguyen, the sea-going festival at Tran Chau Cat Ba, the praying festival in Do Son …

With such Hai Phong climate in February, outings of tourists are very convenient. Some days even have very nice sunshine. And also from February, domestic tourists also started to increase.

Haiphong weather in February
Haiphong weather in February

Haiphong weather in March

March is the end of spring. This time is the transition between spring and summer. That means the weather in Hai Phong in March will increase. In addition, rains begin to appear, but the frequency and intensity are not strong. Average temperature starts to shift from 18 to 23 C degrees. It can be said, the weather in March is quite nice. There is no need to prepare warm clothes.

In this March, a number of festivals are still opened in Hai Phong. For example, Du Hang Kenh festival in the complex of Trang Kenh relic. Or if you love flowers, go to the Thuy Tien flower festival in Le Chan district. March weather conditions are still very suitable for sightseeing tours.

With such a favorable climate in Hai Phong in March, you should take the time to travel and enjoy the tranquility of the tourist spots. After March, the peak season begins and almost all tourist areas are crowded with domestic tourists.

Haiphong weather in March
Haiphong weather in March

Haiphong weather in April

Haiphong weather in April began to change in temperature. At this time, the average temperature will fluctuate from 21 to 28 degrees Celsius. This is the starting time of summer in Hai Phong. And also in this month, the rainfall also starts to increase gradually at the end of the month. The weather is cool at night. During the day, the sun is not harsh either.

The climate condition of Hai Phong in April is still very reasonable to organize traditional festivals such as Thuong Doan festival, Giai Temple, Nhan Muc Temple … Dragon boat racing festival at sea is also held in Cat town in April 1st. This was the day Uncle Ho came to visit Cat Hai fishing village.

Haiphong weather in April
Haiphong weather in April

Haiphong weather in May

In May, Hai Phong started to receive heat waves. The average temperature is from 24 to 32 degrees Celsius. During the day, outdoor temperatures can sometimes reach up to 40 degrees C. However, at night, the temperature drops. Also this month, there is a lot of rain, so it will affect your travel a bit.

The climate of Hai Phong in May is very suitable for activities such as Do Son, Cat Ba. At this point, the number of domestic tourists began to increase sharply.

Weather in Hai Phong in June

The weather in Hai Phong in June is considered the hottest time of the year. The average rainfall this month is also increasing. The average temperature is from 26 to 33 degrees Celsius. However, unlike other provinces and cities in the North, Hai Phong is close to the sea, so the feeling will be more comfortable. The temperature in Hai Phong is always 2 degrees C lower than other provinces. During the daytime, the temperature fluctuates around 37 degrees. At night, the feeling will be cooler (about 27 degrees C).

In June, students have a summer break. Therefore, the number of tourists coming to Do Son or Cat Ba is very large. Please take the initiative to plan carefully before going. And if you plan to visit Cat Ba Island, do not forget to book in advance.

Haiphong weather in July

Weather in Hai Phong in July does not change much compared to June. Temperature and rainfall are almost unchanged. This is still an ideal time to travel, suitable for fun activities in the sea.

Weather in Hai Phong in August

Hai Phong weather in August began to decrease slightly in temperature. This is the time with the highest rainfall in the year. The average temperature is from 26 to 32 degrees C. At night, the temperature is about 27 degrees C. If you cycle or walk in the early morning, you will feel chilly and mild fog appears.

Weather in Hai Phong in September

In September, the weather was no longer hot and sunny. Rainfall and temperature decreased markedly. The temperature ranges from 24 to 31 degrees Celsius. Although this is not the favorite season to travel for Vietnamese people, foreign visitors are still very satisfied.

In September, the Buffalo fighting festival in Do Son is held at Do Son Stadium on August 9 of Lunar calendar. This is a traditional festival that has been around for a long time and has maintained to this day. The festival is held for 2 days. After that, all buffaloes will be killed and their meat sold to people.

Weather in Hai Phong in October

Weather in Hai Phong in October is cool and cloudy. The lowest temperature of the day is about 22 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature is about 29 degrees Celsius. Rainfall in this month decreases sharply and very suitable for foreign tourists. Hai Phong at this time starts in the autumn. The number of Vietnamese tourists decreased. But in return, the number of international visitors increased gradually.

Haiphong weather in November

By November, Hai Phong’s weather started to get chilly. The humidity drops so you will feel dry. There is hardly any rain this month. The lowest temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius and the highest is about 25 degrees Celsius. Hai Phong starts in winter. The areas near the sea will appear foggy, and the night temperature will decrease. It will get dark faster.

Weather in Hai Phong in December

December is the last month of the year. The temperature in Hai Phong is very cold at this time. At night, the average temperature is from 10 to 17 degrees Celsius. During the day, the temperature ranges from 15 to 22 degrees C. The fog also appears denser at this time.


Above is Haiphong weather resume in 12 months for tourists. Weather factors affect a lot to the outing experiences. Therefore, please consider carefully before booking the tour. If you need more advice, please contact haiphongtours.com!

You can refer to https://www.accuweather.com or https://www.nchmf.gov.vn to check more details.

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