Hoa Binh specialty

Hoa Binh specialty: 6 Unique dishes that you may never tried before

Hoa Binh specialty: The other day I just shared with you about the famous attractions and tourism of Hoa Binh, after that sharing I received a lot of questions: What delicious food should be eaten in Hoa Binh? Where to eat? Or does Hoa Binh have an attractive specialty?

So, today Hai Phong Tours would like to continue to review all the delicious dishes of Hoa Binh that I have tried so that you can have more convenient and self-sufficient Hoa Binh travel experiences 🙈

Pickled pork – attractive specialty of Peace

Hoa Binh tourism should eat delicious food? Pickled pork is the first dish you should enjoy when coming to this Northwest land. Hoa Binh is famous for its unique pork dishes, including pickled pork that only needs to be enjoyed once, it will make you remember the taste forever. Pickled pork does not require a sophisticated way of making, but it does need the attention of the maker.

Before being salted, pork must be marinated with forest leaf yeast and pounded rice for about 1 hour. Then the worker will put the meat in a pot lined with banana leaves that have been heated over low heat, each layer of meat is sprinkled on top of a small layer of roasted rice with salt.

Bo is tightly covered with banana leaves and stored in the wood stove or in the attic to cook wood. Pickled pork has a mild sour taste, quite greasy, chewy and has a moderate saltiness. This is also a very popular drink to bring to guests in Hoa Binh villages, pork is better when drinking with Northwest wine and served with forest leaves 😊

Boiled suckling pig – delicious food in Hoa Binh

Another popular pork dish in Hoa Binh is boiled pork belly. When I heard the name, I was also quite curious, I brought it back and boiled it, the processing is very strange compared to normal meat dishes. The meat for this dish must be selected from free-range pigs, the meat is firm and low in fat, and then it is burned, where it is shaved, it does not have to be pre-processed, marinated, and then burned.

After the pig is shrunk, the hair is removed, then it is cleaned, removed the internal organs, and then hung up to drain. Then the cook mixed the meat and boiled it until it was cooked. Each piece of meat is thinly sliced, presented on an eye-catching banana leaf, dipped with roasted salt and crushed roasted doi seeds, both sweet, fleshy, fragrant, very rich.

Wild bees stir-fried with bamboo shoots – a strange and unique dish in Hoa Binh

Eating experience when traveling to Hoa Binh? Arriving in Mai Chau, a friend in the village brought home a huge bee hive, he said he would treat our group to a dish of wild bees and bamboo shoots, a specialty of Hoa Binh that few people know I have never heard of this dish. so I’m very excited, watching you make it all the time.

The chubby young bees are carefully removed from the nest, then washed with cold water and then dried. Uncle fried the fragrant fat, then put the bees on the island first, until the bees were golden, then poured them on a plate. Uncle continued to stir-fry the cooked bamboo shoots and then put the bees on the island together, seasoning and adding spices to taste.

Looking at the attractive and attractive plate of wild bees stir-fried with bamboo shoots makes it hard for us to resist. The greasy and fragrant taste of young bees mixed with the spicy and sour taste of bamboo shoots and chili peppers, the pungent taste of salted paprika, all make up a wonderful dish of Hoa Binh Northwest.

Grilled Da river fish – a famous traditional dish in Hoa Binh

What delicious food should you eat when traveling to Hoa Binh? Da river lake is famous for having many kinds of freshwater fish, so when we come here, the dish we are treated to is grilled river fish with extremely attractive dishes.

Even the L in our group doesn’t like fish for fear of choking but also “kills” up to 5 6 fish 😂 Each fresh fish caught from the river is still struggling, they are poked through small, long sticks and are clamped with bamboo sticks. on their sides so as not to fall when the fish is cooked.

The experience of cooking fish by hand on the charcoal stove, the feeling of eagerness to wait for the fish to cook, the fragrant smell of fish rushing up to your nose… definitely makes you want to stay in the Northwest and enjoy this delicious grilled fish dish.

The attraction of this grilled fish dish is that after the fish is cooked, the aroma will be added salt, wrapped in banana leaves and then brought up. After the food is cooked, the fish will be soft, sweet, with a little salty taste thanks to the salt and the aroma from the attractive banana leaves.

Buffalo meat cooked with leaves – a favorite dish in Hoa Binh

One of the delicious dishes of Hoa Binh you should try is buffalo meat cooked with bamboo leaves, only when you go to Hoa Binh can you enjoy this dish with the best taste, so don’t miss it 👍 This dish is very popular in Vietnam. meals of the Muong in Hoa Binh. Buffalo meat is charred, shaved clean and then brought to soft. When the meat is cooked, it is cut into smaller pieces and then put in a crock pot carefully.

Lom leaves are a kind of forest leaves with sour taste of Hoa Binh, the leaves are pounded into a pot with rice stewed with buffalo meat. Keep the heat low until the broken rice swells and thickens, then turn off the heat. Stewed buffalo meat, imbued with the sour taste of bamboo leaves and fragrant with rice, is very attractive. This dish you can use as a main meal or enjoy is also very interesting.

Spring rolls with pomelo leaves – a rustic dish in Hoa Binh

Roll rolls with guise leaves, rolls with spring rolls… I often listen to them, but not with grapefruit leaves, that’s what I heard for the first time. It is not wrong to say that Hoa Binh is a paradise of unique and strange dishes 😆 Pomelo leaf roll is also an attractive dish of Hoa Binh you should try.

The way to make pomelo leaf rolls is also quite unique, the pork is not minced like regular rolls, but only marinated with a little fish sauce, a little onion for aroma, then roll the pomelo leaves outside and put them in a tongs, bring them to the table. grilled on charcoal stove.

When the meat is cooked, the aroma immediately makes your stomach rumble loudly 😙 Pomelo leaf rolls bring up the aroma of meat and grapefruit leaves, each bite is rich and firm without being fed up. It’s a bit like grilled meat, but it’s stronger and more flavorful, probably thanks to the grapefruit leaves wrapped in it.

Final thoughts: Hoa Binh specialty

Above is list of Hoa Binh specialty: 6 Unique dishes that you may never tried before. Hai Phong Tours hopes this helps!

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