Halong airport to Tuan Chau

Halong airport to Tuan Chau: The shortest way to Halong bay?

The route from Halong airport to Tuan Chau is considered as a “silk road” connecting Halong airport with Halong Bay. This is a new route that has brought many benefits to tourists but also many inconveniences. Let’s take a closer look with Hai Phong Tours!

Where is Halong airport?

Halong airport is Van Don airport in Van Don district, Quang Ninh province. This is the first private airport in Vietnam of Sun Group.

The distance from Halong airport to the Chinese border is only about 120km. Therefore, the present of this airport brings many opportunities as well as challenges for Halong tourism to develop significantly.

To learn more about this airport, please read the article: Van Don International Airport

Where is Halong airport?
Where is Halong airport?

Where is Tuan Chau?

Tuan Chau is an island in Halong City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. This is a resort paradise with many hotels, resorts and cruise to visit Halong Bay.

The 1 day and overnight cruise ports are divided into two different areas. Currently, the number of tourists from Halong airport to Tuan Chau is increasing gradually. Besides, tourists also often move from Halong airport to Halong international cruise port. This port is also owned by Sun Group.

Where is Tuan Chau?
Where is Tuan Chau?

Distance from Halong airport to Tuan Chau

Distance from Halong airport to Tuan Chau is from 73 to 76km depending on the route you go. If you go through the Halong Van Don expressway, the distance will be shorter. Travel time is only 1 hour and 10 minutes. There is a toll road on this road, so the private car transfer price will also be higher.

If you want to reduce transportation costs a little, you can opt to avoid the highways. However, the travel time is up to 2 hours (almost double that of the expressway).

Bus from Halong airport to Tuan Chau?

Currently, there is no shutter bus route from Halong Airport to Tuan Chau. But there is a free high-quality Phuc Xuyen bus from Halong airport passing through the entrance to Tuan Chau Island. This bus has A/C, phone charging port in the seat, drinking water that are are very convenient.

When you arrive at the entrance gate to Tuan Chau Island, you just need to get off and take a taxi or “xe ôm”. Taxi price is about 100k, xe ôm price is about 50k. To take the free Phuc Xuyen bus from Van Don airport to Tuan Chau or to Halong international cruise port, please take route 2.

Route 2 starts from Sun World Halong Park> Halong Road> Hoang Quoc Viet Road> Halong – Van Don Expressway> Halong Airport (Van Don Airport) and vice versa.

Bus from Halong airport to Tuan Chau?
Bus from Halong airport to Tuan Chau?

Benefits of flying to Halong airport (Van Don)

Halong airport has just been exploited. Therefore, Sun Group always has many incentives to stimulate demand. Depending on the time that promotions will be different as follows:

  • Free use of bus from Halong airport to Halong city.
  • Free ticket to Halong Bay during the day.
  • Free to visit Yen Tu scenic spot.
  • 20% discount on 1 in 3 parks in Sun World Halong.
  • 20% discount on announced room rates of Vinpearl Resort & Spa Halong (not applicable on Fridays and Saturdays).
  • 49% discount on published room rates and 15% off catering services at Wynham Halong Hotel.
  • 40% discount on announced room rates for Muong Thanh Quang Ninh hotel.

In addition, there are many other restaurants and hotels cooperating to reduce the price when customers land at Halong airport.

Van Don International airport
Van Don International airport

Are the above promotions always attractive?

With a series of promotions above, the main beneficiaries are Vietnamese tourists and solo, single travels. If you book a tour through travel agencies, these promotions are almost meaningless.

What about foreign tourists? The free use of the bus from Halong Airport to Tuan Chau Airport is a great thing for them. The discount on accommodation and F&B services will also attract foreign visitors.

Is Halong Airport to Tuan Chau the shortest way to Halong Bay?

Distance from Halong airport to Tuan Chau is 73km. But the distance from Cat Bi airport to Tuan Chau is only 42km. Travel time is only 50 minutes.

Thus, it can be said that Halong airport to Tuan Chau is not the shortest way. But depending on the purpose of your trip, you should choose the most suitable airport (Halong Airport or Cat Bi Airport).

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