Halong bay tour 8 hour

Halong bay tour 8 hour: Why is it difficult or impossible to join a shared tour?

Why is it so challenging to implement an Halong bay tour 8 hour? Why do cruise companies not expand this route? Or if they do, why are the prices for the Halong bay tour 8 hour high? Let’s analyze this together with Hai Phong Tours!

What’s Halong bay tour 8 hour?

The Halong bay tour 8 hour is named according to the time spent on leisure activities on Halong Bay, excluding travel time. The essence of this tour is essentially an extension of the 6-hour Halong Bay tour, elongated during the return journey to the pier. Instead of heading directly back to Tuan Chau Pier, the boat will move slowly, allowing tourists to enjoy the sunset and afternoon tea. In reality, you will have about 7-7.5 hours on Halong Bay instead of the full 8 hours as implied by its name!

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How Halong bay tour 8 hour works?

The Halong bay tour 8 hour group tours typically pick up guests in three cities:

  • Hai Phong: 8:30 am
  • Halong: 9:15 am
  • Hanoi Old Quarter: 6:30-7 am

Among them, the majority of tourists taking the 8-hour Halong Bay tour usually depart from Hanoi Old Quarter. After boarding the ship, settling into their positions, and completing departure procedures, around 10 AM, the boat sets sail to visit Surprise Cave, rowing in Luon Cave, and hiking on Titov Island, or enjoying beach activities, sunset viewing/afternoon tea on the way back. The boat will dock around 5-5:30 PM, and then return passengers to Hai Phong, Halong, and Hanoi Old Quarter.

Difficulties faced

Challenges encountered when conducting the Halong bay tour 8 hour:

  • Early pickup time
  • High cost
  • Low demand

Early pickup time: As mentioned by Hai Phong Tours (haiphongtours.com), the majority of tourists taking the 8-hour Halong Bay tour depart from Hanoi Old Quarter. Therefore, the schedule of the group tour depends on picking up guests from here. The early pickup time from 6:30-7 am makes many people feel hesitant.

High cost: A Halong Bay day cruise can run 2-3 trips in a day. In the morning, the boat runs a short 4-hour trip, then returns to the pier and continues with a second 6-hour trip or two more short trips. However, if the boat is used for an 8-hour Halong Bay tour, it can only run this one trip in a day. Therefore, the cost has to be high.

Low demand: The demand for the 8-hour Halong Bay tour is there but not high. Partly due to the high tour cost, but a more significant reason is that in the evening, after spending the whole day enjoying the sea breeze, tourists quickly feel tired and prefer to return to the pier earlier rather than prolonging this time.

How to book Halong bay tour 8 hour?

With the difficulties mentioned, you may partially understand why a joint Halong bay tour 8 hour is not feasible. However, if you truly want to participate, the best way is to take a private cruise. The larger your group (+/- 10 people or more), the lower the cost. If you only have 2-3 people, it’s best to consider a 6-hour joint tour. Please take this into consideration!

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