Hang Market Haiphong

Hang Market Haiphong: #1 Traditional local Fair market

Hang Market Haiphong is a paradise for buying ornamental plants from small to large. In addition, you can also come here to buy for yourself pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, or birds, fish … It can be said, at the Hang market, people sell everything. for sale. Let’s join haiphongtours.com to find out where Hang Market Haiphong is, what time to open and what to sell!

Where is Hang Market Haiphong?

Where is Hang Market Haiphong? The market is located right on a busy street called Hoang Minh Thao. It is only about 7 km from Hai Phong Opera House. Products are not only displayed in the main market, but also along Hoang Minh Thao Street, along the Tây Nam canal, Chợ Hàng street and Nguyen Van Linh street.

It can be said that this is the only traditional fair in Hai Phong that still exists until now. The market has a long history from the French period and is a rare cultural beauty of the city.

Opening time of Hang Market Haiphong

When is the opening time of Hang Market Haiphong? If it was like the old French fair, it was only held on Sunday morning every week. Most people bring their own agricultural products here to sell. It is also somewhat similar to the Vieng market or the fair in Sa Pa.

Today, the market is officially held on Saturday and Sunday. The market is still busiest on Sunday mornings. On weekdays, the Main Hang Market Haiphong is closed. But the shops along the canal, Hoang Minh Thao Street, Chợ Hàng Street, and Nguyen Van Linh Street are still opening normally.

Opening time of Hang Market Haiphong
Opening time of Hang Market Haiphong

What do people sell in Hang Market Haiphong?

What do people sell in Hang Market Haiphong? As I mentioned above, when you come here, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of items for sale.


Pets are the most attractive item to sell in the main Market. When you come here, you will be free to choose small, beautiful dogs with many different breeds. The kittens lie around in the sun, dancing rabbits, chickens, canned ducklings …

In addition, a wide variety of birds are also sold not only inside the main market but also along the road towards the southwest canal or Nguyen Van Linh street.

Pets in Hang Market Haiphong
Pets in Hang Market Haiphong

Bonsai trees

Bonsai trees are the most popular and best-selling items in Hang Market Haiphong. People come here to choose for themselves the green vines at affordable prices. It can be said that any ornamental plants can be found in Hang market. They sell popular ornamental plants to rare plants only found in the forest like pitcher plant …

For those who love large-sized bonsai trees, just walk along Hoang Minh Thao Street to find a tree like that. Since this is a big road, once you’ve bought it, you can drive in to take it. But if you buy big trees with canopy already, you can ask the owner to help transport later because on Sunday, the streets are crowded and it is difficult to drive here.

For those who love flowers, Hang Market Haiphong is a paradise. There are small and large flower baskets for sale. You can find flowers like hydrangeas or daffodils …

In addition, there are also many varieties of cacti or stone flowers that look very eye-catching. These small, pretty trees are perfect for putting on desks.

If you are looking for orchids, go along the ditch bank or Nguyen Van Linh street. There is a “forest” there for you to choose from on Sunday.

Bonsai trees in Hang Market Haiphong
Bonsai trees in Hang Market Haiphong


Seedlings are also popularly sold along Hoang Minh Thao Street. Popular types of vegetables and seeds such as gourd, squash, melon, amaranth, oregano … are sold a lot. They bundle in bundles and sell very cheaply.


You can buy aquarium fish on weekdays or weekends. Aquarium fish are usually sold by people have shops there and have glass cages for oxygenation. Alternatively, if you want to buy mini aquariums, they are also available for sale.

Aquarium in Hang Market Haiphong
Aquarium in Hang Market Haiphong


Hang Market Haiphong is a market full of traditional culture. Sometimes people come here just to have look without buying things. People come to enjoy the market atmosphere every day. If you ride a motorbike, it is best to park your bike away from the market. If you park at Hoang Minh Thao Street, it will be difficult to get the bike out of the crowd when you return.

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