Hoang Su Phi travel experience

Hoang Su Phi travel experience: Top 1 Real paradise in Autumn

Hoang Su Phi is a famous tourist destination in Ha Giang that impresses visitors with its winding terraced fields. Let’s check out this Hoang Su Phi travel experience shared by Hai Phong Tours to know more about this Real paradise in Autumn.

Where is Hoang Su Phi, what to see?

Hoang Su Phi – the land stretches in 6 communes namely Ban Luoc, Ho Thau, San Sa Ho, Ban Phung, Thong Nguyen and Nam Ty in the area of ​​Ha Giang. Located in the northernmost province of the country, Hoang Su Phi is better known for the golden color of the terraced fields in September and October when the rice is ripe. Discovering this place, we will have even more experiences with many meaningful things.

When should you go to Hoang Su Phi? Famous for the most beautiful terraced fields in Vietnam, the rice season here only has one crop a year, the time of rice ripening from September to the end of October. This is the best time to go to Hoang Su Phi.

Experience Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang, if you cannot arrange to go at this time, you can arrange to go in March to May, which is the season of water in Ha Giang with shimmering, fanciful fields. pretty.

The road to Hoang Su Phi / How to go to Hoang Su Phi

If you choose a passenger car, you should take a bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang, then go to Bac Quang intersection, then switch to Vinh Quang bus to Hoang Su Phi. The fare for this trip is only about 350,000 VND or less. After that, you can rent a motorbike and go hiking.

There are two main roads to move to Hoang Su Phi:

+ You move from National Highway 2 to Tuyen Quang, then to Ha Giang and then to Hoang Su Phi.

+ You can also move from Bac Ha Street (Lao Cai) through Xin Man to Hoang Su Phi.

If you choose to travel Hoang Su Phi by motorbike, you follow the route: Hanoi – Ha Giang City – Bac Quang – Tan Quang – Hoang Su Phi – Xin Man – Coc Pai – Lao Cai – Hanoi.

Hoang Su Phi travel experience in the ripe rice season, you should note: The road to Hoang Su Phi is divided in two ways, from National Highway 2 through Tuyen Quang to Ha Giang. Or from Bac Ha Street (Lao Cai) to Xi Man. No matter which route you take, it is 300km from Hanoi, the road is difficult and overlapping, there are few vehicles passing by.

This path is for those who are less familiar with the Northeast road, but if we are already in this area, you can move in the direction from Lao Cai to Xin Man and to Hoang Su Phi. Coming to this place, we can choose 2 means of transportation: by passenger car or by private vehicle.

Where to go, what to play when backpacking Hoang Su Phi?

What does Hoang Su Phi tourism have? Hoang Su Phi is beautiful every season, each season is impressive with its own beauty.

Hoang Su Phi in the ripe rice season

Coming to Hoang Su Phi in September and October, we mainly want to enjoy the beauty of terraced fields filled with abundant rice. When we reach the top of these terraced fields, we can comfortably take pictures in 6 terraced fields such as Nam Ty, Thong Nguyen, etc.

Terraced fields are found in most communes and towns in the district, but mostly concentrated in Ban Luoc, Ban Phung, Thong Nguyen, Ho Thau, Nam Ty, and San Sa Ho with a total area of nearly 765 hectares. From here, you can conquer Tay Con Linh 1, Tay Con Linh 2. These two peaks will give us different wonderful experiences. After that, you should visit the peaceful villages with the Hmong people, the Muong people are full of kindness.

Water season in Hoang Su Phi (May – June)

Traveling to Hoang Su Phi in the pouring water season, you will admire the beautiful waterfalls. Water is directed about 7 days to fill all the terraces here. To see the pouring water you should come in May, and if you want to see the flat flooded fields like a mirror, you should go in June.

Green rice season (July-August)

Seedlings after being transplanted 1 month, is the time when rice begins to grow. The green color is changed from young green to dark green. The immense green field of July attracts tourists to visit. Many tourists love to come to Hoang Su Phi to avoid the sun, because the weather is cool all year round.

Places to rent motorbikes in Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi backpacking experience, you move to Hoang Su Phi by bus, we can absolutely rent a motorbike to go on a trip, to experience. The motorbike rental service in Hoang Su Phi is very reputable, you can contact Ms. Hong to rent the best motorbike by phone number 0165 398 2928 or 0915 842 019. Or refer to some other addresses. as:

Giang Son: New and good cars, mostly Sirius cars suitable for mountain pass.
Address: Group 1, Cau Me village, Phuong Thien commune, Ha Giang ward.
Ms Giang: 0913 374 904 – 0988 470863.
Mr. Vinh: address 33b, group 1, Quang Trung ward. SDT: 0912606025.
Uncle Seven: 09863030405 / 0915273882 or Mr. Nam 0917.797.269.
Phon Tooc: address (May 19th Street, Nguyen Trai Ward, Ha Giang City) 0162 995 2252 or 0914,557,024.

What to eat  Hoang Su Phi

What to eat when traveling to Hoang Su Phi? Having come to the land of Ha Giang, coming to Hoang Su Phi, the dish we cannot help but enjoy is mountain rat meat. Rat meat is processed into many different dishes, very popular and common in the daily meals of La Chi people here such as stir-fried rat meat, grilled mouse, kitchen rat, …

Some delicious restaurants and eateries in Hoang Su Phi let tourists stop by the roadside for a meal that you should know:

Thang Sinh Restaurant:

Phone number: 0219 383 1520
Mobile number: 01676 343 205.
Address at Group 2, Vinh Quang town, Hoang Su Phi district.
Xuan Su Restaurant

Contact phone: 01676 656 027.
Address: Group 1, Vinh Quang town, Hoang Su Phi district.
Trung Ha restaurant

Phone number: 0219 383 1204
Mobile: 01234 191 678.
Address: Group 2, Vinh Quang town, Hoang Su Phi district.
Casual restaurant Autumn

Phone: 0169 402 1077
Address: Group 2, Vinh Quang town, Hoang Su Phi district.
Thang Que Restaurant

Phone number: 0985 214 255
Address: Group 4, Vinh Quang town, Hoang Su Phi district.

Where to stay in Hoang Su Phi?

Where to stay when traveling to Hoang Su Phi? As a small and remote district, the hotel and motel services have not been developed yet. Usually tourists stay at motels in the center of Ha Giang city or young backpackers stay at Hong Ngoc hotel near Dong Van market, the price is from 120-180k. Or at the house of the old town’s People’s Committee at the end of the old town block is also a popular motel costing 20k/person.

Kinh nghiệm phượt Hoàng Su Phì giá rẻ, bạn nên gọi điện đặt phòng và hỏi giá trước khi đến bởi đi vào thời điểm này có rất nhiều du khách.

Prices for hotels here only range from 200,000 VND to 300,000 VND/room overnight. You can find:

Hoang Anh Hostel
Contact phone (0219) 3831133
Address in Vinh Quang town, Hoang Su Phi district
Thuan An Hostel
Phone number (0219) 3831444
Address: Vinh Quang town, Hoang Su Phi district
Song Chay Hostel
Contact phone: (0219) 3831246
Address: Vinh Quang town, Hoang Su Phi district

Some notes when traveling to Hoang Su Phi

To ride Hoang Su Phi by motorbike, you need to bring all kinds of documents, check the quality of the vehicle and bring reflective gear, check the quality of the brakes and black phase of the vehicle.
The weather is quite cold, you should bring warm clothes and pay attention to choosing clothes suitable for mountain travel.
You should also bring some cakes, candy and snacks on the road because there are not many shops.
Bring clothes, books, candies to give to the children here.

Final thouhts: Hoang Su Phi travel experience

With above Hoang Su Phi travel experience, haiphongtours.com do hope you will enjoy this real paradise in Autumn. Thanks for reading!

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