4 Best homestays on Quan Lan island, Quang Ninh

4 Best homestays on Quan Lan island, Quang Ninh

Homestay is no longer too unfamiliar to those who love to travel or want to save money in their journey. However, not everyone knows the beautiful homestay addresses. Here is a list of some beautiful homestays on Quan Lan Island for you to choose from!

Van Hai Xanh homestay on Quan Lan island

Van Hai Xanh is a marine ecological homestay located in Quan Lan commune – Van Don district – Quang Ninh province. It is located on a beautiful, wild and attractive island called Quan Lan. Coming to Van Hai Xanh homestay, you will be surprised by the beauty of majestic nature with stretching white sand beaches. You will be immersed in nature, have fun with “Blue Sea, White Sand, Yellow Sun”. Van Hai Xanh will definitely not disappoint you!


Homestay Van Hai Xanh is designed in the same architecture as a house on stilts with a restaurant downstairs and an upper bedroom. You can rest and eat at the same place. This place with fully equipped, luxurious rooms, good services such as: Wi-Fi, a restaurant, 24-hour front desk and free parking. Air-conditioned rooms are fitted with a TV and a telephone. You can use the electric kettle and the refrigerator, and the private bathroom has a bathtub and a hairdryer. Van Hai Xanh with a team of experienced staff, with professional working style, 24/7 service and modern facilities. Surely this place will make your trip more complete and meaningful!

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Amazing Container homestay on Quan Lan island

Amazing Container homestay is one of the unique resorts on Quan Lan Island. This place is designed only about 10m from the sea surface, including rooms, seafood restaurant.
Coming here, you will be participating in activities such as campfire, Teambuilding, BBQ, fishing ..

Amazing Container homestay on Quan Lan island
Amazing Container homestay on Quan Lan island

Amazing Container is designed in three rooms with three different prices.
Zone 1 with 2 rooms, each room accommodates about eight people, a self-contained bathroom, glass door overlooking the beach.

The second area is a double room, a self-contained toilet, only 2 people can live, a small room, a glass door overlooking the sea, 5 adjacent rooms.

Area three is like zone one, but this zone has 3 adjacent rooms, no glass doors. This place is close to the beach, you can watch the sea as soon as you pull the curtain, hear the waves whispering, the wind softly.

In addition, here, in addition to the wonderful relaxation hours, experience the feeling of living in the middle of the sea is also served with island sea dishes, very delicious and nutritious. You will have experiences like true fishermen when participating in fishing, fishing and enjoying the achievements made by your own hands.

Amazing Container rooms are designed in the model of Bungalow using a container to make a very new and unique room in Vietnam. This is a resort place, bathing in harmony with nature is very convenient for tourists.

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Mai Homestay Quan Lan

Mai Homestay Quan Lan is one of the homestay known to many people. The rooms here are very nice and cheap. The Mai Homestay is designed in a modern and sophisticated way. The interior is invested in a luxurious decoration. Coming to this homestay, you will meet, chat, enjoy coffee, watch the beautiful city together at dawn or sunset.

Mai Homestay Quan Lan
Mai Homestay Quan Lan

Mai Homestay promises to bring you the comfort and closeness of home. They provide you with the best services, giving you a comfortable feeling during your vacation, exploring Quan Lan land.

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Villa Hoa Giay Homestay

Villa Hoa Giay Homestay is one of the homestay that many tourists love and choose to stay in Quan Lan Island. With the criterion of bringing satisfaction to customers, Villa Hoa Giay has “Vintage” style architecture. In addition, the rooms here are always tidy and clean from the garden garden to the bedroom, dining room, ready to welcome customers. However, the homestay does not have a kitchen, if you want to make a BBQ or hotpot for everyone to gather, you need to bring your own kitchen.

Villa Hoa Giay Homestay
Villa Hoa Giay Homestay

Hoa Giay Villa is a homestay suitable for a large group of people. They have private rooms with 6 beds, private bathroom and full of other amenities. Furthermore, the homestay allows guests to bring pets into the room. Types of room: 2 double bed room, 6 bed dormitory, 1 double bed room with big balcony.

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Hai Phong Tours has just introduced to you the address of homestay on Quan Lan island. Hope to help you find a suitable homestay to give you the most comfortable and closest feeling to your Quan Lan trip.

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